Watch Battery Replacement (How to Change a Watch Battery)

Batteries are the key source of power for most of the electronic devices today. We may not expect to get anything without them either we need a mobile, small gadgets or a watch. If we need to have a digital watch or a watch having the hands and the digital functions as well, all kinds of watches come with a small battery until and unless you have a traditional winding enabled watch with you.

So, when you buy a watch, it does come with a small sized battery that runs its internal machinery and provides you with all the functions that you have observed in it. The battery type and the sizes vary depending on the complexity and number of functions that are there on the watch.

In addition to this, the battery life in any watch also depends on the number of functions and the frequency with which the functions are being used. The more the functions are, the more it will be used and the sooner you will have to replace the watch battery.

So, in case you have your watched whose battery has just died, you might be thinking of replacing the battery.

You can surely do that if you have the right tools and proper care knowledge. So, let’s assume that you have a watch having a metal body and that has multifunctional setup powered by a small battery or cell inside it. In most of the watches, you can see that there is a cap at the back and in case you need to replace the battery you will be starting the process from the back side of your watch.

Now, we’ll see what you have to follow in case you have a watch having a metalloid structure.


At first, you need to figure out if you can open the back of the watch easily or not. If you can then you must remove it without any complicated procedures and in case you feel that it is not as easier as it seems to be, you may need to use some tools and bit of preliminary workout to make the process simpler.

  • Firstly, if the wrist chain or the strap is coming in your way when you have to remove the back cover of the watch, you should be opening that up before the cap itself
  • To remove or open the chain you may use a thumb tack or a pointed pin in order to remove the thin, cylindrical pin-like structure having a push in and push out a function that fixes the chain together and can be adjusted according to your wrist size
  • After removing that your watch will have an open area and you will be able to remove the back cover of the watch
  • To remove the back cover you may need to have a special tool that you can easily find online or through local tools kit stores. This is specially designed to fix in and open and unscrew the back cover of the metal watches. Use that tool and unscrew the back cover to make sure you get the glimpse of the watch from inside
  • Now you can see the little, round shaped battery clamped delicately inside the machinery. In order to remove that you will have to remove the clamp very carefully, either with the help of a needle, a small screwdriver or even if you have strong and slightly long nails, you can use any of these to open the clamp and take out the cell of your watch
  • After that, you should have the new cell that you want to put in the watch after removing the worn out battery cell
  • The cell you are going to put in should exactly the same kind and power that your watch actually needs and had previously
  • Make sure you get a good quality cell instead of cheap quality batteries you can buy through various sellers
  • Replace the battery and clamp it again. After that screw back the back cover very carefully and slightly tighten the back by using the same screwing tool you have used to open it up
  • Put the pin back and set the wrist chain to make sure your watch is ready to wear


You should be very careful in doing all this work as you should be careful enough to take care of the delicate parts and components you will be removing and putting them back together. Also, you may need to place your watch upside down and for this, you should use a microfiber cloth to avoid scratches.

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