Schumacher Battery Chargers | Schumacher Instant Power Jump Starter

Schumacher is one of the best know battery charger manufacturer on the market. They have got a wide range of battery charging utilities that are being introduced in the market and have got lots of positive response from the users. Schumacher battery chargers / Schumacher instant power jump starter come with a lot of useful features that are desirable by most of the users, when they need a reliable battery charger. Mostly, people who are in need to buy a charger, they look for a versatile charger that can be attached to multiple battery types and is reliable in its performance.

That’s why the Schumacher brand has got so much popularity. They are one of the best known, and cheaply priced battery chargers that are reliable and can be used for a number of types of batteries. They come with all the advanced features like auto charging and microprocessor facility to help people charge the batteries in a convenient way.

Here we are going to recommend the top 5 battery chargers by Schumacher, from which you can select whichever suits your needs:

The Best Schumacher Battery Chargers / Schumacher Instant Power Jump Starter Comparison Chart

Schumacher SE-4022 2/10/40/200 Amp- Manual Battery Charger (wheeled)

This battery charger by Schumacher has a full range of battery charging facilities. This one has been structured to provide an excellent charging facility for a wide range of battery types. It has been structured to provide an easy usage and portability to take it where you need it to use. It has been wheeled to support the transportation of the charger. The overall structure is easy to handle despite the fact it’s a big one. It has a handle at the top and easy to maneuver wheels to manage the charger easily. The charger works manually, meaning that you will have to manage it while charging and turn it off when the battery has been charged. It has a voltmeter to let you know at what voltage it is working. It also has two rotary switches to help in various tasks. It can be used in fleet based operation and functions.

Some key specs of the charger are:

  • The dimensions are 14x12x20 inches
  • Bullet Point 1 It gives 4 different amp charging facilities, 200 amp to start the engine, 40 amps for rapid charging and 20 amps for fast charging. There is a 2 amps option for trickle charge for small batteries
  • It has a cooling fan to keep it away from getting heated, that ensures a long life charging utility
  • It can cater to any battery with 6V or 12V
  • The unit can be plugged into a 120V AC socket and not DC
  • It can work as a battery tester to figure out issues or problems that are there

Schumacher SE-1555A 12V Wheeled Battery Charger (Automatic)

In case you are in need to find a charger that is easy in use, has automatic operations and can provide high cranking amps for a weak engine, then it should be your first choice. This one comes with an automatic functioning controlled by microprocessors. The microprocessor technology makes it able to control the amperage provided to the battery and can shut off the charger when the battery is fully charged. Also, there is a multi-level charging facility that facilitates a safe charging that does not pose any risk of damaging the battery. Also, this one is capable of charging various battery types like sealed lead-acid, AGM, spiral-cell, and deep-cycle batteries.

Its prominent features are:

  • Microprocessor based technology for automatic operations, and multistage charging for better and safe charging
  • It weighs 25.8 pounds and the dimensions are: 10.2 inches x 11.8 inches x 19inchesi 
  • It gives 150 amp for starting an engine, 55 amp for rapid charging ability, 20 amp charging and also there is a 2amp trickle charge
  • It can maintain a balanced charge within the batteries by float mode operation
  • Reverse protection enables the charger to protect it from getting damaged
  • There is a digital display on the charger and also LED lights to help you know the actual operations and conditions of the charger

Schumacher SSC-1000A Battery Charger and Maintainer

This automatic battery comes with a complete automatic function to provide well balanced and auto monitored charging facility. It has a well structured body that has 4 rubberized and rugged stand feet and a retractable handle to carry the charger easily. There is also a compartment that has been designed to accommodate the wires and the clamps easily. The charger is able to charge gel cells, deep cycle, marine, lead-acid, jet skies, and other such automobile batteries. This 12V battery has the ability to give a multistage automatically balanced charge. It can work both as a charger and also as a battery maintainer.

Some important specs:

  • The modes can be displayed with the help of an easy to push button
  • There is a meter that provides information regarding the charging status and the battery test results when used to diagnose issues in a battery
  • There are three different charging amps available, including 2amps, 6 amps and 10 amps
  • The charger operates at 12 VDC output, 120 VAC input and 167 watts

Schumacher SE-5212A Automatic Battery Charger (handheld)

This compact and easy to handle battery charger, comes with all the desirable features you may need in your charger. It has got automatic functions and it can keep your battery charged for as long as you need , using the trickle mode. It can provide a maximum of 50 amps to charge the battery or crank up a battery that has minimum charged left there. Its automatic function to maintain the battery charge keeps the battery safe from getting damaged due to overcharging. It has an ability to charge the batteries in a fast manner, like within 3-5 hours. The whole operation can be assessed through the LED lights.

Important specs of the charger include:

  • It weighs about 10.5 pounds and the structure dimensions are 5.2 x 10.5 x 8.2
  • It can provide 50 amps, 10 amps and 2 amps to charge various batteries or maintain the charge while in trickle mode
  • The charger is automatic and would turn to 0 amp when the battery is fully charged or work in trickle mode to maintain the charge for as long as you need
  • It can work with deep cycle or Sli batteries

Schumacher SC-600A-CA High Frequency Battery Charger

This one is also fully automatic. The battery charger has got the microprocessor that controls the overall charging and charge maintaining operations. It is a compact, easy to handle fast charging battery charger that can be carried with the help for a well designed compact, built-in handle. It can work with a wide variety of battery types. It can detect any issues that are there in the battery of 6V / 12 V. It also has a reverse action protection to inhibit any damage to the battery.

The key features are:

  • There are separate LED light indicators to help you know the exact status of the charger. Which indicate, the charging mode, charge maintaining mode or trickle mode as well as reverse action mode
  • It comes with 3 amp and 6 amp charging rates
  • It works at 6V to 12Voutput and 120V input charge
  • Provides a float mode capability to maintain the charge when the battery has got charged


All of these above mentioned Schumacher battery chargers have got the most useful features you’d like to have. But among these, the Schumacher SSC-1000A Battery Charger and Maintainer is the best one. As, it has got mandatory features like, automatic charge handling, three different amperage performance, and an ability to speed charge the battery. It has also been trusted by most of the customers who have got it in use. Another added feature that makes it more reliable is its long time warranty by the manufacturer that justifies their confidence in providing a quality product. Though, the other products that are mentioned here have a significance of their own and would be a great fit for many reasons.

Schumacher Battery Chargers | Schumacher Instant Power Jump Starter
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