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Let’s face it; our carelessness lets us down several times when we go to our garage in the morning just to find out that the battery has all drained out. It could be because of the headlights that remain ON all night or it could be due to having an older battery which is incapable of holding the charge properly or too cold weather condition. So what could be the solution? Best car battery charger reviews can help you find the best solution in the form of a best battery charger, to get your car started quickly.

In order to avoid the last minute panic for getting to the office or dropping off kids at school, you need to have a battery charger to make things seamless in the morning or anytime, anywhere. There are some amazingly different and effective battery charger models available in the market. We are here to present you with the car battery charger reviews, so that you feel at ease while investing in any such product.

best car battery charger reviews

​A number of things are needed to be kept in mind for ensuring the best buy of the car battery charger. The first and the foremost is the identification of the problem. There are chances that you might need to replace your battery first instead of buying a charger. But, having a charger with you all the time in the car or in your garage is inevitable.

The rule of thumb is to shop such products according to the popularity of brand, diversity in features, usability, quality and the affordability factor. This is what we will be focusing on in this guide and you will surely find it different and much more meaningful than the traditional guides. Hopefully, by the time you will be reading the last sentence of the conclusion, you will be ready to pick the best battery charger from the lot of products that we will be discussing here.

Top 5 Products Best Car Battery Charger Reviews / Comparison Of 5 Best Battery Chargers

There are quite a few manufacturers of the battery chargers in the market, but we literally have picked the cream of the industry in order to facilitate you only with the top quality products. The below mentioned is a well-researched and a well thought list of the top 5 car battery chargers available in the market:

Bolt Power G06 Car Battery Power Bank Charger

This is a standout product in the category as it offers a much balanced portfolio of all the critical features. It has a unique design that comes with a compact yet heavy duty portable jump starter offering the peak power of 600 AMP. It has a seriously resourceful power bank (built-in) with a capability of 16500mAh. The voltage options are also diverse as it offers users with 12, 16 and 19 Volts DC output.

A key switch is introduced by the manufacturer on-board to switch in between different voltage levels. The system also comes with 3 emergency LED lights offering 3 different modes of high, SOS and strobe. Apart from this, the LED light is also used for the purpose of indicating about the status. Further, the 7 in 1 laptop adapters option brings more versatility and it offers great compatibility with all modern and conventional laptop brands.

We Like

  • Lots of safety
  • Easy to claim warranty
  • Compliant with FAA standards and regulations

We Don't Like

  • Quite heavy
  • Low quality charging cables

This is considered as a monster in the portable car battery range with all the specifications with which it comes. It is compatible to a computer/laptop for the purpose of performance monitoring and also to enhance the charge rate in a very useful and unique manner. The equipment is essentially designed to be used with either the 6 or the 12 Volt batteries.

The product comes with 100 AMP Engine Start capability which is fast and efficient in every other way. The product is highly suitable for the batteries of motorcycles, tractors, snowmobiles, Standup PWCs, cars, RVs and the SUVs. The system is offered with two distinct charge rates of 2AMP and 12 - 30AMP. Further, you would also have the convenience of choosing the different types of battery for charge.

We Like

  • Moniter with computer
  • Compatible to all major battery types
  • Long time Warranty

We Don't Like

  • Quite loud with fan inside
  • Not very stable performance

This one is one of the most compact, portable car battery charger that you will ever see. You can easily carry it in your pocket, glove box, backpack or just as you feel convenient about it. But, that doesn’t take anything away from this device as it is powerful enough like any other quality charger that you will ever see in the market. You will get it with the charging adapters for all the main types of electronic devices. The jump starter is capable of starting your vehicle 20 times while given a full charge.

There are ultra-bright on-board LED lights, SOS signal light and the strobe light which lasts for more than 120 hours. The manufacturer has introduced the equipment with excellent safety features such as the over current protection, overload protection, overcharge protection, short circuit safety, and overvoltage safety as well. You can use it for the charging purposes of your smart devices as well, apart from the range of big and small vehicles. It is offered with a year-long warranty.

We Like

  • Multiple Purposes
  • Compact size
  • Can use in the dark with led light
  • Many accessories are included

We Don't Like

  • No carrying case
  • Unpredictable charging time with few batteries

This is yet another compact, convenient and a resourceful option you have for the purpose of charging the battery of vehicles. It is an attractive item that comes in 5 distinct colors. It is capable of jump starting your car, truck, motorcycle and it can even charge your laptop and several of the smart devices. It offers users with a long lasting charge and also has a self-discharge capability which gives life to the dead batteries even.

You will have the ease of using this equipment if the charging needs to be done in some dark area. The LED lights will facilitate you which function as the flashlight and it could also send the SOS signals, if needed. There are 5 different LED blue color lights which are actually intended for the purpose of telling the user that how much power is left after every jump start is given.

We Like

  • Highly efficient
  • Useful accessories included
  • Long time warranty

We Don't Like

  • Not very stable performance

The Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR is a very popular product among all the products due to its capacity and excellent high end features. This is the product which will offer you with 1700 peak amps which is excellent for all the different range of batteries that you are looking to charge. Apart from this, the cold cranking amps are also very important factor to consider and for this charger type, you will have the capacity of 425 cold cranking amps.

Then, if you look at the convenience side of this battery charger then the 68 inch long cables makes all charging jobs quite easy to handle. You do not need to bring a thing closer to the battery which could be a dangerous thing in case of a possible electric spark. The equipment has a very useful integrated air compressor as well, which comes with an extra-long 12 foot coiled hose along with a screw-on chuck.

We Like

  • 2 in 1 equipment
  • Built in AC charger
  • Offer repair coupon after warranty time

We Don't Like

  • The battery of the unit drains rather quickly
  • Low quality cables

Types Of Car Battery Chargers

The following are the two broad categories of the battery chargers:

Plug In Battery Chargers

The plug in car battery chargers might not be that convenient in their usage, but they are good for their versatility. They offer you with an excellent option to work with where the multiple charging modes such as 6V and 12 V etc could be exploited. In the similar manner, they are also good for giving multiple amperage modes such as 10Amp or 75 Amp, etc.

The float charge option is also a great feature which helps in making the charging process quite easy. The main shortcoming of such devices is quite obvious. But, the modern plug in chargers are found to be quite compact in size and they are easier to carry and use. However, you would require having a power socket to plug that unit in for doing the job.

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Portable Chargers

The portable chargers are also alternately known as the jump box or the jump starters. They are quite convenient to use, since they are operated with a battery. The whole components of such product is conveniently encased in a box and the products are relatively low in maintenance needs as compared to the plug in chargers. The major drawback is that such batteries are not good for charging a completely dead battery. It is because of the reason that it shortens the lifespan of the battery of your car. But a quality portable charger could be a real life saver. It is easier to carry, easier to use and you could deploy it easily as and when needed.

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How To Choose The Best Car Battery Charger

The following are some critical parts to consider under the buying guide of this product:


The following are the prominent features to consider:

  • Peak amperes – The peak amps gives the highest level of current draw over a millisecond. The higher the value of the peaks amps, more the current will be withdrawn. The JNC charger described above offers peak amps of 1700 and it is the best among all
  • Fast and slow charging rate – There are some chargers that offers both the slow and fast charge rates. The slow charge rate is safer with less stress on the battery. The faster charge rates should only be used in emergency situations. The Schumacher charger offers with such a capability
  • Ease of use- A product could only be effective if it comes with easy to use features and convenient options for the users. The LED lights bring convenience in the dark which the Bolt Power G06, PowerAll and the Brightech chargers have to offer. Further, the 68 inches long cables of the JNC charger also add to the convenience
  • Safety Features – When you are dealing with car batteries, the safety features are always of top concern due to the possibility of an electric spark and the chances of getting an electric current. The Bolt Power and the PowerAll chargers are the best ones for their safety features
  • Versatility – The JNC is the most versatile device of all. It is compact and offers dual functionality of working both as a charger and as an air compressor


Shopping by brand is always the wisest approach in buying any such product. All the brands discussed above are reputable with many years of experience in the field. It is a very safe statement to make as numerous customers of all these brands can be seen with the satisfactory use of the products. If you need to pick one or two top brands among these 5 then the Clore Automotive of JNC charger and the Bolt Power brands are the top ones.

Here are list of best brands for your choice


Quality obviously is the prime factor to consider here. In order to keep things simple, just associate that with the experience, history and repute of the brand. The warranty offered over the product is also a very big indicator of quality. If we look above, then Schumacher is the charger which comes with 5 years of warranty and then the Brightech charger offers 3 years warranty. These two are certainly better than the other three in terms of quality where all are offered with a warranty period of 1 year.

Usage Purpose

Almost all of the 5 battery chargers discussed above are compatible with the batteries of cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs and motorcycles, etc. Further, they are also used for the charging purposes of your laptops and a range of smart devices. The JNC again takes the vote for the best one in terms of its usability as it could also be used for inflating the tires with its air compressor feature.


Price obviously is the most important factor for the users. The JNC is the most expensive of them all but it is worth the price as it offers 2 in 1 functionality. The price of any such product is determined when you analyze all its prime features. The prices for Schumacher, PowerAll and Brightech chargers are incomparable and so are there features.

The Schumacher charger is slightly a better one and a better buy because of its slow and fast charge rate ability. The Bolt Power is the midrange product in terms of price. Some distinctive and highly regarded features that it offers are versatility in voltage, compatibility and the excellence in the safety features


Conclusively, all of the different chargers discussed above are quality products. Many people reading this review will find one better than the other and all would get some decent amount of votes. In terms of versatility, the JNC charger is the best. If you are looking for economical yet productive equipment, then think about going with the Bolt Power charger.

The critical features which serve as the driving force in buying such equipment are its built-in amps, peak amps, ease of use, LED lights, safety features and the warranty offered. Always check that what is included in the package in order to make the most of your deal. We hope that this guide served you as the best car battery charger reviews which actually will help you in making your decision to find the best battery charger

Best Car Battery Charger Reviews/ Find The Best Battery Charger
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