How to make a Hand Powered USB Charger

USB chargers are in use for quite some time now. And we can see that when a person has a smartphone or any mobile device from the similar category of products, there is always need to have a USB charger to connect to a power source to get charged. Every one of us has seen USB wires, chargers and power cables at home through which we connect our mobiles and tabs to the power sources, but have you seen a USB charger that is operated manually?

Let’s think about it and see how convenient is to make and use a manually operated USB charger that could be a handy gadget for you to use anytime or anywhere when you have no access to a proper power source.

Here is the simplest and easiest way of doing so with some of the basic things you may need to make the charger for your mobile devices.

Things you need

  • A spare CD
  • Two plastic bottle caps
  • Hot glue gun
  • 12 volt geared DC motor
  • A bottle straw
  • PCV board
  • 7805 Regulator IC
  • 100 microfarad capacitor
  • Female USB port
  • Soldering gun and wire
  • Connecting wires
  • A wooden stick


  1. Take the spare CD and make a small cut on the cover side of the CD. After that, put a piece of packing tape on the cover side of the CD and pull out the tape that will remove the cover. Remove the whole cover of the CD and ensure the CD is clean and clear with no debris on it.
  2. Put the bottle cap in the center of the CD and glue it by using the hot glue gun. Then stick the other bottle cap to the other side of the CD at the out periphery and fix it with the hot glue.
  3. Now make holes in both the bottle caps so that you can insert a wooden stick and the motor insertion stick into the holes.
  4. Take the 12 volt DC motor and it in the center hole on the CD. Put hot glue on the other side of the cap where the motor has been inserted. This will keep it in place.
  5. Insert a wooden stick in the other bottle cap having a hole at the periphery of the side opposite to the motor and also fasten it with the help of hot glue filled in the bottle cap.
  6. Take the PCV board and insert a 7805 regulator IC and solder it properly.
  7. Then insert a 1000 micro Farad capacitor at the input pin side of the IC and the 100 micro Farad capacitor on the output pin side of the IC. Solder and secure both capacitors and connect them by making the ground connection with the solder gun.
  8. Take the female USB port and insert it on the output side of the circuit and connect pin 1 and 4 with the output port of the IC.
  9. Connect the circuit to the motor that was prepared earlier through the input port of the circuit.
  10. Mount the circuit on the motor with the help of the hot glue.
  11. Now the USB charger is ready to charge your mobile devices. Connect the mobile through the cable to the USB port on the charger and start spinning the motor by using the stick we have on the CD.
  12. You can see the mobile will start charging within seconds.
  13. You just have to make sure you will be spinning at a consistent rate and this will create enough power to help you charge the mobile without having an electric switch nearby.


This could be an excellent solution for you to take along when you need instant charging support for your mobile devices and you may not be able to access a power source while on travel or a place having no electric supply. You can easily use it and stay connected wherever you go without getting into the trouble of having no battery juice.

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