Schumacher XP2260 1200 Peak AMPInstant Portable Power Source

The jump starter is an ideal device if you have to deal with a dead battery of your vehicles or if your battery is getting troubled in holding the charge. It could be very frustrating, but a car battery charger or the jump starter device could give you excellent support until you are ready to replace your not so good performing battery. The users while looking for the vehicle battery charger should consider a number of things. First, the device should be absolutely apt for your needs.

Then, it should be easier to use and also it must offer great convenience in carrying it while you are on the move. The versatility and longevity are also considered as the pivotal factors to consider. If such points discussed here are your priority too, then the Schumacher XP2260 1200 battery charger from Schumacher could be a possible option. You must read out this full review about the product which will just take a few minutes, but it could help you with your decision making about the battery charger device.


The jump starter equipment from Schumacher comprises of with a variety of features to impress the potential buyers searching for a quality jump starter on the market. It has a convenient ON/ OFF switch which could be used for the activation of the jump starter mode. There is support for the automatic internal battery charging with the inclusion of the built-in charger. The LEDs on-board are used which serves as an indicator to tell you that when there is a need for charging or when the battery is fully charged. The Sure-Grip type clamps are used with this equipment that fir for both the top and also the side-mount batteries. This sealed lead acid battery is very much a maintenance free device which also allows for the storage of the equipment in any possible position. The air compressor is also part of this device. Further, the item is not expensive and can serve you seamlessly worth its price.


  • The activation of the jump starting mode is as simple as using the ON/ OFF switch and it is totally hassle-free. You would not have to go through any specific setting and it’s just a click away
  • The LED lights are used on-board, which make this equipment suitable for the users to get an indication about the status of charging. It makes the user feel informed ad know the actual condition of the charger so that you would not run out of the battery unknowingly
  • The equipment is facilitated with the very useful Sure-Grip clamps. They are highly useful in the sense that the charger can then be used for the batteries which are either side-mounted or are placed at the top
  • The battery charger from Schumacher manufacturer is very much a maintenance free device which wouldn’t ask you to spend time and money for looking after its maintenance
  • A great aspect of this jump starter is its capability of giving the automatic charging of the internal battery with the use of the built-in chargers


  • The battery at 12 Volt and at 1 AMP can take as much as 18 hours for charging, which is a very long time and some people may or may not like this long time taken. If you don’t have any issues with that then there is no such problem for you
  • The air compressor of this equipment is of a bit less quality


Schumacher XP2260 1200 is a powerful jump starter with peak amps of 1200. The clamps used are of high quality and the performance of this jump starter remains seamless over the years. There are some issues with the amount of time this device takes for charging. But, if you look at its features ad the help it can provide to you, you would not mind ignoring that it takes a little bit longer to charge. It will serve you both as a charger as well as a jump starter and it’s really of great help when you need a battery backup on the go while travelling.

Schumacher XP2260 1200 Peak AMPInstant Portable Power Source
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