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In your search for the best batteries, you will definitely be confronted with tons of alternatives, each as promising as the last one. Manufacturers will claim that they are the best within the product category, trying to lure their customers. With this, you should be careful in making a decision and spend time to evaluate the possibilities. Yuasa, among others, is one of the brands that you can trust. If you look at Yuasa battery chart online, you can see that their products have impressive technical specifications, giving it an edge above their competitors.

Yuasa Battery Overview

The company has a steep history of collaboration with some of the greatest in the industry. In 1977, Yuasa Battery Japan and General Battery Corporation from the United States joined forces, which resulted into the creation of Yuasa/General Battery. Their first battery was introduced in 1979. In the 1980s, the company introduced several breakthroughs, such as their first AGM battery that is designed for ATV. In 1987, General Battery sold the company to Exide, which gave birth to Yuasa/Exide Battery Corporation. In 2001, the company sold part of its business to Enersys and led into the creation of Yuasa Battery Inc. Meanwhile, in 2004, it has merged with Japan Storage Battery. Today, the company is formally known as Yuasa Battery Inc., and is recognized as one of the largest manufacturers of high-quality powersports batteries.

Yuasa is known today for their uncompromising quality, which is hard to rival by any of its competitors. They have a state-of-the-art policy where all their batteries are manufactured with adherence to the highest standards. They distribute batteries that are used primarily for ATV, personal watercraft, scooters, snowmobiles, mowers, and motorcycles, among others. The core values of the organization are centered in customer satisfaction, ethical workmanship, and communication. The company continuously consults with their customers through gathering feedback. In turn, this provides them with insights for continuous improvement.

Keep on reading the rest of this review and learn more about the best choices for Yuasa batteries. We will also provide you with a quick guide on some of the most important factors to consider. In the end, you will have an idea on which battery from Yuasa can offer the best bang for the buck, providing you with peace of mind and guaranteed reliability.

​Top 5 Best Yuasa Batteries In Detailed Comparison / Yuasa Battery Chart

If you are undecided with regards to which one to pick, in this part, we will discuss five of the best options that will surely provide the best value for your money.

Yuasa YUAM320BS YTX20L-BS Battery

This 12-volt battery comes with 270 cold cranking amps, making it perfect even if you live in a place with cold weather. It comes with absorbed mat and lead plates, making sure that all acids will be separated. It also has a spill-proof and maintenance-free design. All throughout its functional life, you will not need to add water. The advanced lead calcium technology is also worth highlighting, which allows its gravity to be held for three times longer compared to what you can expect from traditional batteries.

We Like

  • Maintenance-free
  • Spill-proof
  • Great price

We Don't Like

  • Warranty from third-party sellers not honored

Yuasa Genuine NP12-12 12volt 12 AmpH SLA Battery with F2 Terminal

Weighing just an average of 8 pounds, this is a lightweight battery that you will surely love. More than just being made by a trusted brand, it has impressive technical features and technologies to give it an edge above others. For instance, it comes with Oxygen Recombination Technology, which is an effective way to control generation with normal use. It also comes with sealed construction, making sure that there will be no leakage of electrolytes.

We Like

  • Sealed construction
  • Affordable
  • High energy density

We Don't Like

  • Poor subsequent charges

Yuasa YUAM3RHS YTX12-BS Battery

This is a 12-volt battery that is equipped with 180 cold cranking amps. The special plates are responsible for absorbing acid and it is also totally sealed, guaranteeing the absence of leaks throughout its functional life. Many of the people who bought this battery were also happy that when it is shipped, the acid is placed in a separate container. You have to place it manually inside before the start of its use.

We Like

  • Acid shipped separately
  • Long-lasting
  • Excellent build

We Don't Like

  • Acid can spill during shipping

Yuasa YUAM329BS YTX9-BS Battery

This 8 amp-hour, 12-volt battery has 135 cold cranking amps. Among other things, it has been given words of praises for being maintenance-free. Even without effort to maintain on your end, you can be confident of its highest level of functionality and quality. There is no need to add water at any point, but in some instances, periodic charging may be required. There are also acid tubes that are pre-measured, making it easy to have them placed inside the battery.

We Like

  • Sealed construction
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable

We Don't Like

  • Short warranty

Yuasa YUAM6212B YT12B-BS Battery

This battery comes with 215 cold cranking amps, 10 amp-hour, and 12 volts. The totally sealed construction is one thing that you will definitely love, making it spill-proof and also maintenance free. There is a dry acid bottle that is included in the package. It has been considered by many as one of the best replacement batteries because of its quality and performance. It is also rated as being excellent when it comes to ease of installation.

We Like

  • Reliable performance
  • Easy to install
  • Adding acid is easy

We Don't Like

  • No direct warranty

How to choose best one

As you try to weigh the pros and cons of the options that will confront you, it is important to think of the factors that will be mentioned below. By keeping these things in mind, you will find it easier to make the right decision.


What is the battery going to be used for – this is the first question that you should have in mind. Take note that not all batteries are created the same. They differ in terms of technical specifications and design. You need to think about the purpose of the battery so that you can narrow down the possibilities. If it is going to be used for an ATV, you also need a larger battery that is fully packed with power. On the other hand, if it is going to be used for smaller equipment, such as in the case of a mower, look for one that is powerful but lightweight. Otherwise, it can only make gardening difficult as it can add up to the weight of the equipment.

If you are looking for an excellent battery that is meant specifically for a motorcycle, we suggest that you pick Yuasa YUAM6212B YT12B-BS Battery.


When evaluating the features that you can find in a battery, the first thing that you have to do is to take a look at the technical specifications. They often come in numbers that are hard to understand for the average buyer. Make sure to do your research so that you will know what they mean, including their implications. Do not be afraid to ask someone if you are unsure of what the features mean. Pay attention to the charge and discharge capacity of the battery. Do not be overwhelmed with the things that you cannot understand. Also, a higher number does not always mean being the better option.

If you are searching for a battery that has impressive features, from the models discussed above, we recommend that you pick Yuasa YUAM6212B YT12B-BS Battery.


For a battery to demonstrate superior quality, one of the most important is for it to be long-lasting. It must be able to withstand many years of use, allowing it to provide the best bang for the buck. It must also be able to withstand the rigors of the external environment. Resisting vibration is necessary, especially if it will be installed in an equipment that moves a lot. This makes it vital to choose one that comes with sealed construction, providing you with the assurance that it will be free from leaks throughout its functional life. A battery with impressive quality also comes with extensive warranty and guarantee of satisfaction.

From the Yuasa batteries we have shortly reviewed earlier, an exceptional choice when talking about quality would be Yuasa YUAM6212B YT12B-BS Battery.

Ease of Use

Another important consideration would be its ease of use. You should pick one that is as user-friendly as possible. For instance, it must require minimal maintenance, while providing you with the guarantee that the reliability will be hard to match. Its installation should also be a breeze, especially in the field of powersports. To make sure that it is easy to use, manufacturers must provide comprehensive instructions detailing how to optimize its functionality, including proper care.

From the models that have been mentioned earlier, if you are looking for one that is excellent in terms of ease of use, we highly recommend that you choose Yuasa YUAM6212B YT12B-BS Battery.


Indeed, Yuasa is one of the brands that will be hard to rival by any of their competitors. From their product line, or at least from the five models that we have compared, one of the best choices is Yuasa YUAM6212B YT12B-BS Battery. Even if you look at Yuasa battery chart that compares the features and specs of their different models, this product is surely going to stand out!

YUASA Batteries
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