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Replacement Car Battery (How To Guide)

Replacement Car Battery (How To Guide). The topic is simple, namely how you can go about replacing an old or bad car battery with a fresh one. You know a battery has fallen on hard times when you use tools like battery testers and voltmeters to gauge its efficiency and functionality and find that the numbers […]

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How To Test Car Battery With Multimeter

How To Test Car Battery With Multimeter? Batteries, like all mechanical components, can go bad. This is exactly why they need to be tested every now and again to see if they are doing alright. A multimeter (aka voltmeter) is the tool for such a task where car batteries are concerned. Symptoms of a bad battery […]

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What You Need To Know About Battery Chargers

Some people confuse maintainers with battery chargers. They are different in that a charger does not provide a consistent voltage whereas a maintainer can maintain, say, 13 volts. Chargers merely charge batteries. There are automatic options on some battery chargers that enable them to stop charging when they reach a pre-set point. Manual modes mean you […]

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How To Make A Charger From A Pencil

A lot of stories, or rather excuses, can be shared about why your cell phone died on you. Most probably, it ran out of juice and its battery went flat. How do you charge a phone battery especially when you have no immediate recourse to your charger plug but desperately need that phone to work? A […]

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How To Make A Battery Charger (12 Volt)

How To Make A Battery Charger? We are referring to a 12 volt 45 AH charger in this guide. If you can not afford a battery or feel like making one on your home is more fun or cost effective over the long term, this guide will teach you how. You cannot proceed without first figuring […]

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