7 Solar Panel Installation Tips (For Your House)

Do you know enough solar energy strikes the earth each day to power the world’s entire energy use? That’s a lot! To be fair, solar power hasn’t crept in into the normal lifestyle as yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from it.

There are many ways in which you can include solar energy in your everyday life, without compromising on the comforts. Today, several products are available in the market, based on solar energy like universal battery chargers, calculators, solar cooker, much more.

It makes sense investing in this form of energy, but solar is considered as the best renewable energy source? Different people have different viewpoints; solar advocates say it is always worth an investment, while many criticize calling solar energy arrangement colossal, pricey, and worthless for residential spaces.

But the later perception is slowing changing; now more and more people opt for installing solar panels in their homes. Do you also have such plans running in your mind? If yes, then take a look at below-listed pointers to get the best out of sun’s energy.

1. Slash our energy demand

The first thing to do before you step into the world of solar energy is to cut down on your energy usage. Check out all the equipment and things running on electricity and see what you can do to make your house energy efficient. LED’S are 5 times energy efficient and stay 10 times longer than traditional tube lights.

Replacing your house lightings with LED’s is the first task in hand. Check if you are using 5 or 3-star rating appliances, if not, make the arrangements to get them revamped with updated eco-friendly appliances.

The expenses might make you think otherwise, you at first, but will pay for themselves in the coming years by slashing your energy bills in half. Reducing energy consumption will help you get off the grid and to convert sun rays into useful energy.

2. Need to hire the right contractor

There are many solar panel contractors available in the market. Therefore, you have to choose the best professional guy (or organization), who have sound knowledge on solar panel different sizes, installation and maintenance.

Make sure your potential contractor is certified with PV systems, and don’t feel hesitant to ask more about their experience? Learn more about the history of their work and leave no stone unturned to employ a highly experienced contractor for the installation work.

3. Calculate the installation space

The amount of space your house can dedicate decides how much you can go solar in your home. Calculate the dimensions, the square ft of the balcony or the terrace where you want to set up the solar panels.

Ideally, it should face the south direction for maximum energy intercepting capacity. Solar panels usually come in 250 WP and 300 WP standards for large home installations. And, even some small to medium solar panels installation requires considerable space.

4. How much have you to pay for sun’s energy

Through solar power can massively cut down on your power bills, it does require an initial investment and regular maintenance afterward. Figure how much you can spend on this project, and plan your solar panels’ implementation accordingly.

The cost of solar panels typically varies from $50 to $500 depending on how much power you want your in-house solar panels to generate.

5. A good solar battery

A solar power system consists of four components: the charge controller, the solar panels, battery charge, and the equipment itself. Make sure to buy a branded good quality battery, and keep it an airy space to avoid the battery getting heated up and ultimately reduction in useful life.

6. Servicing

Normally, the solar panel system works powerfully for 25 years. Solar panels have no electromechanical or moving parts, therefore practically it there is little servicing requirement.

While buying this system ensure that you pick the right equipment from a reputed manufacturer or outlet. Also, question the dealer about the guarantee period.

7. Say “No” to high-pressure sales people

High-pressure sales tactics are normally uncommon in the solar industry. Try not to make a decision on the first look and take your time to consider the above points.

Quote your price and ask them to reconsider their offer. Pressure decisions often turn out to be less fruitful in all walks of life.

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