Best lr41 battery Reviews (Interesting Facts of Buying Guide)

Do you have watch that needs a battery replacement? Did you ever try to find out what that button shaped battery is called? It is known as lr41 battery and sometimes is referred to as 192 cell. If you are really into batteries, then this post is for you, read it with care.

What is lr41 battery

The best lr41 battery reviews should not go without discussing what these batteries are all. In short, these are metallic, non rechargeable and are made with alkaline batteries. Usually come with a thickness of something around 3.6 millimeters and diameter measures around 7.9 millimeters. It has a capacity of producing 45 milliamp with 1.5 volts of power.

What devices use lr41 battery

Since these are so small in size, it seems they are perfect for watches, mini devices, electronic toys, glucose monitor, calculators and handheld games.

Why lr41 battery is important

These are important because they are needed in devices that need high performance with slow self discharge. Hence devices like hearing aids, pen flashlights and watches require them the most. This means they can provide long service to these devices by ensuring slow discharge.

Top 5 Best lr41 battery Reviews

Maxell Watch Battery Button Cell LR41 AG3 192 30 Batteries

This is a pack of 30 alkaline batteries of superior quality that can power CMOS, organizers, car remotes, security alarms, calculators, cameras, watches, toys, heart monitor, insulin pumps and laser pointers. Each battery is if 1.5v capacity and have a huge life. The batteries weigh much less than 0.8 ounces and they come in a packaging that bears the company’s hologram.


  • Very reasonably priced and comes in a pack of 30
  • Quite powerful and can power a variety of devices
  • Have a very good life and so they last for a long time


  • A few customers who have complained about the life of these batteries

10 of AG3/LR41 Alkaline Button Cell Watch Battery

This is a pack of ten Alkaline batteries of 1.5volt capacity. These can be used to power devices like laser pen, flashlights, PDA, calculators, toys, camera and watches. These batteries are extremely light weight and are under 0.32 ounces. In other words the battery can power up any electronic device that uses this battery.


  • Quite lightweight as it is just about 0.32 ounces
  • Sold in a tight packaging with the company’s logo on it
  • The price is very reasonable
  • The battery life is well above the average
  • Guarantees replacements if any defect is detected in the product
  • The batteries fit into the gadgets really well


  • A few people have complains about the slow customer support and that has got nothing to do with the batteries. If you talk about the quality, you will not get to see much about it

10 Energizer 392/384 Multi-Drain Batteries (LR41)

This pack of 10 Energizer batteries is just perfect for powering medical device, stopwatches, calorie counters, pedometers, sporting goods, LED lights, pet collars, door chimes, games, toys, door openers, electronic organizers, PDAs, calculators, computer mother boards and watches. So you see these batteries can fulfil your every need. These batteries tend to last longer than other similar products that are sold in the market. Due its wonderful performance these batteries have already become hot selling items in the market.


  • Have a good life even on those devices that tend to consume a bit more
  • Put through a good quality check before being sold in the market
  • The packaging comes with the original logo of the company
  • Extremely light


  • In order to stay away from problems, you have to ensure that you buy authentic batteries from retailers or shops of your choice. You can also place an order online to get genuine products from leading retails sites

100 AG3 392 LR41 Alkaline Batteries SR41 Button Cell (10 pack of 10. 100 total)

A pack of 100 divided into ten packs containing ten batteries. These batteries can power up virtually any devices like clocks, watches, flashlights, medical devices, PDA’s, television remotes. The performance of these batteries is much above average and they last ten times more than the others. They are designed to fulfill your every need in terms running important gadgets in your household. The batteries are standard size and are compatible with most electronic devices.


  • Very light weight
  • They come in an airtight packaging with the price and company logo printed
  • These batteries have a very good life and last for very long


  • Used by brands like Fossil, Casio and Swatch, people have complaints like these don’t work properly

LOOPACELL AG3 LR41 392 1.5V Alkaline Watch Battery x 20

A pack of 20 batteries is a real deal because you get 20 batteries for low price. What more can you expect? These certainly are not that easy to be found in the local markets. In addition to this, these batteries are good for organizers, computer equipments, remotes, toys, watches and calculators. Moreover, the reviews speak for them, making these batteries an authentic set to vouch for.


  • Expect to get power packed performance from these button cells because they provide 1.5 volts of electricity
  • Can use them for household decoratives as well


  • Need to buy them from a genuine online retailer

Analysis for Buying

Here is a small guidance that will help you decide on the most suitable of lr41 batteries by reading best lr41 battery reviews.

Purpose (Usage)

This should be the first thing that you need to think about considering this is to be the most important aspect. The Maxell Watch Battery Button Cell is a product that is good for toys, calculators and remotes. Again, the Alkaline Button Cell is ideal for watches, PDA, camera and laser pens. Next in line is the Energizer 392/384 Multi-Drain Batteries is considered ideal for pet collars, pedometers and other sporting items. Okay now, the Alkaline Batteries SR41 Button Cell is regarded as mother of all because they are trusted by brands like Swatch, Casio and Fossil. Mainly, the Alkaline Button Cell Watch Battery is believed to be good for consumer electronic products, camera and toys.


Clearly, Maxell Watch Battery Button Cell and Energizer 392/384 Multi-Drain Batteries win this battle when it comes to brand names. However, Alkaline Batteries SR41 Button Cell is the trusted one by brands from various other industries. It is their first choice, whereas, Alkaline Button Cell Watch Battery and Alkaline Button Cell are no different than the aforementioned ones. Brand here does not only indicate the brand of the batteries but also of those who put trust into them. What more can be talked about these batteries is the long lasting performance that they are capable of delivering. Nothing much needs to be spoken here as the rest is self explanatory.


In this section mention has to be made about Maxell Watch Battery Button Cell, Alkaline Button Cell Watch Battery, Energizer 392/384 Multi-Drain Batteries, Alkaline Button Cell and Alkaline Batteries SR41 Buttton Cell that all of them live up to the expectations. They can run watches, laser devices or toys to full capacity. These often last long if kept under proper maintenance and can be deemed as highly functional batteries. All these batteries are easy to store and buying them from online retailers can prove to economic. You can buy them in bunches as per your requirement that will help you in the long run.


Look the Maxell Watch Battery Button Cell and Energizer 392/384 Multi-Drain Batteries are authentic names in this line of discussion. They belong to the most famous battery brands. There is no doubt that Alkaline Button Cell Watch Battery and Alkaline Button Cell are also quality products. On the other hand, the Alkaline Batteries SR41 Button Cell is trusted by major brand names that make it tough to take sides. The call is yours and you are the best judge to decide on a battery of your choice without much of thinking. You can simply go for the branded ones or choose the one that is trusted by others.

Easy to Use

All these batteries are easy to use and you have to know how you want to do that. You can simply put a button cell into a toy and test its power. Then you can insert it into a watch or more sophisticated a device for more. Yes, but you need to know which socket to use the batteries in order for them to work. Installing them properly certainly matters a lot because this way you ensure the smooth functioning of a device and its peripherals. These button cells are no exception to this rule. Know what you are doing to ensure smooth operation.

What is lr41 battery equivalent

Is there any lr41 battery equivalent? The answer to this question is yes, there are quite a lot of equivalents to the lr41 battery. Equivalents include G3, LR736, LR4192, SR41, AG3, A63, GP192, SR41SW, 384, 325, 392, SR736, LR41, SB-A1/D1, V384, 280-18, D384, 247, SR736PW, S736E, SR736SW, SR41W and TR41SW. If you are thinking about what type of battery is this, then you must be told that it is silver oxide. It has the capacity to produce 1.55 volts of power and is alkaline by nature.

What more can you expect from a pocket size product? These are high performance batteries that go a long way with little care and no they do not demand much of your time. If you are confused, then we would request you to read through the rest of this post for best results. Need we say more? You can get a fair idea by reading through the rest of this conversation in details.

What do you mean by lr41 battery cross reference

Sometimes referred to as LR736, 192, L736, GP192, 392A, 92A, 384, 392, L736H and many more, these button cells do well as when out into watches, toys, electronics like remotes or thermometers. Some can last for years, and some for couple of months. On an average these are capable of producing 41mAh or 1.3 to 1.5 volts of power.

These are light in weight batteries that are circular in shape. No, don’t judge a book by its cover and this holds very true for these batteries. These may look small but are equally powerful and can outperform any standard battery without a second thought. You can try any type you want to but make sure that the one you are trying is backed with brand name or with quality. Many best lr41 battery reviews will not talk about all this but we thought this was important to share with our readers.

What is lr41 battery replacement

Talking about lr41 battery replacement is nothing new because, these batteries need swapped from time to time. Some may last for years and some for months, you still will have to substitute them because these cannot be recharged. The saying goes that silver oxide is a better option to choose because it can last longer. In addition to this, it has to be explained that you should opt for mercury free batteries that are safe and leak free.

Moreover, you can buy these from leading online retailers to make your life easy. You may get time to time discounts and can even store a bunch of them. Why would you buy a bunch of them? The logic is simple, in this gizmo era, you are bound to have a couple of gadgets that run on these like your wrist watch, a digital thermometer or a toy of your little one. You don’t want these to drain out for sure. Isn’t it so?


As a matter of fact, this review of the will be considered incomplete if we do not mention that you can buy them from local store, drugstores and even online. In fact, purchasing them online can help you get discounts at any time of the year. Out of all the above the Maxell Watch Battery Button Cell seems to be a popular option and we would also like to go with based on such data in this review.

Additionally, you can stock up a little on these tiny batteries as you may need now and then especially if you have kids. Not only this, you can even get branded ones in the inventory of online retailers that can make a huge difference as they have better shelf lives without a doubt.

Best lr41 battery Reviews (Interesting Facts of Buying Guide)
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