PowerAll PBJS1600R Rosso Portable Power Bank and the Car Jump Starter

The safest way to shop online is to shop by brand. This is applicable even to the car battery chargers and the jump starters which are available in huge numbers from different manufacturers in the market. The PowerAll is one popular brand for the production of high quality chargers for the car batteries and their PowerAll PBJS1600R Rosso Portable model has got a good number of satisfied customers associated with it. So, if you want to make a quick decision then this guide might help you a great deal towards reaching the right decision. It could just be your preferences and needs which might make a difference in your decision.

What you can expect with this jump starter

The following features are the most prominent ones for this device which must be taken a notice of:

  • It has a wide variety of applications– This is a portable car battery charger which comes with useful charging adapters to perform seamlessly with all the major electronic devices. Apart from charging the vehicles’ batteries, you could also use it for charging your smart devices and different range of mobile phones
  • It can charge your vehicle multiple times – This car jump starter is capable of jump starting any of your compact vehicles about 20 times on a single given charge
  • LED light help you work better – The device comes with an ultra-bright LED flashlight with LED modes such as the Strobe, SOS and the Flash light. The LED light signals can last for more than 120 hours
  • Safety features – The device has built in features for the safety purposes which includes the likes of the over current protection, over charge protection. Short circuit safety, over voltage safety and the overload protection
  • Compact and ergonomic – It is very much portable equipment which comes in a nice compact and lightweight design. The design is so compact that the equipment can easily fit in your pocket, glove box or maybe in your backpack while you are anywhere on the move

We Like

  • The system comes with some useful charging adapters which can be used for the charging purposes of some good range of major electronic devices. Apart from the batteries of the vehicles, you can trust this equipment to help you charge the various smart devices and mobile phones while you are on the move
  • This jump starter is highly efficient in its performance. On just a single charge, it is capable of charging a compact vehicle nearly 20 times
  • The LED lights add great utility to the device. The modes of LED operation include the SOS, flash light and the strobe. The signals of the LED are capable of lasting for more than 120 hours. These will bring great utility for you while you are working in the dark environments with your charger and having no other source of light
  • The protective features in such charging equipment are essential and this one wouldn’t disappoint you with the quality of the safety features. So, there would be no risk of any electric shock while using it
  • It is very compact in size and can fit easily in your pocket wherever you go

We Don't Like

  • It shuts off abruptly at times with no good known reason
  • There is no carrying case of the equipment which makes it difficult to handle and carry while on the move
  • The viewing angles are poor, especially from the below side while placed over the tripod stand


PowerAll PBJS1600R Rosso Portable is excellent with its LED lights, multiple charging adapters, great performance and its compact size which could fit in your pocket. The only known problems are that the equipment could shut off abruptly at times and there is a problem with the viewing angles as well while on the tripod stand.

PowerAll PBJS1600R Rosso Portable Power Bank and the Car Jump Starter
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