Charge your phone in 10 Seconds

Charge your phone in 10 Seconds! Charging your phone is a daily routine task. You have to keep your phone charged, otherwise it will die anytime when you have no charging port available nearby.

Busy people, like students, managers, busy Moms, and businessmen may face lot of malfunctions due to the fact they often forget to charge their phone when at home and they come to know it when they are about to leave their home. Now what? You are going out and you see your phone battery has only 10 percent juice left in it.

If you put that on charging to make sure it is charged enough for the whole day, you may have to wait for several minutes or about half an hour and there nothing you can do.

People mostly find their way out by keeping a spare phone. But this will cost you more, will be a little hectic to keep both with you etc… and when you are not charging one phone, how come you will be having enough time to charge both of them.

So, to solve this issue and give you the best solution to avoid such an awful situation, here is a simple tip you can use to charge your smart phone in just 10 seconds. I bet you’ll love this trick!

Things you’ll need

  • A one meter coated wires piece
  • An aluminum foil roll, enough to wrap your mobile
  • You battery charger
  • And of course a smart phone you need to charge

How to do


Take the piece of the wire and start twisting it around your smart phone. Make sure you wrap it around your mobile properly so that it covers the whole surface of the mobile. Now the internal part is ready.


The next thing is to wrap the wire covered mobile with the aluminum foil. Make sure it is covered on all sides except the upper or the anterior end where the charging cable will be plugged. This will result in a casing from which you can either take out or put in your mobile easily.


Now make sure you put your smart phone inside the aluminum foil case, lug in the charging cable and let the mobile charge. Just wait for 10 seconds and you can now take of the charging plug.

That is it! You mobile will have around 80-90 percent more juice in it to keep your mobile going for the whole day.

This is the simple way to charge your mobile phone. Due to the fact the aluminum foil is a great conductor and will draw in the charge more quickly and will let you charge your mobile within seconds.


This is a great way to make sure you don’t have to worry about charging your mobile of an on. You just have to keep this little and simple gadget with you and you can charge your smart phone in just 10 seconds and you are ready to go. It is perfect for busy people who love to do quick tasks in a smart way.

In the not so distant future, we might get relieved of slow charging mobile devices. A team out of the University of Florida has already shown super fast charging batteries that last for up to a week.

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