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Flexible Solar Cells / Panels (Advanced Guides)

When installing solar energy systems, one of the most important parts would be the solar panel itself. This is the part that is exposed and usually placed on the roof. It attracts energy from the sun and converts it into electricity. When buying solar panels, you will be confronted with tons of options. Generally speaking, […]

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Discover How Car Batteries Work

Want to know How Car Batteries Work? The electric energy that batteries provide serves as another form of fuel to run cars. You need gas in the tank and a battery under the hood or your car just will not run. As obvious as that statement is, not to forget the importance of other components, […]

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Adding Distilled Water (Water For Batteries)

Adding Water For Batteries (distilled water). It is not as straightforward as it sounds. You may ruin a lead acid battery if you perform this guide improperly. See if your battery is dusty or dirty and use a dishcloth to clean without water. An air compressor will come in mighty handy to get rid of any […]

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How To Refurbish A Car Battery

How To Refurbish A Car Battery?. If your car battery is not functioning at optimum because it has a dead cell inside, you can indeed restore it instead of getting rid of the whole battery owing to safety concerns. If your battery is a 12-volt one, a voltmeter should show a reading of 13 or more […]

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What To Do With Old Car Batteries

What To Do With Old Car Batteries? There is replacement and then there is reconditioning. The latter is a means of salvaging a car battery (within reason, of course) and rendering it functional and ready for use.You start by checking the battery’s voltage; you can make use of a voltmeter to achieve this. As long […]

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How To Clean Car Battery Terminal Connectors

How To Clean Car Battery Terminal Connectors? If your car does not work as fine as it did yesterday, do not hasten to blame the battery. Sometimes the terminals can be faulty, preventing proper link-ups, which in turn could have led to your problem. How do you clean these terminals safely and adequately? Your primary problem […]

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