Best Vape Battery Reviews (Find Best 18650 Battery)

The primary element of your vaping device is the battery which provides power. In this era of sub-ohm tanks and 150 W vape mods, vape batteries should be able to generate good power. The best vape battery should possess the high capacity, good current rating, and the great voltage at the time of vaping apart from low operating temperature.

The 18650s comprise of rechargeable 3.4 Volt lithium ion batteries which are available in universally recognized standard size of 18 mm with a height of 65 mm. They are rechargeable and may be recharged between 500 to 1000 times before requiring replacement. The batteries last 2-3 years on average use and are built to be employed with high power devices.

The 18650 batteries have multiple uses, and quick improvement in technology has further expanded its use, particularly in wireless communication and recreational devices, like digital media streamers. Since 2012, laptops and flashlights constituted the fastest developing market for use of 18650 batteries. Consumers also find it to be wonderfully suited for e-book readers, digital cameras, robots, power-tools, vaporizers, electric vehicles and digital camcorders. The cost of manufacturing an 18650 battery has fallen from $10 for 1500mAh twenty years ago to its present cost of $2 for 3000mAh. The drop in the cost of each kilowatt hour is enabling fresh applications to utilize the technology, boosting its demand.

Top 5 Best Vape Battery in Reviews

Panasonic NCR 18650B Super Max 3.7V Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

These batteries are perfect for a range of electronic gadgets which require maximum energy battery with minimum weight. They are manufactured in Japan by Panasonic and built to carry a cycle life of nearly 500 cycles. The Panasonic NCR 3.7V batteries supply till 90% performance over the initial 400 cycles and have a maximum current discharge of 6A.

The Panasonic battery is lithium ion battery with 3400mAh capacity and a rated voltage of 3.7V. They are created to function in various vaporizers and can also operate in different electronicsgadgets requiring flat top batteries.


  • The Panasonic battery is extremely difficult to clone due to is extra high 3400 mAh rating
  • The batteries are excellent at low as well as higher current
  • They are unprotected cell, so the protection does not trip
  • The batteries have high capacity, great density, and extended service life


  • The Panasonic battery is highly expensive
  • It has comparatively low power generating below 10 amps of power

Eastshine E35 3.7V 3500mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries

The Eastshine E35 battery has superb internal safety protection and external safety protection to ensure worry-free use. Eastshine E35by Seiko Instruments Japan IC protects automatically against overcharge, over-discharge and short-circuiting. The two ends have a Nickel-plated Protector to ensure resistance against high impact activities. The battery has Injection-molded Protection circuit which ensures high security. The durable film protects against abrasion. The 3500mAh capacity of Sanyo is 67% more than popular 18650 cell. The battery’s 10A output is suitable for different types of high-drain gadgets.


  • The 3500mAh Eastshine battery has true capacity
  • The battery fits superbly in most lights
  • It includes free carry case
  • The battery has superb quality, being well built and constructed from premium cells


  • It is extremely slow to charge

Samsung INR 18650-25R 2500mAh li-ion power cell

The Samsung 25R carries agreat performance extremely stable cell. This cell is best if you are seeking genuine high amperage performance in nice size. It is inexpensive, as it is produced in bulk. The battery has a nominal capacity of the2500mAh and nominal voltage of 3.7V which functions quite well with nearly any application ranging from strong outdoor flashlights to household devices and equipment. The batteries are among Samsung’s most selling modern batteries in the market presently with each cell weighing 45 g.


  • The Samsung INR battery does not require PCB protection
  • The stable INR chemistry of the battery is safe for smoking and vaping devices
  • It has high energy density rating
  • Excellent for powering Vaporizers, Electronic Cigarettes, and Vape Mods


  • The Samsung 25R battery sags slightly more under heavy continuous loads

LG HG2 18650 Battery, 20A, 3000mAh

It is amongst the best new cell and hashigh amperage of continuous 20 amperes. The LG HG2 batteries have a constant voltage of 4.2V. They have a fast charge and their maximum charge current is 4000mA. It weighs 47g and has a large capacity of 3000mAh. It has a moderate running capacity and a better voltage.


  • One of the popular cells in the market
  • Holds 3000 mah of power when completely charged
  • Long lasting battery for the box mod
  • Safe for vaping


  • More expensive compared to other cells
  • New enough and yet to prove itself

MXJO 18650 2500mAh Drain Battery

These are the latest version of the MXJO Safe chemistry LiMN 3.7V batteries in a different 35A 18650 2500 MAH dimension. The 18650 2500mAh is aflat top, rechargeable battery and can manage high amperage. They can be used securely in series. They can be charged with a 4.2Voutput LiIon battery charger. The battery has a maximum discharge current of 35A and a cycle life of 300 cycles. Their working discharge temperature ranges from -10 to 60 degrees C


  • It has a capacity of 2500mAh and a nominal voltage of 3.7
  • A good balance between high mAh and greater amp rating
  • The MXJO’s comprise amongst the least expensive batteries
  • They retain their charge for hours even when used at varying power settings


  • They function at an average on high wattage vape mods

Quick Analysis

The reduced cost renders the 18650 battery favorite among electronics consumers. Its durability and great performancemakes it best for home and office use.

While buying batteries, pay attention overtheir longevity and running temperature besides their energy density.The following parameters should also be considered while selecting the 5 best vape batteries,

Purpose Usage

The Panasonic NCR-B is the market leader in providing heavy capacityvape batteries at 3400mAh, providing it the highest power density though the Eastshine E35 exceeds it at 3500mAh. If you are comfortable with low wattage at the time of vaping, Panasonic is the best battery due to its massive capacity. However, if you want pure big amperage performance at a modest size of 2500mAh, the Samsung 25R is perfect. The LG HG2 employing the latest technology to build a battery with agreat capacity of 3000mAh and high amperage of 20 amp continuous may prove to be the killer to Samsung 25R. The Samsung 25R performs well with nearly any appliance from outdoor flashlights to domestic gadgets and equipment.

The MXJO 2500 mAh operates perfectly with any vaping device and electronic gadgets like flashlights. The LG HG2 can run in a variety of different mods and is the best battery for sub ohm vaping and best for any variable voltage or alterable wattage mod.


The LG HG2 battery furnishing a 20A maximum continuous discharge while supplying 3000mAh capacity features among the finest vaping batteries for sub-ohming. The market leader brand Panasonic is high end with its enormous capacity. It is the ideal battery for vapers who do not require high wattage during vapes. The Samsung 25R is the finest battery for vapes and mods with the excellent mix of 2500mAh capacity and power of 20A maximum continuous discharge. It has a certified track record and regarded safe to be utilized for high pulse applications. The Eastshine E35 has the highest average review rating among all battery brands and is promising as well.

The Chinese brand MXJO is the least expensive amongst other vaping batteries and has a lesser life cycle of 300 cycles. It is a rewrapped battery with its individualcustom branded PVC tube. Theyare not actual manufacturers and rewrap cells with their brand name and logo.

The HG2 3000mAh from the brand LG is a high-quality cell and its battery has both a huge capacity of 3000mAh and high amperage of continuous 20A which is a good rating.


The Eastshine E35 battery has a superb 4 sets internal safety protection and 3 sets external safety protection and automatic protection against overcharge. The Japanese brand Panasonic is among the best providers of 18650 batteries. It performs well in low as well as high-temperature conditions and carries a capacity of 3400mAh and rated voltage of 3.7V. The Samsung25R is a high performance and highly stable battery and with anominal capacity of 2500mAh and a voltage of 3.7V caters to any device from outdoor flashlights to household devices.

The 3000mAh LG HG2 is an exciting latest cell that applies the latest technology to build a battery with a large capacity of 3000mah and a high drain constant current of 20 A. They also do not get hot and maintain an operation temperature of 0 -50 degree C for charge and -20 to 75 degree C for discharge.

The flat top MXJO 2500 mAh have a maximum discharge current of 35 A which is considered safe for sub-ohm vaping.


The Panasonic NCR-B can last twice longer than numerous brands within its class with output capacity of 3400mAh and 3.7V. These batteries are famous for their outstanding performance and manufacturing quality. The Samsung 25R is thehigh-quality battery for E-Cigs and Vapes with anultra-high capacity of 2500mAh and secure and steady performance with its INR chemistry.

The wrappings of MXJO rechargeable 2500 mAh are finely made for durable performance. There is no voltage drop from the battery and it comes with a product warranty. The LG HG2 3000 mAh has a decent current rating and contains three markings b, A and 1 which are quality control markings and probably batch recognition codes.

Easy to Use

The Panasonic NCR-B provides asuperb continuous power source to deviceswith high performance. They can be recharged up to 500 times and equipped with protective plate design to extend lifespan. It's unprotected size and flat-top buildaccommodates into one-cell use device. The Samsung 25R has a comparatively long battery life and can sustain numerous charges without decreasing overall power.

The MXJO 2500mAh can function well with any vaping device and electronic devices and can retain their charge for alonger duration. The LG HG2 maximizes both capacity at 3000mAh and amperage and is perfect as high drain battery.


An 18650 battery comprises a set of chemicals within a shielded steel case. Batteries can furnish one of either high capacity or current. Battery technology is unable to fit all capabilities into a single mini 18650 battery. If you require ahigh current marked battery, you have to compromise their capacity and likewise if high capacity is your requirement, then you have to opt for a lesser current rating. More Amps mean lower Ohms and bigger clouds and a secure vaping.

Based on high capacity and ampere and an adjustment between the two, we have opted for these among the 5 best vape batteryPanasonic NCR is the best maintenance-free battery for consumers due to its high density and prolonged service life. The INR chemistry of Samsung 25R with its 3.7 Volts makes it an ultra-high-quality battery with a steady performance. Regarding the capacity rating the 3000mAh LG HG2 battery should be lasting longer than the 2500mAh 25 R capacity Samsung.

Best Vape Battery Reviews (Find Best 18650 Battery)
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