DIY Homemade Magnetic Wireless Charging Pad

Warning: It is advised not to experiment if you are not familiar with sorting out the polarities and delicate handling of mobile devices or you may not do it with a new, expensive mobile having a fully charged battery intact!

Having a Smartphone is not an odd thing and every one of us need one when we are out somewhere or on a travel. It is the only way to stay connected to your friends, family members and to your community. So, having it ready, to connect to everyone is important. For this you need to have a consistent power source so that you can charge your mobile whenever you need it get charged quickly.

But the fact is that you cannot have a power source everywhere. So it could be a great idea if you can get your phone charged using a wireless, magnetic charging pad. In case you are hearing about it for the first time, you may follow the following steps to get to know the process in detail.

Take your old mobile which you may use when you are out somewhere or have it as a spare mobile, and convert it into a magnetic charging mobile with a few simple steps you can find below:

Things you’ll need

  • A scissor
  • 4 magnets
  • Hot glue
  • Solder gun
  • Small pieces of wires

Important steps

  1. Take out the back cover of your mobile to expose the battery area of the mobile and after that make sure you remove the battery as well. Be sure that your mobile is not connected to any other accessory or charging port in any way.
  2. After removing the cover and the battery, remove some screws that keep the mobile’s internal structure safe. When you remove them you will be able to pull out the internal circuit or the whole internal structure in front of you to see through it.
  3. Find out the micro-USB charging port and check its polarities by using the Multimeter. You will be able to locate the positive and negative polarities very easily.
  4. Take small wires and connect them to the correct polarities as red with the positive and black with the ground pole. Solder the wires very carefully as if you don’t you may damage your mobile.
  5. Make two marks on the back of the cover having the port, connected to wires to take out the wires properly. You can make them with the help of a hot pointed string or a thin rod.
  6. In addition to these holes, you also need to have medium sized holes on the back cover approximately of the size in which you can fix in two small sized round magnets. You can do it by using scissors.
  7. Take out the wires from there and assemble the mobile with the wires pulled out carefully from the holes.
  8. Connect the two wires to the magnets you will be placing in the tow bigger holes. You will have to solder them carefully and never heat the magnets for long as it will ruin their magnetic capacity.
  9. Now your phone is ready to be charged via the magnet power bank made with other two of the same sized magnets.
  10. Take the two magnets you have and join them using a USB wire and fix on a foam board to give you a portable magnetic power bank or you can hot glue two magnets on your table to make a charging dock where you can place your mobile for charging.


Make sure you are able to sort the polarities and place the magnets in the correct positioning as you can see you can only place opposite poles overlapping each other otherwise it will be repelled so keep that in mind while making the dock. Also you need to use the solder gun carefully without overheating any of the components as the mobile and the magnets both are not too much adaptable to high heat and should be kept away from extreme heat for sure. In case you are not sure about carrying out the whole process, you should take help from expert who may know the technical aspects so that you don’t have to ruin your mobile.

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