Jump n Carry JNC300XL 900 Amp 12V Jump Starter with Light- Ultraportable

It is a norm to experience cars and other battery operated devices to give trouble in starting. The problem prolongs and can be very frustrating if you do not look for any suitable solution for it. There are a lot of jump starters available in the market, but all of them cannot provide you with the level of comfort that you demand. If you are looking for a quality device, then the jump starter model JNC300XL (Jump n Carry JNC300XL) could be a great choice by the Clore Automotive.

Let us look at some of its prominent features and also issue that would be there:


The features in any technological product are the main thing that the people look for and that also assist them in making the right decision. The following are the prime features of this JNC300XL jump starter:

  • Capacity – The starter has a capacity of 12 Volt operation. It provides users with a peak current of 900 Amps, and the cranking Amps of 225
  • Cables – The package is facilitated with the 27 inch cables of No.4. The full sized clamps are also there to penetrate any possible battery corrosion
  • Night work light – The Unique Selling Point of this jump starter is its on-board light facility which helps you to work in darker conditions as well
  • DC Outlet – The DC outlet port of this system could be used for powering all the 12 Volt accessories in the car

We Like

  • The equipment with all its great and exceptional features is very adequately priced. Affordability along with quality is awaiting all the potential users
  • The on-board light facility is superb to deal with the battery troubling issues in the night or darker conditions. This virtually eliminates to rely on any other light source to help you in the hour of need when there is no light
  • Most of the modern cars of today, even are having the 12 Volt battery so this could be the universal thing to have stored in your car permanently. You can charge all the in-car accessories with the 12 Volt DC voltage
  • The equipment weighs just about 9 pounds, which is light enough to carry it with ease at all the places where you move on the road in your vehicle. Managing it while operating is easy too, particularly with the top handle that it has for holding the unit
  • Each positive and the negative lead of the unit is 27 inches, which provide users with excellent reach to charge the batteries
  • The two most important advancements in this model is its energy conservation ability through optimized charging capability that would help you reduce the energy consumption. It also has the ability for automatic charging. Hence, there would be no issues if you let it connect to the AC charging port

We Don't Like

  • The system requires excessive maintenance to be done in order to make it perform well all the times
  • The element of unreliability is there where the equipment might just not perform as per the expectations
  • The design is not competent enough to use it in the congested places with ease

What customers are saying

Most of the customers say that it’s a lightweight, quick working and easy to handle gadget for anyone who needs a reliable car starter on the go.

The only complain stated by the users is the battery issue. With the passage of time the battery may or may not get charged properly and that may cause issues.


The jump starter from the Clore Automotive manufacturer has got a lot of advanced features such as the 27 inches long cables, 12 Volt output, 900 Amp current and the head light to support users at nighttime use. This gadget has all the feature people need to have in a jump starter. It’s a lightweight machine that can be handled easily without any problems.

In addition to this, it works like a spark and would give you an immediate solution to start your car without wasting any time. Its compact design makes the gadget easy to carry along, as told by one of the customer it can be carried in a shoulder bag or a handbag also. There are a few downsides such as its unreliability at times and maintenance hassles which raises a few concerns in the mind of the user.

But all I all the gadget is a dear companion for those who need a quick start for a car that just has stopped on the road.

Jump n Carry JNC300XL 900 Amp 12V Jump Starter with Light- Ultraportable
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