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100ah Deep Cycle Battery (Deep diagnosis)

deep cycle battery

Back in the days, people used to do almost everything manually. From making clothes to building houses, everything was done mostly with hands. Tons of labor used to be working on a single task as there were no advanced machines to get the job done quickly. Labor employment was more as compared to what it […]

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12 volt battery charger for power wheels and toys

12v battery charger for power wheels

Power wheels are the modern name of the game when it comes to the children. Gone are the days when children played with the toys which used disposable cells or mechanical gears which used the potential energy gained by dragging them manually. Now is the era of playing with smaller sized vehicles which look no […]

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18v Black and Decker Battery (A detailed Guide)

Black and Decker 18 volt battery

Black and Decker is known for manufacturing various equipment all across the world. From smaller electric stuff, such as cells and batteries, to the larger appliances, the company is giving people a lot of thingsto buy. But here in this article, we have focused on the 18v black and decker battery – The one that you might […]

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Energy Saving (Possibilities through Solar Power)

This day and age, conserving energy have become a high-priority task. The dearth of fossil fuels and natural resources combined with its greenhouse gas emissions has left us all thinking about an alternative source of energy. What could be better than the Sun, which is the largest energy source in our solar system? Humans have been tinkering with […]

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Why Solar Energy (For Daily Life)

Before we investigate why solar energy is crucial to human lives, we’ll first know what this means? Solar energy is beaming heat and light energy generated from the sun in the form of radiations which is being used by humans from the Stone Age. Daily headlines in the news awake us with the alarming condition of our […]

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CR123 Batteries (Features, Pros and Cons)

CR 123 Batteries

Ever experienced confusion between buying a Lithium Battery like a CR123 Battery and other Batteries like AAA or AA batteries? This article will attempt to clarify all the Features, benefits, Pros and Cons of CR123 Batteries. We will start from the basics and will discuss all about what to consider before buying a CR123 battery and will […]

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