Best Motorcycle Battery Reviews (Top 4 Best Rated)

Without batteries, our lives would not have been so charged up as they are now. Charging up a battery has become almost like eating our daily food. Almost everything that has been invented needs a battery to run. Coming to vehicles, technology has advanced at such an insane rate that it has created electric cars and bikes. But as everything needs to draw power from something to function, bikes also need the best motorcycle battery to run. And as every battery has power to a limited extent, they need to be replaced after a while. The requirement kicks in and bikers go in search for the best motorcycle battery their bike requires.

Why Do We Need To Get The Best Battery For Our Motor Cycle

When you turn the key of your bike and press the start button not once but several times seeing it not starting up, time has come for you to procure yourself a new motorcycle battery. The battery is an essential element in the bike. It ignites the fuel which makes the vehicle run. Batteries get discharged because of three simple things:

  • Functioning of the bike
  • Battery remaining idle for a very long time span
  • Bad quality of the battery

Therefore, we need to get the best battery for our motorcycle.

What Kind Of Battery Is Best For Our Motorcycle

The things we have to look into while buying a battery are varied. Try to find answers to your questions:

  • First, we have to look at the type of battery that fits into your bike. The dimensions are really necessary for the battery to fit into your bike
  • Check if your requirement is for high-performance batteries or normal long lasting batteries for common daily rugged use
  • Also, one must buy batteries according to weather conditions in their area of living. Chargeable and non-chargeable batteries are also an option one should be looking at
  • Check if you would be comfortable in charging the battery daily or just wants to fit it and shut it
  • Lastly, you should be looking at the life span for which the battery can run

To make your task easier, here we have compiled a list of 5 best motorcycle batteries that would help you cut the chaos.

Top 4 Best Motorcycle Battery Reviews

HDX30L-Harley Davidson Replacement Motorcycle Battery

The battery is made in the United States of America and it is produced by Throttle Batteries. Its length, width and height are as follows:

  • Length- 6 5/8
  • Width – 53/16
  • Height- 6 7/8

It weighs 23lbs.It has new stainless steel bolts which are included in the battery. It has a heat sealed cover and also patented solid lead female threaded terminals.


  • It is maintenance free and can be installed readily without any problem
  • It is also fully charged battery
  • It also has AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) of non-spillable sealed technology


  • The same quality and power as Original Equipment Battery of 400 CCA and 26 AH
  • Can only be used with Harley Davidson

Battery Tender Btl14a240c Lithium Battery

Battery Tender Btl14a240c is yet another battery that you can choose to go for. With the weight of 25 pounds, the battery has dimensions of 5.3 inches length, 3.6 inches width, and 2.5 inches height. The battery is provided with a quad terminal design. It provides a voltage of 12 volts. It can be used for all vehicles including marine vehicles, off-road motorcycles, street cruiser motorcycles, street motor-scooters, street sports motorcycles, street touring motorcycles, and other utility vehicles.


  • It has the capability to fit into all battery boxes using enclosed foam blocks
  • It is safe and has no liquid
  • Unlike acid batteries which get worn out easily, these batteries last five times longer


  • The battery can not be folded
  • It should just be properly handled

YTZ12S Z12S Lithium Ion Sealed Battery

This lithium-ion battery is one is one of a kind because of the very fact that it is one-third the weight of a lead acid battery. It weighs almost around 2.1 pounds and feels like an empty plastic box. The company assures that the dimensions of the battery would be the same as of our normal battery. But if there are any problems regarding the dimensions, spacers are provided by the company to help customer fit the battery perfectly. Also, the company assures no maintenance will be required for a year.


  • Sealed battery and therefore customers don’t need to be worried about any spills or leaks like that of lead acid batteries
  • It is very light weight
  • It is very eco-friendly battery
  • Recharging it will never be an issue because of the fast charge feature


  • It doesn’t operate under 35 degrees

YTX12-BS High-Performance AGM Motorcycle Battery

Unlike all other lithium ion sealed batteries, this one is a sealed AGM type lead acid battery. The AGM design makes it all the leak proof and spill proof. This battery is far more economical than the others. Dimensionally this battery won’t disappoint you as the company provides you with foam spacings to cover up the extra space. The battery comes with a full charge from the company. It has a 13.3 voltage when it comes from the factory. It is extremely vibration resistant and therefore can bear with you and your bike on rugged terrains.


  • Manufactured with lead calcium alloy and mat glass technology, it allows the battery to deliver a high performance
  • Excellent customer support
  • Vibration resistant


  • Being a lead acid battery, it will tend to discharge after rugged use
  • The screws provided with the battery are very small in length making it difficult for the buyer to pitch the screw in firmly

Factors to Consider to buy Best Motorcycle Battery

Now that you have looked the best motorcycle batteries, it is the time to choose one among them. For buying the best battery for your motorcycle, you need to keep in mind a few things such as

Purpose of use

You always need to consider the purpose for which you are purchasing the battery. Either you want a battery which can work for a long period of time without any discharging in between like the YTZ12S Z12S Lithium Ion Sealed Battery. Or you want a battery for your motorcycle which can deliver reliable high-performance like the HDX30L-Harley Davidson and the YTX12-BS High Performance .Different batteries support different bikes. Therefore, you should never buy a battery without looking into the details about the dimensions, the required voltage, the required CCA and lastly the weight of the battery.


If you are looking to buy motorcycle battery from the best brand, the most branded and popular among pick would be BATTERY TENDER BTL14A240C. The next is the HDX30L-Harley Davidson. Although it is only used to fit into Harley Davidson bikes but somehow people can manage to fit it into specific kind of bikes. YTX12-BS High-Performance battery is also next which lives up to its brand name. It is a popular AGM sealed battery with lead calcium alloy that spurts out high performance. Last in a row is the YTZ12S Z12S Lithium Ion Sealed Battery. This battery being a lithium ion one is spill proof.


The HDX30L-Harley Davidson is maintenance free and can be installed readily without any problem. Coming fully charged from the factory, it is just a fit it and shut it type. Having an AGM sealed technology (Absorbed Glass Mat), it is completely spill proof. All these cases are also common for the YTX12-BS High-Performance battery. Coming to the YTZ12S Z12S Lithium Ion Sealed Battery and BATTERY TENDER BTL14A240, they have sealed lithium ion batteries as the names suggest and don’t contain any lead acid. Therefore, there is no tension regarding spills. Both are almost of the same weight and delivering the same voltage.


Coming to quality, it is a tough one to compare between these four heavy duty batteries. Quality can be judged on the basis of the guarantee and warranty the company offers. HDX30L-Harley Davidson battery and YTX12-BS High-Performance battery come with warranties. Both are lead acid batteries. They are made of high-quality AGM technology to make them spill proof. Heavy duty terminals are also added to make them more vibration resistant to increase their quality.

Ease of use

Lithium ion batteries and lead acid batteries always have the difference between them. Lithium ion batteries are known to give the most durability and capacity and are free of spilling. On the other hand, lead acid batteries can deliver high performance but there is always a fear of spilling. Therefore BATTERY TENDER BTL14A240C and YTZ12S Z12S Lithium Ion Sealed Battery are easy to use because they don’t contain any acid, are durable and are chargeable. Whereas HDX30L-Harley Davidson and the YTX12-BS High-Performance battery deliver high performances but do not offer high durability. Also, it is a tough job to fit these batteries because of their dimensions. Hence they are a bit difficult to use.


To conclude, you really need to look into various factors before buying the best battery for your motorcycle. Bring into consideration various factors that play a tremendous role in determining the life of battery, durability, size, and spillage and so on. After taking into account all the factors, the best battery for your motorcycle that we have chosen would be BATTERY TENDER BTL14A240C without any doubt. Coming with a great build, this battery is a beast and being a lithium ion based, this is also spill proof. Therefore just fit it shut it and forget it!

Best Motorcycle Battery Reviews (Top 4 Best Rated)
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