How to charge your phone with a 9v battery

Charge your phone with a 9v battery? Your camping can turn to a total crappy adventure if your phone is out of charge and you have nothing with you to recharge it when you need. Though there are many things which have been introduced on the market to help you in this. But the fact is that most of the time we may forget to get the power banks with us, or we may not have planned to invest a little into such gadgets.

In such a case, you can be in a great trouble and might not think of finding a simple way out of the trouble.

So, you are in the same situation and need to get a quick help, you can make use of a 9V battery. A 9V battery is a common thing that people may have with them in their homes and may also carry while on travel because of the fact it can be used in flashlights and other portable accessories.

Here is a simple and very easy way to charge your mobile using a 9V battery.

Things you will need

Some of the things you will need to have with you, to prepare the charging port for your smartphone:

  • USB charging cable
  • Car USB charger
  • A rubber band
  • A metal coin
  • A 9V battery

How to do

At first, you just have to take the car USB charger (female port) and locate the metal ring on two sides of its posterior end. There you have to attach the metal coin with the help of the rubber band we have. Just make sure you tie the coin on the metal ring connector very carefully. This will help you connect the charger to the negative terminal of the battery.

Next, you need to insert the USB charging cable into the car USB charger. And connect the cable to the mobile as well. After connecting the cable to both components, you just have to put the car USB charger on the 9V battery from the side where we have tied the coin and it has a connector at the posterior extreme part.

Put the connecting part of the car charger on the positive terminal which is the smaller terminal of the battery and make sure the coin touches the negative terminal to complete the circuit. That is it, the connection is complete and you can make use of this simple trick to help you charge your mobile anywhere anytime while you are away from a charging port.

All you need to do is to keep the connection tight and firm so that the charging stream is not disturbed in any way. You can easily charge the smartphone if you have these little things with you. It will definitely save a lot of time and will keep you away from the awful situation of not having your mobile charged when you are on a travel or have to stay on the camping site.

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