Brightech Car Jump Starter -Charger for the Electronics and Smart Devices with a Carrying Case

The jump starter devices are no more of an option to have it in your car or your garage. Rather, it is a mandatory thing which can save you from a lot of trouble and inconvenience when the battery of your car or any other vehicle drains out.It could restore the charge with great performance and would save you from the embarrassment of reaching late at your workplace or school.

A battery could become dead for a lot of reasons, but our primary intention here is to tell you about the a useful jump starter product which you can trust to have in your garage or at the rear of your car all the time. Brightech Car Jump Starter -Charger from the Brightech manufacturer is one of the top most products which hold a lot of value and convenience for the user. If you are serious about buying a quality car battery charger, then make sure to read this review till the end as it might be the one that you are looking for.


The following are the main features of this car jump starter device:

  • Performance – This portable charger comes with a long lasting battery of 44Wh which is capable of low self-discharge which can bring the dead batteries to life again. It requires a recharge in every 6months or so
  • Variety –The product can be availed in 4 distinct colors and you can trust this easily for giving a quick and quality charge to all types of limited size vehicles’ batteries
  • LED – This item is equipped with useful LED lights which can function as a SOS and the flashlight light. The SOS LED light can be used for sending the distress signals. The 5 LED blue lights can indicate you with the power which is still left after giving every jump start to your vehicle
  • Package – The package is equipped with the external power battery, LED light source, jumper clamp pair, 7 x USB adapters, 1 x USB cable, 1 x recharge cable and finally a useful carrying case as well
  • Capacity – This highly efficient jump starter comes with a weight of just 14 ounces and it has a life span of about 1000 cycles

Things We Like

  • Long Lasting battery-The battery of this system is long lasting with a value of 44Wh. The slow self-discharge ability is excellent for giving life to totally dead batteries several times and at the same time, very little power is consumed
  • Working in dark conditions – If you are looking to charge your battery at night or somewhere in the dark with no light source, then the LED lights would make the task a lot easier
  • Compatibility- The product is found to be really effective with the batteries of number of vehicles which includes the cars, RVs, SUVs, mini trucks and motorcycles
  • Electronic charging – You can use the equipment for charging the electronic devices such as the laptops, mobile phones and several other smart devices
  • Useful accessories – The package includes the useful accessories such as the charging adapters, jumper clamps pair, recharge cable, USB cable and a unique carrying case

Things We don't Like

  • Inability – It doesn’t work effectively or according to the expectations, if there is still some charge remaining in the battery
  • Explosion – The system needs to be regularly used or it requires maintenance to perform smoothly. If it is stored for long then the battery may explode if it is brought into use
  • Compatibility issues –The system might not be compatible with some batteries for no good known reason


Brightech Car Jump Starter -Charger is excellent equipment for charging a variety of vehicles. The LED lights, powerful features and the useful carrying case with the package makes it an amazing deal for the user. However, the unreliable performance and the chances of battery explosion raise a few serious concerns about this equipment. But still the jump starter along with its useful accessories and a variety of compatibility options you can consider this jump starter as a great companion along your way.

Brightech Car Jump Starter -Charger for the Electronics and Smart Devices with a Carrying Case
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