Battery Powered Cars For Kids (How To Make A Toy)

How to make Battery Powered Cars For Kids (Toy Car) using ordinary materials that will not cost too much nor be too hard to find?

  • Get yourself one of those small plastic bottles, like the ones Pepsi or another similar drink is sold in.
  • A blade that you use for crafting will be the next thing to get. This is quite a sturdy blade and not one of those thin types. A pair of scissors will also come in mighty handy.
  • Use the blade to cut off the top portion of the bottle, where it curves out near the cap.
  • Make even incisions along the plastic extensions of this cut away portion; use the scissors. You will be left with what looks like a flower in bloom or fan rotor, the plastic slightly spread to resemble this.
  • Give each ‘petal’ / ‘rotor’ a gentle twist. Do not break them. You are aiming to get a fan propeller design for this component of the toy car in progress.
  • Get yourself another bottle, this one medium-sized, and bigger/longer than the earlier one you used to make the ‘propeller’.
  • Glue a small snipped off portion of straw to the base of this bottle. Use that same straw and scissors to measure and cut another equal length of straw to glue near the top of the bottle where it curves out; near the cap.
  • Use four identical plastic bottle caps for wheels. Take a thin but firm length of wood, thin enough to slide through the two straw segments. At either end of the thin wooden stick, attach the caps by using the holes at the center of each cap. You have your wheels.
  • Push the wheels close, let a tiny stub of the stick remain, and cut away any extra lengths. You do not want your toy car to run wobbly. Glue the cap around the base of each straw end.
  • Take an unused hard drive, like the ones you might find at a used-electronics store. You need the cylindrical fuse inside such a device for use in your toy car. The fuse will swivel under the influence of a battery.
  • Remember the ‘propeller’? Gloop some glue on the black stem of the hard drive fuse and attach it to the cap still on the flower-bloom component you crafted earlier.
  • Add some glue to one side of the same fuse and stick it on the big bottle, which will serve as the car body. The bottle should preferably be squarish so the fixture can find strong footing.
  • Cut a section of the bottle’s middle area; cut parallel then down the middle. Leave attached the portions facing the cap and base. Slightly skew these up and you will have what looks like a windshield and cadillac-like back cover.
  • Snip away a small even portion of the flap facing the propeller so you have a rectangular stub that can support the seat you will make using cardboard. Insert the thing where needed. The other flap can be left as is. This was the cadillac-like back cover that is now serving as the toy car’s windshield.
  • Position the battery against the back stub you cut and let it connect firmly to the fuse and its two metal prongs through which electrical power will flow.

The fuse will turn and consequently turn the propeller attached to it. There is no off button; hold the car firmly lest it slip away. Let go when you need to and the car will ride like the wind, in a manner of speaking.

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