How to Replace Battery Terminals

Your car can only run perfectly when you have got its engine and the power source connected together without any flaws in it. In case you have a perfect and well-serviced car with a tuned engine you may expect it to work as smooth as new but if your battery connections are damaged or have been corroded, then there will no use of a well-serviced engine.

You can not expect your car to get started without having your battery connected accurately. In addition to the starter motor problems and ignition, you may also see the deprived functionality of your car when you try to turn on your car headlights, the AC and the windshield wipers of your car.

Any issues in such functions either show that your car battery is not charged or if it is charged well, the corrosion has taken place in the terminal sections. In case your car battery has corroded connection terminals, you may either have to clean them if they are manageable or in case they are broken you will have to replace them with new ones.


Damaged battery terminals can cause loss of charge and will affect the functioning of your car. If you have got to replace the terminals, you can do it by following the following steps:

Step 1

The first thing you need to be sure is that your car is off and there is nothing in a function that may be drawing the current, just to make sure your car is off and you can safely remove the terminals without any effect on any of the connected parts.

After making this sure, you have to open the terminals with the help of a screwdriver or spanner as required. This will help you remove both the terminals one by one from the battery.

After removing the terminals, examine the wires that are attached to the terminals if they are in a good condition and are not damaged. To remove the metal connectors use the wrench or spanner to loosen the screw and carefully separate out the wires from both terminals or just cut off the wires close to the terminals.

Step 2

Cut off the wires a little to separate out the used part and uncover the wire to get new ends. You just have to remove the cover to the extent that is needed to set in the clamp easily. Now you have the new wire end ready to be inserted into the new terminal connector. Place the two wires of the ground terminal or the black on, into the clamp and tighten it with the help of a wrench or spanner. Make sure they are fixed properly and are not loose.

Repeat the process on the other terminal connector, which is red or the positive one to make sure both the terminals are fixed back appropriately.

Before connecting them, make sure that the battery terminals and the connectors are clean and clear from any debris or corroded layers which may affect the charge flow when the battery is in use.

To clean them, you can use the terminal cleaner or sand paper and make sure the battery terminal and the connecting clamp is clean and shiny clear from all the paint and corroded debris. After cleaning them up, you may connect them together. First, you need to put on the positive terminal and then the negative terminal. Again you have to keep them hold tight on the battery terminal in order to avoid discharging of the battery and sparking issues.


Make sure you cover the positive terminal with the rubber boot that is there always to keep it safe from getting in touch with any other wire or component to avoid electric short circuit.

Now, you can check the battery by turning on some of the accessories and your car or truck is ready to go without having any issues.

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