Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR 12V Jump Starter with Air Compressor

Experiencing a dead car battery early in the morning could give you the worst start to the day. This could be due to an older battery or may be due to cold weather where the batteries usually show trouble in starting the vehicle. If we look out for all the ways of sorting out this trouble then the portable car battery charger could be the best option of all.

Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR is a great utility device which could be easily used all the time when the battery of your car is dead or not performing up to your expectations. The Clore Automotive came up with a really fantastic idea which is selling quite well in the market. The company introduced an incredibly good 12 Volt jump starter, which doesn’t only act as a power source for charging the batteries of the vehicles, but it could also be used for the purpose of inflating the tires of the vehicles. This is really a show-stopper product and you must give this review a good thorough read if you are serious about buying a quality jump starter.


  • Amps – The amps for a portable jump starter is a very highly valued thing. This jump starter from Clore Automotive gives peak amps of 1700and then cold cranking 425 amps
  • Technology – The equipment is loaded with the very versatile Proformer Technology for the battery which is excellent with its reliable cranking ability and incredible charging performance
  • Cables – The manufacturer of this jump starter introduced the product with extra-long cables which have a size of 68 inches each
  • Air Compressor – This is a unique 1 in 1 product which can also be used as an air compressor for inflating the tires of different types of vehicles. The air compressor of this unit is stuffed with a useful 12 feet coiled air hose which is facilitated with a screw-on chuck
  • 2 in 1 facility – It is the much loved equipment because of its 2 in 1 facility. The same compact and lightweight portable device offers you with the functionality of the jump starter and also it has an air compressor for inflating the tires of different vehicles
  • Convenience – Convenience is there in using this product, especially when you are charging the dead battery in your car and any other vehicle, then the extra-long cables of68 inches would bring great convenience to the task
  • Excellent Technology – Proformer Technology from the manufacturer is a tried and tested one. It offers users with reliable charging and the cranking abilities of the system
  • Peak performance - The device is able to produce peak 1700 amps which is reasonable enough capacity for such a product
  • Free Service Coupon –The maker offers a 1 year-long warranty and apart from this, a service coupon is also given with the package. The coupon can be used for a fixed value service for one time, after your warranty period has expired


  • The performance sometimes can be unreliable and inconsistent. The readings of the unit are not always accurate. You may or may not rely on what has been shown regarding charge being there
  • This portable charger is useful, but not useful enough when it comes to its weight. It is heavy and difficult to carry. Some people think this gadget is not a lightweight product as it should be and that’s why may not be preferred by the users
  • The battery of the system drains out very quickly, and you would find it surprising when you use it for quiet sometimes and it will be drained out completely


If you are looking for a utility product in the jump starter category, then this Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR device is for you. It could not only charge the batteries, but it could also inflate the tires of the vehicles. The long cables and the free servicing coupon make things quite fruitful for the user. But, the issue could be with its inconsistent performance and its slightly heavier weight.

Jump-N-Carry JNCAIR 12V Jump Starter with Air Compressor
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