Bolt Power Battery Chargers

Bolt Power Battery Charger

The Bolt Power Battery Chargers / Bolt Power Jump Starter being a well known and trusted name in manufacturing high quality portable jump starters and battery chargers, offer reliable performance through compact well formed battery charging gadgets. If you look at the capabilities, these chargers provide excellent charging and jump starting facility to your vehicle even if the battery has gone dead. Also, the versatility of the connectors and adapter enable the user to charge and keep various devices running without any troubles.

Top 3 Rated Bolt Power Battery Chargers / Bolt Power Jump Starter In Reviews

Bolt Power K3 Mini Portable 400 Amp Car Jump Starter

This power K3 mini 4 amp portable car jump starter has got the power to make you feel easy while you are in need of an instant power source to jump start your car or charge your mobile devices. The chargers come with a wide range of connectivity and charging option for nearly all of your small portable devices. It is an excellent car jump starting gadget. It is capable of jump starting a car battery when it has gone weak or even when the battery is completely dead. The charger gives it a start and make it work again. It can jump start a car for up to 20 times when it has been charged fully for once. It is also very well equipped to serve you in any emergency conditions with the help of LED flashlight as well as strobe light and SOS light. Using these light you can give signals for help to any nearby source. The device comes in a very compact and sleek structure that can easily be put anywhere in your bag or car compartment. The wires used in the charge are of 8 gauge certified wires to ensure high quality and speedy current flow.

  • The charger comes in size 2 x 3.3 x 1.7 inches and weighs only 13.8 ounces
  • It is a 4 amp battery charger and has a power bank with 12,000mAH
  • It has complete protection functions against overcharge, short circuit, overload or over voltage
  • It comes with an error free structure and operational ability and also a 12 month warranty
  • It can remain active and retain its charge for up to 4 months without in use or being charged again
  • The SOS, strobe light can last for 120 hours
  • 12V gadget and Requires 1 lithium ion battery

Bolt Power D28 400 Amp Peak With 13600mAh Portable Car Battery Jump Starter

This Bolt Power D28 model jump starter is also another compact, sleek designed, battery charger and jump starter that is able to jump start the car battery as well as charge up a weak battery. It can also help you to charge your laptop and act as a mobile power station. There is also an option to choose between different voltages. It also has an LED light that can easily be used as a continuous light source or strobe and an SOS,light for emergency indication and help seeking purposes. It is a compact, portable device that can be easily carried and used whenever needed.

  • The charger has the capability to jump start a car for about 3000 times when it has been fully charged and can run until the complete juice of the battery has been used
  • It works as a 5 in 1 gadget for car battery charging, jumps starting, LED light, mobile charging and laptop charging purposes
  • It works well for various laptop brands and can connect to 7 various laptop devices
  • It is a 13600mAh power source and has 12,16 and 19 Volts DC outputs
  • It is a 4 ampere jump starter and requires a single lithium ion battery
  • It weighs 2.4 lbs and has a size: 6.5 x 1.5 x 3 inches

Bolt Power G06C Air Compressor Car Jump Starter

This Bolt power G06C car jump starter has a multipurpose functioning to offer. It is capable to work as car jump starter, battery charger, air compressor. It is a compact yet heavy duty battery charger and can work great for varied vehicles and small devices for charging purposes. The charger can be used easily through available connectors. You can connect a varied range of devices like laptops and smart phones to keep them charged while you are travelling. It can work at its best for about 10-20 times to jump start your vehicle for up to 10-20 starting boosts. It has the ability to protect itself from overload, overcharge and short circuit tp avoid any kind of over current damages on either sides. So, you can work without any worries. The charger works at 6oo amperes and the voltage value is 12V. It uses one lithium ion battery to operate all functions. The compressor has the ability to inflate all four tires of the vehicle you have and can help you do the task quickly and efficiently without any complicated settings.

  • The charger weighs about 1 pound and has the size of about 6.5 x 1.5 x 3.1 inches, which is quite compact and easy to handle
  • It can give you 10-20 jump starts when it has been charged at its full potential
  • It also has a bright LED light to help you in the dark. The light can function as a strobe light as well as a consistent light
  • The air compressor has 80 PSI power enough to help you inflate the tires easily
  • Compact and lightweight and can easily be carried without any hassles


The above given products by Bolt Power are three of the best battery chargers and jump starters in this category. The performance, capabilities and the power provided by these power chargers reflects the high quality functioning and provides excellent support to the user through quick charging jump starting and inflation function. It is capable of helping the user during long drives for a safe and hassle free travel.

Bolt Power Battery Chargers
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