Bolt Power G06 Portable 600 AMP Peak Car Battery Jump Starter

A car or any other vehicle battery can deceive you anytime. This could be due to any reason where your battery could be old and not able to store charge or it may be due to the weather issues where the battery is unable to perform up to its full potential. It can be a very frustrating time for the user, but there is something which you can do to save yourself from this frustration. The best thing you could do is to buy a portable charger which you can carry all the time in your car and can charge the battery wherever it is discharged and it will save you from the bigger problem. Now, the major problem comes that which type of battery and what brand to trust for the portable car battery charger. Well, the Bolt Power G06 Portable 600 jump starter is a very reasonable device and we will be discussing this product from all aspects to get a comprehensive insight into it.


  • It comes with a built-in 16.5K mAh power bank with the voltage capabilities of 12, 16 and 19 Volts DC output. A key switch is in place in order to choose between different voltage levels. The LED light is also therefor indicating about the charging status
  • The LED light on-board is used in 3 distinctive modes such as the high, SOS and the strobe mode
  • The jump starter device comes with a unique design which is lightweight and compact giving supreme ease in portability. Further, it is ranked as a heavy duty and a high performing charging, which is capable of giving a peak voltage of 600 Amp
  • The manufacturer has laid great emphasis on the protective features of this equipment. The protective features include the short circuit, overload safety, over current protection, overcharge protection and the over voltage safety features
  • The product is able to jump start any limited size vehicle battery about 10 to 15 times while given a single charge


  • The LED lights bring great benefit when the need is to use the equipment in the dark. It comes with useful 3 distinct modes and a separate LED light is also there for indicating about the charging status.
  • The device is heavy duty and known to give a thoroughly strong performance. Any product capable of jump starting a compact vehicle nearly 15 times with a single charge is considered to be the best one
  • The protective features are excellent which will save you from any concern regarding the inappropriate response of the battery which poses certain threats of getting an electric shock
  • The device is compatible with distinct voltage levels such as 12, 16 and 19 Volts and has a built in power bank of 16500 mAh
  • It is very unique in design with compact and lightweight structure, which will be easier for the user to carry and use


  • The charging cables have low quality clamps which are vulnerable to break easily
  • Some users have complained about the malfunctioning of the product where it shortened the entire circuitry of the car
  • The cables used are short in size, which sometimes are not convenient to use


The jump starter from Bolt Power G06 Portable 600 is a good one with its capacity, performance and versatility. The 3 LED modes are excellent and you would love it for its multi voltage capability. There are issues with the quality of the clamps which are of plastic material and tend to break easily. The cables are shorter in size and apart from this; you will not have much problem in using the equipment. You can rely on this jump starter for an easy start and a quick solution to your car starting needs.

Bolt Power G06 Portable 600 AMP Peak Car Battery Jump Starter
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