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How to Replace Battery Terminals

Your car can only run perfectly when you have got its engine and the power source connected together without any flaws in it. In case you have a perfect and well-serviced car with a tuned engine you may expect it to work as smooth as new but if your battery connections are damaged or have […]

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How to Recover Gold from Electronic Scrap

You must have heard of using the gold films in various components of latest computerized machines. Though the gold used in these components is merely a thin film coated on the PCB boards. But if you can see and try to collect the thin films from hundreds of such components it can give you a considerable amount […]

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How to make a solar phone charger

Solar technology has become far more advanced and sophisticated since it has started to perform in various different fields. It can be seen that Solar power is accessible and convenient and allows you to charge your daily usable items as efficiently as other power sources can do so. You can make use of the Solar energy for […]

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How to make a Hand Powered USB Charger

USB chargers are in use for quite some time now. And we can see that when a person has a smartphone or any mobile device from the similar category of products, there is always need to have a USB charger to connect to a power source to get charged. Every one of us has seen USB wires, […]

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Charge your phone in 10 Seconds

Charge your phone in 10 Seconds! Charging your phone is a daily routine task. You have to keep your phone charged, otherwise it will die anytime when you have no charging port available nearby. Busy people, like students, managers, busy Moms, and businessmen may face lot of malfunctions due to the fact they often forget […]

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