UPG 85980 Sealed Lead Acid Battery

The first impression of the battery that we have is something which is used with cars and motorcycles. In reality, they have a number of applications in a number of systems which are dependent on a battery system to get things going. These 'other' needs of a battery are related to the things like UPS, search lights, flashlights and a number of other such systems. The UPG 85980 Sealed Lead Acid Battery is the one which promises to live up to your expectations. It is fairly priced with a lot of useful features to take advantage of. Read this guide from point to point in order to get an in depth overview of this useful battery device for the charging of various backup systems and several other equipment.

What are the major specifications and features of this UPG lead acid battery

There are a number of points associated with this UPG lead acid battery which makes it fantastic equipment. The following are its major points for your consideration:

  • This one is a 12V battery with 35 Amp hours.
  • It can be used for the spotlights, flashlights, UPS backup systems and a number of other similar products which relies on battery charge to operate
  • Lead acid type of battery cells are used which can hold reasonable enough charge to help you with the majority of your household battery needs
  • It weighs just about 22.6 pounds with fairly compact dimensions
  • The equipment gives an average battery life of 2.5 hours with reasonably good shelf life as well

What makes this equipment a perfect buy for the users

  • This kind of battery has a number of applications. It can be used to support an emergency light, backup batteries, portable medical devices, electric fences/ doors, UPS, flashlights, solar lights, spot-lights and for various security devices
  • It is fairly lightning weight with 22.6 grams and has reasonably compact dimensions. This is perfect setting to call a device a portable one
  • The average battery life on a single charge for this equipment is 2.5 hours which is very much acceptable for such a device
  • This UPG lead acid battery comes with a fantastic warranty of 1 year which makes it a very safe investment
  • The equipment is very reasonably priced and it offers quite good shelf life as well for the users

Some limitations

  • It cannot be used for powering several mid-level domestic power generators. It could work maximum for a small 3kw generator
  • Longevity of this product is a concern as people have complained about its weak performance once the warranty becomes void
  • The terminal post holes of the equipment are found to be much smaller than the bolts provided which is a kind of an issue


The UPG 85980 Sealed Lead Acid Battery is a must to have equipment at home. It can support your solar systems, emergency lights, search lights, security system and can even run a small size power generator. The price is affordable with lots of convenience for the user. Longevity is questionable by some users but its price and exceptional productivity makes up for such shortcoming.

UPG 85980 Sealed Lead Acid Battery
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