Replacement Car Battery (How To Guide)

Replacement Car Battery (How To Guide). The topic is simple, namely how you can go about replacing an old or bad car battery with a fresh one.

  • You know a battery has fallen on hard times when you use tools like battery testers and voltmeters to gauge its efficiency and functionality and find that the numbers speak for themselves. Too much corrosion around the battery terminals can also mean a ruined device (you need to test it to confirm).
  • Suppose you have a bad battery that is 700 CCA (cold cranking amps). The battery tester might show it falling below 500 CCA, rendering it faulty. When you replace your battery, make sure you have bought the correct one.
  • Get yourself a 10 or 11 socket, a ratchet, and a screwdriver. Start by extricating the negative (black) cable first. It is indeed a safety issue so do not remove the positive (red) cable beforehand. Stay safe.
  • Find ways to keep the battery vertical at all times. Slanting it at an angle, resting it on its sides, and so on are all bad ideas. The chemicals, especially the acids, inside the battery will not agree well with such treatment and may spill over; potential injury to self or damage to other vehicular components.
  • Use the socket and ratchet to undo the bolt clamping the negative node. Remove the negative cable. Repeat the process with the positive node. Once both cables have been removed, go to the next step.
  • There is no need to remove the bolts all the way, they could come off after a few ratchet turns. Use the screwdriver to help with stubborn bolts that get stuck and refuse to come off. Obviously, if your car battery is held fast by other screws and bolts, use apt tools to get them out of the way; a ratchet and screwdriver will more often than not be the handiest choices.
  • Lift the battery out of the chassis. Keep it vertical while doing so. Always, no matter what you may have heard or however inconvenient, recycle your old batteries. Most auto parts stores do this for free.
  • Next phase: new battery installation. Even with a fresh device, keep it vertical as you lift and lower it into the designated spot. Have the terminals positioned exactly where the old battery had its. These batteries can be quite heavy, so be careful as you work with them.
  • When reconnecting the terminals, it is the opposite step-wise process to what you did earlier when removing them. This time round, attach the positive (red) terminal and then the negative (black) one. Otherwise, you might cause the electrical links inside the battery to malfunction.
  • Once you have ratcheted the bolts in place, make sure they are tight but not overly so.

That is all there is to replacing your car battery. Turn your car on and check to see if everything is in ship shape.

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