Odyssey PC680-P Battery

A Battery is one of the most important components of any vehicle which is dependent on the electrical charge for starting up and getting along with a number of its other functionalities. It is equally important to have a reserve battery stored in your garage or even at the rear of your car, even if you have a quality primary battery installed in your car. Just for your information, the Odyssey PC680-P battery is out in the market for quite sometime. It is doing a great job and the excessively high customer satisfaction rate has made it one of the top choices for the people looking for batteries. If you are interested in this awesome car battery to purchase them read this product review till the end in order to find all the important information that you need for making a wise decision.


  • The first look of this top class battery gives an impression of a rugged equipment which also looks convenient at a glance
  • It is ideally designed to serve motor driven vehicles in all situations, whether you are in sea, land or even snow
  • Pure lead plates are used for its secure packing and error free performance. The manufacturer claims that the battery offers twice the power of the other conventional batteries
  • It offers around 400 duty cycles at a discharge depth of about 80 percent. Each and every component of the battery reflects class and quality such as having the sturdy and useful brass material terminals, corrosion resistant plates and having the robust inter-cell connections
  • Nothing seriously can get better than this and you really need to give this battery a second thought if some other equipment is inspiring you more


  • It is ideal for almost all types of vehicles which includes motorbikes, water bikes, water boats, snow scooter, small size cars with reasonable battery needs
  • The manufacturer claims that the battery offers three times the life span if compared with the other conventional batteries
  • It is highly loved for its leak proof and non-spill-able AGM design which every comfort seeker in terms of car power battery demands
  • It has excellent shelf life and the quality components such as its brass terminals and non-corrosion battery plates take this equipment to a level par excellence
  • The company offers the battery with an exclusive 2 years of full replacement warranty


  • The starter of the battery sometimes can sound a little pale and weak in extreme cold and snowy conditions. So, you can expect performance to deteriorate a bit on such conditions
  • The cold cranking amps are just 170 which is a bit low for superiority powering a car with excessive needs
  • The cost for some of the buyers and potential buyers of this battery is on a higher side, despite recent cut down on its earlier price


This Odyssey PC680-P Battery is a great device to have with certain limitations as well. Its low cranking power makes it suitable for the motorbikes. However, it works for the cars too and gives outstanding performance in all types of weather conditions.

Odyssey PC680-P Battery
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