Heavy Duty Battery Charger

When dealing with trucks, construction equipment, fleets, and other power machinery, heavy duty battery chargers are the only ones suitable to refuel their cells. Based on the type of electrical systems and their applications, different battery systems and configurations are called for.

The best way to consider these chargers is to understand how one of their several different products works. For this review we shall explore the Schumacher PSJ-4424 DSR ProSeries, a portable power until with a 4400 peak amps jump starter.

Charging Heavy Duty Batteries with the Schumacher

  • Capable of working ideally with 12-volt batteries, this charger automatically shifts its functions to ‘trickle’ charge when the receiving battery has reached full level
  • A self-reset circuit breaker adds to the convenience and ease of the handler who will certainly find this an energy-saving option
  • The battery leads are as long as 6’ 7” and the clamps are sturdy, and made after a standard design
  • Completely spark-proof, this Schumacher model has amazing risk cutting features

Downsides with the Schumacher

  • Buy it direct or online from the Schumacher brand. Third party sellers do not always give out the best stock, as customers themselves have stated
  • The Schumacher PSJ-4424 DSR ProSeries does not have a good ‘emergency start’ feature. Among them, this option is non negotiable

You turn to these devices when the big one is giving you trouble. If these too do not rise to the occasion, what use are they for high-end machine batteries?

Say you like golfing. Say your golf cart has a 6-volt battery in it that needs charging and you happen to it, not necessarily the Schumacher model we have been reviewing and referencing so far.

You cannot charge it because this charger works with 12-volt batteries. You need a lower compatibility for the golf cart. However, some golf carts are known to have two 6-volt batteries hooked in series +-+-. You can indeed use a 12-volt choice for those.

Other Alternatives

One product leaps to mind; there are of course others in its range...

  • The GP-3000HD 3000-Watt Heavy Duty Modified Sine Wave Inverter is essentially a battery in its own right that stores power for other batteries
  • With 3000 watts of continuous power lying dormant inside, you can use its four different AC outlets to plug the needed heavy duty battery in and get it juiced up
  • With something this powerful, the common question is often about safety. ‘Go Power!’ brands are renowned for making devices that can withstand or avoid being affected by under-voltage, overvoltage, and overloads


This product certainly provides ideal value for money and serves as a good example for future shoppers looking to land that ‘just right’ heavy duty battery charger. However, it is always advised to make a survey before zeroing on any one of them.

Heavy Duty Battery Charger
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