62 Factors To Make Battery Life Last Longer

No matter what gadget you use, it’s battery life always plays as a spoilsport. Are you also the one whose smartphone is always short of battery, laptop works for just 2 hours and so on? Well, fret no more! We just got you covered. Here is an ultimate guide that talks about all the factors that would help make the battery last longer for a number of devices. Read on to find out!

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Boost Battery Life Of Smartphones

Tired of plugging in your smartphones every 5 hours? Not anymore.

1. Turn off

This is one of the easiest ways to save your battery life – power off the battery. I am not talking about switching off your phone while using it. When you feel that the phone is not required temporarily, then you can turn it off. The battery charge remains for a longer time if you turn it off while you sleep or if you are in places where there is no network coverage. Searching for the signal is also found to use up battery charge.

2. No vibrations

Putting your phone in vibrate mode uses up more energy than the ringing mode. If you are not expecting any calls or messages, then it is best to put it on silent mode as this is the best power saver.

In addition, you can even turn the key tones off to save a little energy. It is very awkward when your phone rings in the loudest of volumes in your favorite ringtone. Keep the volume to very low to avoid such situations. This will also cause fewer disturbances to others while also saving energy.

3. Reduce brightness

You don’t actually need a very bright phone screen to see clearly. A moderate brightness will do the job. You can set the brightness to 50 percent and your eyes will adjust to it in course of time. This is again a great way to save the battery power. You can even change your settings to automatically adjust brightness.

4. Turn off Bluetooth and WiFi

Like I already mentioned that searching for network takes up energy, so is the case with Bluetooth and WiFi. When you keep Bluetooth on, it will go on searching for other devices to pair with. In the case of WiFi too, your smartphone keeps on searching for signal endlessly. So, switch on them only when it is necessary and don’t forget to turn off after use.

5. No camera flash

I agree that some places require you to switch on the flash of the camera to get the perfect picture. But, many people tend to keep it on even if it is not necessary. Camera flash uses a lot of energy as it is very powerful. This is true especially when you take many photos one after another. So, switch off the flash whenever there is enough light to get a clear picture.

6. Phone calls first

When there is very less battery charge remaining, give preference to phone calls as this is what ultimately phones are intended for. Watching videos, playing games and the likes consume a lot of power. If the charge is very less, stop yourselves from using these apps. In case you don’t do this, the phone would switch off within minutes and you might possibly miss some urgent calls.

Boost Battery Life Of Watches

Here is all that you need to know!

7. Crown out

It is common knowledge that pulling out the crown stops the watch. This is an interesting way of saving the battery. But, this does not work if you possess just one watch. This would work fine for people who have many watches and who wear a particular watch for only special occasions or to match with a dress. All the other times when the watch is not used, you can use this trick. It is found that doing so avoids the need of battery replacement for at least for a couple of years.

8. Use often

You know that using a watch continuously uses up the battery charge and you may have to replace it or charge it. One thing you may not have realized is that the battery discharges if you keep it for a long time without using. So, use every watch of yours at least once in a while so that it does not accumulate too much dust and the battery keeps running for longer time.

9. Right cell

Watches usually have button cells in them with the different anode and cathode materials. Cells of the same size are interchangeable even if the anode and cathode used are different. But, it is observed that this largely affects the battery life. Using the wrong battery for your watch may lead to shortened battery life even though the size of the cell is the same. Always confirm which cell is best suited for your watch before you buy one.

10. Turn off unwanted features

Latest watches come with a lot of in-built features to attract youngsters. Most of them like the display light use up a lot of power. There are some varieties that switch on the screen light when you raise your wrist and switch off when lowered. This setting drains most of the battery charge throughout the day while you move around. To save the battery, it is best to disable all such features and turn them on whenever necessary.

11. Look out for battery leak

Silver oxide cells used in certain watches has a tendency to leak inside the watch. If this is not noticed, it may lead to bigger problems like a total replacement of the watch movement. This may cost a lot of money.

So, it is recommended to do regular service of your watch to confirm that the battery and the other parts inside it are in working condition. Go to a watch repair store so that you can take an expert opinion. This is beneficial because the technician usually takes out the battery and closely examines it to find out any fault you may not have identified.

Boost Battery Life Of Laptops

Here are a few tips that would help you in boosting the battery life of your lifelines- laptops.

12. Disconnect unused devices

Connecting many devices to your laptop simultaneously increases the power consumption. This could include various drives, USB mouse, and Bluetooth to name a few. Decide which ones are currently needed and which are not. Turn off the unwanted peripherals as some of these use a lot of power without your knowledge. Ensure that the device is not in use before you start disabling.

13. Focus on a single task

You might be great in multi-tasking but, your laptop may not like it if you measure the amount of power used. Running too many programs at once uses a lot of energy and makes the system slow.

So, it is better if you focus on one task at a time. If you are editing a file, then close all other applications. To save energy, you can also start using simple tools like text editor instead of MS Word. Though it may not have all the essential features, you can copy the text to Word after you complete your work.

14. Take good care

Taking good care of the laptop battery is an effective way to make the battery last longer. If you own a laptop with an unsealed battery, it is highly recommended to ensure that the battery contacts are not damaged. You should clean it regularly to avoid the accumulation of dirt. With a lot of changes incorporated into the making of laptops, it is no more required to charge it to only 80%.

It is up to you to decide the charging time. But, remember to allow the battery to drain completely once in a while. Heat is an enemy of laptop batteries. So, ensure proper cooling and airflow by cleaning laptop’s fans and vents frequently.

15. Upgrade to SSD

Upgrading from hard drive to an SSD is a good option if you want to lower the power usage. Solid state drive stores data in flash drive and not in a spinning disk. This reduces the energy used in the laptop operations.

SSDs are also known to enhance the performance of the device. You may also add some RAM to the system which stores data for short-term use. Thus, whenever you are working on the system, it does not need to fetch the data from the hard drive every time thus saving a lot of power.

16. Proper maintenance

Proper maintenance and upgrades at the right time help you save a lot of energy in the long run. This also makes your system perform better and faster. You can start by defragmenting the hard drive which makes fetching of the data easier.

This is similar to maintaining a good hygiene. Reducing the time needed to retrieve data reduces the power consumption as well. There is an automatic tool that defragments the hard drive regularly. Make sure that this is enabled. Keep in mind not to defragment an SSD as this may hamper its life.

Boost Battery Of Remote Controls

So that you don’t miss all the fun due to weak batteries!

17. Have a dedicated place

Misplacing a remote control is a common scenario in almost all houses. Usually, these are not handled very carefully which is the biggest cause for battery drain. If you have left it on the sofa, there are chances that it gets buried under a pile of things in no time. If this happens, the buttons keep pressing down leading to drain of power. To prevent this from happening, have a designated place to keep the remote control so that it is easy to locate.

18. Read the manual

Whether it is the television’s remote control or of any other gadget, you will be unaware of how to use it initially. As a result, you do a lot of trial and error on the poor thing until you learn how to operate it. Pressing the buttons many times in a row uses up the power leading to battery discharge. Read the user manual well before attempting to program it yourselves. Settings can be adjusted to a minimum as this avoids a lot of button press.

19. Clear the path

Blocking the path of the remote control signal does no good to the device. The signal needs a clear path to reach the component you are trying to control. Else, you will keep on pressing the button with no use at all and in the process lose energy. Check if anything is blocking the path of the signal and remove it in no time.

20. Remove if not used

When you go out on a vacation or for a long journey, the remote control will be the last thing on your mind. But it is to be noted that if the device remains unused for a long time, there are chances of battery leak which may corrode the battery terminals and hence make the remote control useless. So, remember to remove the batteries and store them in a safe place if you are going away for a long time.

21. No press and hold

Pressing and holding the buttons of a remote control drains a lot of battery charge. Never attempt to do this unless it is specified in the manual for some program settings. This is usually done by the children who love to play with remote controls. So, keep it away from the reach of children.

22. Delay of 30 seconds

Some remote controls take some time before they get a response from the gadget. Generally, this delay is of thirty seconds. When you press the button, it will take the time to get the desired result. It is thus highly recommended to avoid pressing the same button many times during the delay period. This is again found to use up the battery charge which should be avoided.

Boost Battery Life Of Cars

No more oops moments while on a long ride. We just got you covered.

23. Check the battery terminals

One problem car owners have to deal with is the corrosion around the terminals. The build-up of corrosion disrupts the battery connection with the car and finally, you may have to replace it altogether. It is thus highly recommended to check the terminals of the battery regularly to ensure that they are clean. You can use anti-corrosion paste to fight corrosion. Once it is corrosion free, wipe the area with a sponge.

24. Protect from temperature changes

You can make use of battery insulation kit to protect the car battery from changes in temperature. The latest models of cars have this kit already installed. If yours does not have one, you can install it easily. This is important because extreme temperature changes might damage the battery. It is safe because the insulation allows proper airflow to the battery.

25. Good battery cables

You must ensure that the battery cables are of good quality and are connected tightly. If it moves when the car moves, it could get spoiled leading to short circuit. Along with damaging the battery, it could cause harm to the car. Same is the case with a moving battery. Make it fixed so that there is no room for movement.

26. Switch off car accessories

When the car is running, the electricity required for the car accessories like radio comes from the alternator. But if you use the accessories without turning on the ignition of the car, the power comes from the car battery. This is not good for the battery life. Batteries usually provide power for ignition and not to provide energy for the accessories. So, it is better to use the accessories while the car is running.

27. Never overcharge

Overcharging the car battery is not good for the battery life. When overcharged, lead-acid batteries release gases like oxygen and hydrogen. Two things happen when the car battery is charged too much. Firstly, it could lead to an explosion. Secondly, it disrupts the water composition in the battery. This, in turn, reduces the lifespan.

28. Fully charge the battery once in a week

Even when the car is not on, chances are high that the battery would get drained. This is due to the use of car accessories like music player and lights. When you find that the charge is completely drained, it is highly recommended to charge it using a battery charger or a charger that uses solar energy.

This maintains the charge of the battery even when it is not used. This is useful because it provides enough charge to power all the accessories especially when you go on trips. To make possible a longer life for the car battery, you may consider charging it fully at least once every week.

Boost Battery Life Of Motor Boats

Let’s have a quick insight how to enhance the battery of motor boats?

29. Make an estimate of power usage

Calculating the daily usage of power helps you to find out how much power you use on a daily basis. This is important because you may be drawing a lot of power from a small battery which is not desirable.

To find out the power consumption, multiply the current (in Amps) of each device by the amount of time you use it in 24 hours. For the optimum power supply, you may choose a battery size where the amp hour rating is much larger than the daily power usage of the boat.

30. Add a regulator

With normal alternators, you may get a high charge when the engine of the boat is started. But after about 15 minutes, this will reduce to half the charge. When you use a smart regulator, this tendency of charge decrease can be avoided.

Since it continuously supplies a good amount of charge, the battery will be recharged in very less time. The plus point is that this regulator charges the battery to 95% of its capacity.

31. Battery monitor system

Managing the battery is vital for its long life. Discharging the battery below 50 percent of its capacity or overcharging the battery would surely damage the battery. You can install a battery monitor system to find out how much charge goes into and is drawn from the battery. This system estimates when the battery will require charging thus helping to maintain its quality.

32. Cut short power consumption

Like all other batteries, you can save energy if you use the battery carefully. Simply using less power is the easiest way to ensure that the battery runs longer. You may switch off all lights that are not used currently or even replace them with LED lights to save power.

33. Install a solar panel

Even if the boat is not used for some time, the battery will keep on discharging. You can install a small solar panel which comes at affordable prices to overcome this problem efficiently. If you are ready to invest a little more, you can go for a larger solar panel which continuously charges the battery during the day. The regulator in it ensures that the battery is not overcharged.

34. Use wind and water

Like solar energy, the energy from the wind and water are also cheaper options. Installing a wind turbine or a hydro generator is a good idea to charge the batteries when the boat is on the move.

A disadvantage of the wind turbine is that it fails in days when there is no wind. Hydro generators are very useful for long journeys but, they do not generate power to charge the battery while the boat is in the port. In spite of this problem, many people rely on them to improve the life of the battery.

Boost Battery Life of Power Banks

Yes, you need to take care of the battery of your power banks too. Here’s how!

35. Regular use

Like every other gadget, keeping the power bank idle without using for a long time shortens its battery life. If you are not using it for a long time, remember to perform single charge and discharge occasionally.

This retains their normal performance. You may do this charging and discharging once in a month. Doing this keeps the internal batteries of the power bank in the best condition and helps extend their life.

36. Proper use

To maintain the performance and life of any gadget, it should be used in the most optimum way. Once you keep the power bank battery for charging, let it charge completely. Do not disrupt it to charge your phone or laptop.

Once the charging is complete, you can unplug it and use. It is also not advisable to over-deplete the battery. A battery, when discharged to a very low level, cannot give its best performance. Though the latest batteries don’t have this problem, it is better to take care not to discharge them completely.

37. Right temperature

Most devices work with a disruption in humid climates. For example, when you switch on the TV on humid days, you may find that the picture is distorted. So, it is required of the batteries to be used in the right temperature and humidity.

When they are exposed to moisture for a long time, oxidation or corrosion damages the internal components. So, store the power banks in a cool and dry place.

38. USB standard

To ensure the extended life of power bank batteries, make sure that they work in USB standard. Some phones charge fast when charging from a power supply and charge slowly in PC connection.

If there is a difference in the charging speed between a PC connection and an AC charger, find out what speed the power bank provides. If the power bank is working in the slow mode, correct it with a faster USB charging cable.

39. Flight mode

If you are a regular smartphone user, you might be aware that they download updates automatically. As a result, more power is drawn when connected to the charger. So when you charge a phone from a power bank, put it in flight mode. This eliminates the unnecessary power draw by the phone. This way, only the basic features work while charging.

40. Stop when 80% charged

When you charge your phone using a power bank, it consumes a lot of energy, more than when it is not connected to the power bank. When the phone has reached a charge of 80% to 90%, the charging current begins to reduce.

This is not good for the power bank as a lot of its energy is drawn in the process. It takes a lot of time and energy to charge the remaining 10% to 20%. So, the best option is to switch off the power bank when the phone is charged to 80%

Boost Battery Life Of Android Smartwatch

Photo: Wearable

Go through the pointers below to keep your android smartwatch running around the clock.

41. Adjust the brightness

You may not need a bright screen for your watch all the time. Android wear watch has 5-6 levels of brightness and the default is usually set to level 4. But, the truth is that you don’t need this level of brightness all the time. Most of the time, a setting of level 2 is enough.

This way, a lot of energy of the watch battery is saved. You can always increase the brightness when you really need it like in times when you go outdoors. Some models have Auto Brightness level which automatically adjusts the brightness according to the environment.

42. Turn off tilt

Android wear watch has an option called tilt to wake which wakes your watch when you tilt it towards you after you hold up your arm. Though it is a useful feature, the watch wakes up a number of times while you move your hand.

Even when you have no intention of checking the time, your watch just brightens for you to see. When this happens for a long time, it uses a lot of power. So, turn off this feature so that your battery life is not affected by this.

43. Theater mode

Theater mode is useful if you are watching movies and you want to turn off the display and notifications till the time you are in the theater. Though it is given this name, you can use it in other situations too.

You can use this mode when you are having food or any other time when you won’t open the notifications. When you turn on the theater mode, it will remain so until you turn it off manually. There is another mode called priority mode which will show only those notifications that are whitelisted.

44. Turn off Always On

The traditional watches are always ‘On’ meaning that you can always see the time when you want. But if you want android watches to show you the time always, you may switch on the Always On mode. But, this uses up a lot of battery charge.

To prevent this from happening, you can turn this mode off and only switch on the display when needed. Doing this is found to double the life of the battery. With Always On mode, the battery lasts for a day while if you turn it off, it runs for two full days.

45. Monitor

Most of the latest watches have so many built-in features to help you extend the battery life. Android wear watches has a tool to find out what are the applications that drain the power of the battery.

Using this tool, you get to know the time since the battery has not been charged and the time till it can work fine without charging. It also notifies if you have to uninstall any app that uses a lot of energy. It is also helpful in monitoring how the other batteries saving attempts are going.

Boost Battery Life of Apple Watch

Annoyed with the quickly draining battery of your Apple watch? Not anymore!

46. Latest software

You might have noticed laptops working well when the latest updates are installed. Same is the case with an Apple Watch. Updating the latest version of watch operating system helps extend the battery life. In the Apple Watch app, you have the Software Update option which enables you to switch to the latest software.

If any update is available, turn on the WiFi of the iPhone and connect the charger to the Apple Watch to make the update successful. Before you do this, ensure that the watch has at least 50% charge in it.

47. Power reserve mode

If you are a person who checks time often, then it is best to use power reserve mode on your watch. When you turn on this mode, all the other functions will be put in sleep mode except the displaying of time.

Functions like notifications will be in sleep mode so that they don’t draw power. This is a great way of saving the energy of the Apple Watch battery. A plus point of Power Reserve mode is that it uses very less energy. When you turn this on, you can see only the clock.

48. No notifications

Do you have a tendency to log in to multiple social media sites simultaneously and get regular updates? Keeping the notifications ‘On’ uses a lot of battery power. While in office, it is better to focus on the task at hand rather than doing multitasking.

So, when not necessary, turn off the notification alerts. You may use the important applications like emails, phone, messages and the likes.

49. Power saving mode

Apple Watch has many functions that are useful in your fitness regime. Using Heart rate sensor is a favorite of many people while they do workouts. But keeping the watch on normal mode for the long time you spend in the gym can actually take up a lot of battery charge.

By switching to Power Saving mode, this fast discharge can be prevented. But, you may not be able to find out the exact calories you burnt while doing the exercises. But, this mode is still a good option for those who are concerned about battery life.

50. Black screen

Many people won’t agree to the fact that a black screen is better than a colorful screen. But, this is true if you think from the battery’s point of view. You can save a lot of battery energy if you keep your screen black. Many activities like viewing images use up power like it does in the case of using social media sites. You can do these activities with your iPhone rather than the Apple Watch.

51. Do not disable Bluetooth

Keeping the Bluetooth of your iPhone enabled helps save the battery of your Apple Watch. Ensure that the watch is always connected to the iPhone using Bluetooth. When you switch off the Bluetooth option, the charge of the Apple Watch gets used up at a very fast rate.

Boost Battery Life of iPhone

Adopt the following smart tips to keep your iPhone’s battery in sound condition throughout.

52. Find the drainer

There are some applications and functions that drain the battery charge of your iPhone without your knowledge. Most of these functions will be in the background which you may not realize in the first look. For example, social media sites like Facebook use up to 33% of the iPhone battery.

So to save the battery power, close Facebook’s background refresh and the notification alerts. Doing this prevents the iPhone from being slow. Another idea is to close the apps which you are not currently using.

53. Delete junk

Files like images, audios, videos and the likes are stored in the cache of the iPhone to make their access easier and faster. But, at times these files use up a lot of space creating problem. When you try to open an application, it takes a lot of time to load these files and hence the app takes longer to open.

This results in the use of more energy of the battery. So, delete the junk files to extend the battery life. There is a cleaning tool in iPhone which helps get rid of these data. Cleaning the iPhone with this tool called PhoneClean ensures that your iPhone works faster.

54. Turn off WiFi

Like every other phone, iPhone battery is also drained if you keep WiFi on for a long time. You might keep the WiFi on even when not connected to a network which you need to stop doing from now onwards.

When it is on, it keeps on searching for signal thereby using the battery charge. So, keep it off in places you don’t need it like remote places where there is no network at all. Even when you switch it on, do not forget to turn it off after use.

55. Low power mode

If your iPhone runs on iOS 9 and higher, you might be familiar with a function called Low Power mode. This function will be turned on automatically when the iPhone battery comes down to 20% of the battery charge. When Low Power mode is on, many functions like automatic downloads, some of the visual effects and some other functions will be turned off automatically.

This is a great option to extend the battery life. At times you feel like a lot of battery charge is being consumed, you can switch to Low Power mode manually. Once this is activated, the battery percent remaining which is shown in the top right corner will turn yellow.

56. Manual email fetch

Every time your iPhone is accessing a network, it is using the battery power. When you check email every now and then, the battery loses energy faster. By default, the email fetch happens automatically showing you the notification every time a mail comes.

You can disable this and prefer checking the mailbox once every hour. For this, set the email check to manual where it does not update us if an email is received. In the settings, you can close the Fetch New Data option to enable this.

Boost Battery Life of Tablets

Boost the battery life of your tablets with a few pointers given below!

57. Screen timeout

When the screen of your tablet is on, it takes up some amount of energy. You need screen light when you are working with something on the tablet. But once the use is over, you don’t have to unnecessarily drain the battery by keeping the screen on.

Go to the settings and put the screen to sleep. You can manually select the time after which the display should turn black. It is better to choose the minimum time like 2 minutes. So, after 2 minutes of inactivity, the tablet automatically switches off the screen.

58. Full discharge

Previously, the batteries of the tablet had problems if they were overcharged. But with the latest lithium ion batteries, these problems ceased to exist. So, it is not necessary to fully discharge the battery to prolong its life. But as a precaution, you can still make the battery discharge fully so that it works fine for a longer time. You may do this full discharge after every 30 charges.

59. Turn off unwanted connections

Connections like Bluetooth and WiFi use up a lot of battery power if left on all the time. Bluetooth is a feature in the tablet rarely used by most of the people. But it is often in the turned on mode resulting in battery drain. The Bluetooth function searches for devices to connect with if it is in the on mode.

Same is the case with WiFi which searches for a network signal. So, whenever you are not using these features, turn them off and help save your battery power. You can also switch them off in places where there is no signal at all.

60. Reduce the brightness

Reducing the brightness level of your tablet can make the battery last longer. In the settings, go to the brightness and adjust the level which is just enough for you to see. There appears a slider which lets you do this on the tablet. If you have already selected Automatic Brightness, the slider will not be visible. Uncheck this option to see the slider. Set to a level that is comfortable to you. Your eyes will automatically adjust to the new brightness level.

61. Close unnecessary apps

Keeping a number of applications open is the most common ways by which battery power is used. Tablets have an option to see how much charge is used up by different features and apps. Go to the Settings – Battery option.

You can view a bar graph here which shows the different processes, app, and hardware that consume the most power. Usually, the screen uses a lot of energy to power the backlight. Close those that uses up battery endlessly.

62. Turn off Auto-sync

Your tablet has many services that automatically update to be in sync with the online servers. Examples include Facebook notifications, email alerts etc. Taking a lot of data from the servers results in battery drain continuously. To save energy, you can disable these notifications or even close these apps and services while not using them.

Over To You

I assume that you liked the discussion on tips to make the battery last longer. Basically, you must ensure that sufficient care is taken while handling the batteries. If regularly maintained, the battery life can be extended by a few years. Take the effort to clean the battery case and the batteries once in awhile.

This way you can identify if there are any faults with them. Further, it is highly recommended to reduce the load on the batteries. This saves a lot of power thus ensuring an extended life for your batteries.

What are your views on this? How do you ensure that your battery lasts longer? Do let us know in the comments.

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