How To Charge A Car Battery Using A Battery Charger

How To Charge A Car Battery Using A Battery Charger? Using one of the latest in digital battery charger technology, you can simply and readily charge your car’s battery at no hassle.

  • The readouts and labels on the digital battery charger reveal how much percentage/voltage it can charge at any given time.
  • You will also require the aid of the positive and negative terminals; as expected where battery charging is involved.
  • Keep both the car battery to be charged and the fresh digital battery on a sturdy flat surface, preferably a table.
  • Even though modern digital battery chargers are safe compared to how they were back in the day, it is still advisable to hold the terminals without letting them come in contact with one another, especially after you have inserted the AC plug and turned the power on. You do not want even an accidental shorting of circuits.
  • With digital battery chargers being sold for as low as $50, maybe a little more than that, you need not worry about spending through the nose for such everyday tasks.
  • Anyway, the display on the charger lights up, the device may even hum a bit, and shows it is ready to go.
  • It is now a simple matter of connecting the negative (black) terminal from digital charger to car battery. The same applies to connecting the positive (red) terminal to the car battery’s postive node. You clamp them where needed based on the (–) and (+) signs at the car battery’s nodes.
  • The charger display readout will obviously vary as you attach and detach these clamps. After all, current is flowing through them.
  • The digital battery has ordinary buttons and indications (most often LED based). For example, you will see a light on to indicate that the battery about to be charged is an automotive (car-based) one. Work with buttons only based on your experience, otherwise it is wiser to leave them at their standard settings.
  • The charger can display battery percentage or voltage. You can select the one you most prefer to see during this process.
  • You may also see amp settings indicative of the kind of battery being charged; motorcycle, vehicle, truck, etc. Nothing the manual will not help you understand and choose, if required. This amp matter is basically the digital charger’s charging rate.
  • Once you have all the settings straight, and the amount of current you need the battery to be chagred at, sit back ad wait. It is best not to rush this process.


If you reside in regions prone to cold climes, your vehicle batteries will die soon. This means more regular charging. Digital batteries are outstanding tools for automotive professionals and DIY-ers alike.

It might be an hour or so, maybe two, before the indicator will show about 99% charge (if you selected percentage as the display readout and not voltage); this is good enough. Turn the power off and remove the terminals. Install the battery back in the car.