Schumacher SC-10030A Speed Charge, Automatic Charger and Maintainer

There are plenty of portable car chargers available in the market, but all might not be good enough to please all the users. It is because the people are looking for a product which is easier to use, easier to carry, versatile and has got an excellent capacity for giving a top class performance in all types of circumstances. If these are the quality criterion for any person looking for a top quality car battery charger then they can think about the battery charger SC-10030A from Schumacher.

It has got all the basic quality features and some advanced features too, which have got the potential to appeal the potential buyers. However, it is advised to the potential buyers to read all the sections of this guide in order to get the full information about this portable car battery charger.


  • This is a speed charger which has got the computer control for further enhancing the charge rate and at the same time also monitoring the battery condition
  • The latter thing will ensure that the battery is properly charged with no overcharging issue to deal with
  • The performance is far better in comparison to the conventional chargers. It is ideally designed by the maker to use with the 6 and 12 volt batteries of gel cell, deep cycle and the Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries
  • It has the engine start capability of 100 AMP and you can trust this to jump start all types of vehicles which includes the cars, motorcycles, tractors, snowmobiles and the PWCs
  • The most notable feature of this equipment is its dual charging rate where one works on a slower pace and the other one on quick pace for charging. The 2 charge rates are the 2 AMP for the slower one and then the 12 to 30 AMP for the higher rate
  • Some supplementary features of this product include the alternator tester and the battery tester which comes free with this car battery charger package from the manufacturer


  • The slow and fast charge rate capability of the equipment is excellent and this one offers you with both. The slow charge rate is the most preferred one which takes time to charge, but it looks after the integrity and quality of the battery. The fast rate provides quick performance, but it may affect the longevity of your battery
  • The device comes with an easy to use monitor, touchpad which can do the job seamlessly for the users
  • The price for such useful equipment is excellent and affordable for the majority of the users
  • Several useful tools are included in the package which brings great utility to the user. The tools include the likes of the alternator tester, battery tester and the AC type jump starter
  • The car battery charger from Schumacher manufacturer comes with a useful warranty of long years


  • According to some customers you can’t count on the performance if you have different batteries in use. There is some unreliability in performance and it may not work with some batteries without any reason. So it can be an issue that the charger may work with one type and may refuse to start a different battery if you have got it later
  • The device is not supported with LED lights which makes working with it difficult in the dark
  • There is no thermal switch used on the device for preventing the chances of a meltdown


The device is excellent with its easy to use features and the slow and fast charge rate makes things quite easier to handle for the users. The price is justified according to the features and a full 5 year warranty is also given. The issues are found with its reliability and the problem of having no thermal switch. Still, this battery charger has very reasonable discounted price, and you would not regret spending it on this useful gadget.

Schumacher SC-10030A Speed Charge, Automatic Charger and Maintainer
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