Without losing your dashboard setting (When change battery)

Everyone has to deal with a number of minor issues with the car. The issues may come occasionally and you may have to deal with them either on your own or take the help of an expert. In most cases, you will take it to an expert mechanic or electrician and he’ll get fixed as per requirements.

Among the wide range of minor and major issues you have to face, one which is a very important issue is that, when you change your car battery, your dashboard settings are lost.

What happens is that when you pull out a damaged battery or weak battery that needs to be replaced, the power goes off and the internal system will be turned off, losing all its settings and data.

So, you will have to set things up again if you don’t care about this issue. You may need to take help from anyone who is familiar with the issue as well. Here we’ll be discussing a very helpful technique that will help you conserve the settings and still replace the battery without losing the data.

Let us start with the first step here

Explore the settings and prepare

Look at the dashboard of your vehicle and there you can see a screen showing the AC settings, the radio settings, the CD player and all the channels you have set up in your car. The screen will show the whole setup.

This record is stored and maintained in your car with the help of power drawn from your car battery. So, if you change the battery without any precautionary measure, you will lose it all and you will have to set things up again.

It could be hard if you don’t know your car. You may need to go through the manual, and if you have lost it, you will reach out to the dealer and get the manual to restore the settings on your own. This process could be hectic and time-consuming. So, we will try to keep these settings safe by using a simple tactic here.

The process of changing the battery while retaining its settings

So, now the first thing that you will need to do is to prepare and take out the battery. You will need two spanners, one for loosening the bracket and the other to take out the terminals. Open the bracket and then prepare to take out the terminal clips.

Before you loosen and pick out the terminal cables that are attached to the battery, you will need to attach the two wires of the car with a small 9 Volt battery. This will help keep the car to retain its settings until you install the new battery.

At first, you should be checking the battery if it has the required 9 volts and is charged. For this, either you should buy a brand new battery so there is no doubt in that or you may also check the battery with the help of a multimeter. If it shows the 9 volts reading, then it is safe and ready to use.

You should make it sure that the battery terminals are attached firmly to the correct terminal wires of the car before you remove the battery from these wires.

For this, you will need to connect the 9V battery first, by going to the positive terminal and then the black one the ground or negative terminal. After that, you may loosen the terminal brackets and pull out your battery. In this way, the 9V battery will keep the things in the dashboard charged, while you put back a new battery.

Keep the wires connected to the 9V battery until you place the wires back to the terminals of the new battery. After fixing the positive and negative terminal wires in the brackets, you may remove the 9V battery. In this way the current flow or the power supply will not be interrupted and the battery changing process won’t harm the settings in any way

By following the whole process you will never lose the settings and can easily replace the battery in your car.