Stanley J5C09 1000 Peak Amp with Built in Compressor, Jump Starter

A jump starter or a car battery charger is a pivotal item in your car garage accessories or probably carrying at the rear of your car all the time. This could charge the dead battery of your car within a matter of minutes and you would feel at ease all the time with the performance of your battery.

But, it doesn’t mean that every jump starter device would give you the kind of performance you would be looking for. Rather, there are different types of devices from distinct manufacturers, which have their own sets of pros and cons.

Stanley J5C09 1000 peak Amp from the Stanley manufacturer is a high quality device with a fair amount of customers satisfactorily using it for the past few years. If you are looking for a high quality yet an affordable jump starter, then this produce should be considered.

This review will give you detailed insight into this jump starter from Stanley and you would get the right idea if the product is good for you or not.


Product prices and availability are accurate as of 2021-01-27 at 12:18 PST - Details / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

A number of features relevant to a jump starter should be considered for knowing the real worth of the equipment. This one from Stanley offers 1000 peak AMPs and an instant starting power of 500 AMP.

It comes with a useful air compressor of 120PSI, USB and DC charging plugs and also a high powered LED light which has the capability to rotate270 degrees.

This one consists of the reverse polarity alarm which is inculcated there for safety and the equipment also comes with a rubber molded handle which offer very easy grip. The metal clamps are of heavy duty nature and the No.6 AWG cables are there with this device.

The device is further facilitated with charge/ power indicator and the visual & audible reverse polarity alarm.


Product prices and availability are accurate as of 2021-01-27 at 12:18 PST - Details / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

  • Any device capable of giving 1000 peak AMPs along with an instant starting power of 500 AMPs is considered as a very functional and reasonable one
  • The device is supported with an air compressor of 120 PSI so you can also use it for hassle-free inflation of a variety of tires of different vehicles. It’s a plus for the car owner to have this gadget along when on a long drive. It will serve the dual function to help as a charger/starter and also an air compressor
  • The clamps and the cables are the prime concern for the user sin the performance of the equipment. This jump starter has metallic heavy duty clamps and also contains the high quality AWG cables. That is a plus for better charge supply for better performance
  • The safety in using the equipment is endorsed by using the reverse polarity alarm. You would not be posed to any harmful conditions and will remain safe while using the gadget
  • You will find this equipment easy to use and even easier to carry with its useful rubber molded handle
  • The air compressor of the equipment should not be used very often such as bi-weekly or weekly as it will not last long
  • There is an element of some serious unreliability and it may not last too long for the majority of the users. However, different experience of different users with this product is a bit confusing. But the unreliability could have been caused due to the variation in the usage of the gadget. And it may not be due to the faults in the jump starter, rather there could be an issue with the handling of it


Stanley J5C09 1000 charges the battery and also it has an air compressor for treating the flat tires of a number of vehicles. It is good with its peak amps, safety features and the quality of its clamps and cables.

Product prices and availability are accurate as of 2021-01-27 at 12:18 PST - Details / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The issues are with its air compressor quality and performance, otherwise it’s a useful jump starter and can assist you to jump start the car where needed.

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