How to tell if your car battery is bad (Check your car battery)

How to tell if your car battery is bad? The most common problem that most of us have to face is that, or car starts going grumpy and we may think that the system has become stubborn that won’t start the car.

The actual reason behind your stubborn car that won’t start, unlock or light up the headlights can be the battery in your car. Though there could also be many other problems related to the car battery like, having a bad alternator , but if there is a bad battery you can surely figure out this problem with some of the most important and crucial signs which are apparent when you start your car or try starting it.

Let’s say you have an old car battery inside your car which is more than 2 years old and you keep on running it until it dies. The most important symptom that you should be aware of is that when you start your car and start driving your car may stop soon when you put on some accessories on. You may start it again, but it will stop after a while. This could be a clear sign that your battery will die soon.

So, let’s start exploring the various testing points that you will need to observe when you have a bad car battery and how you should diagnose the issues and see if there is a fault in the battery.

The locking –unlocking system won’t work

The first and very clear sign of having a bad battery in your car is that when you try to unlock your with a key, it won’t unlock and only the driver seat door gets unlocked. Or maybe when you try using a remote key to unlock the car and it won’t unlock. These are the clear signs of having a bad battery.

The battery is unable to take load on it

When you put in the starting key, the lights in the dashboard my lighten up, but as soon as you start your car, they go off meaning that your battery cannot take the load of giving sufficient cranking amps.

Cranking won’t work

When you try to start your car with the key, you will get a slight clicking sound, but it will not crank your starter motor. Or maybe it will be a slow start and will shut off soon. That means your car starter motor is not getting enough cranking amps to start the engine.

See the amps drop significantly when you start your car

If you want to see what is actually happening, connect a voltmeter to your car either through the lighter or any electrical accessory and see the voltage is around 12 volts or something around. But when you start the car, it will drop significantly either 10 or below it. This means that your car battery is unable to give the sufficient amps to start your starter motor.

How to diagnose if some of the cells are good and some not

When you look at the battery of your car, you will see it has 5 or 6 cells in it. There could be a condition when one or 2 of them are bad and not others. You may see that your car lights may turn on easily, you can turn on your car radio and other such accessories, but still the starter won’t work. It means that all these things may need amps, lower than that the starter motor needs and because of the few cells working, they may give enough amps to small electrical accessories.

Check the connectors

Check the connectors if they are clean and clear and have no corrosion issues. If there is corrosion it might be causing a weak current flow, so make sure they are clean.

Check the cables

Another issue could be weaker and worn out wires. You should be checking on the cables if they are in a good condition or not. The wires should be connected properly and should not have a damaged area to make sure the current gets to the motor and the alternator without getting wasted.

In case the wires and connectors are good, the alternator is good and nothing else is causing the issue, you will need to take the battery to the battery checking center and let them diagnose and advise you to replace or recharge your battery according to the condition of the battery you have.