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LiPo Battery (Features, Types and Specifications)

If you are looking for the insightful analysis on the LiPo Batteries, this is the right article for you. It includes all the necessary details you need know before buying a LiPo Battery along with the guidelines regarding how to use it properly in order to get the optimum results from the LiPo Batteries. This article will […]

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Cr2032 Battery (Ins and Outs)

The electronic world is replenished with a thousand types of batteries. Starting from the button cells to the gigantic batteries to electrify the bigger systems, there is an ever growing size and shape of batteries in the world. This article discusses a particular type of a modern battery. Scientifically, it is known as the CR2032 battery. […]

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12v Rechargeable Battery: A good choice

Batteries are the backbones of our electrically synchronized world. These batteries are the primary sources of giving life to certain electrical equipment. Be it a small kid’s toy, a mobile phone or a complex machine like a robot or a drone battery are indispensable for them to do their thing. Without batteries, they are nothing more than worthless pieces […]

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Power Bank from Old Laptop Battery

How to make Power Bank from Old Laptop Battery? Power banks are most popular gadgets these days. Due to the fact, most of us are using smartphones, have to spend lots and lots of time outside, have busy routines and don’t get enough time to keep a check on the charging level of the phone […]

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10 Simple life hacks to make your life easier

Everyone loves to know some life hacks to make sure you are never burned out while performing simple tasks or may make your life easy and comforting with the same things you already have. Most of us feel like having no solution to some of our problems and to get the solution for our problems we […]

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Exide Technologies (Closure Process)

The closure process of any plant that deals with chemicals and hazardous substances is not a simple shut down process, rather it needs to be pre-planned, well organized into well defined steps and approved by the DTSC, the department of toxic substance control. We’ll be discussing the closure process with reference to the closed EXIDE facility […]

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6V Car Battery (Top Picks to Consider)

When it comes to car batteries, you will be confronted with a multiplicity of options, each with its own set of pros and cons. Among others, one of the most popular would be those with 6 volts. A 6V car battery contains three 2.1-volt cells and it is known for having a larger space per […]

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The Essential Car Battery Accessories You Need

To ensure the reliability of your car batteries, which is tantamount into being roadworthy of your vehicle, it is important to invest in the right one. You should find time to differentiate the different options to make the right choice. More than choosing the right battery, however, there is another important thing to keep in […]

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