Best Lawn Mover Battery Reviews (Find Best battery for your lawn mover)

During the season of springs, one of the biggest problem for lawn owners is to get the best lawn mower. Despite using petrol, oil or gas mowers, battery powered lawn mowers is a brilliant choice. Cordless mowers are in the market today for a while, but these days it is the lithium-ion batteries that are making the difference. You just have to charge the battery, press the start button on a cordless lawnmower and cut your grass with quiet and clean energy.

Lawn mower batteries are those pretty inventions which not only help you in cutting the grass better but also work for an extended time. As now you have made a brilliant environment-friendly choice by buying a cordless lawn mower, you must be looking for the best lawn mower batteries. To cut out from the gas and petrol troubles, these lawn mower batteries come along with benefits like no noise pollution, cost savings and more importantly, they are easy to use.

Lawn mower batteries save you from all the stuff like dragging an extension cord around your yard, no big trouble of petrol and gas, because cordless electric mowers use lithium or lead acid batteries that produce the various amount of voltages. Cordless batteries hold their charge longer than ever, and some can be recharged more than 500 times.

Although there are so many manufacturers claiming to be the best in the market for lawn mower batteries, there are some which come up with outstanding specifications and features.

Top 4 best lawn mower battery reviews

Green Works 29472 G-MAX 4 AH Li-Ion, 40V 4amp G-MAX Battery

This innovative lithium ion battery is popular for its high performance and efficiency. It takes only 60 minutes for a 2 AH battery and 120 minutes for a 4AH battery and works as a great option when looking for lawn mower battery. It comes along with a featured simple snap on and off design which is quite easy to use. It also comprises of an innovative battery charge level indicator. This battery offer no negative effect, consistent fade power throughout its entire run cycle and 3 times longer run time than any other batteries. Greenworks 29472 G-MAX li-Ion batteries help you with mowing, edging, trimming and blowing your yard work with great performance and efficacy.


  • Full power in its entire run time
  • Long-lasting
  • Lightweight
  • No memory effect
  • Low discharge rate
  • Energy star rated


  • Non- Rotating
  • Heavy large/long

Worx Lead Acid Battery (WA3216)

This Worx Lead Acid battery is specifically designed for use with Worx cordless mowers. Their batteries get quickly charged by using standard household current and are

Very convenient for increased mowing tie and saves battery as backup. This battery comes with a powerful handle for easy removal and carrying all around your lawn. The design of this battery is so lightweight and convenient; can easily remove from the mower to charge from a separate location. It has a clearly visible power test indicator on top which indicates the level of charge.


  • Quick chargeable
  • Battery performs without any waning or draining
  • The 17Ah allows for longer run times


  • Non-serviceable
  • Flawed charger

Homelite 24 Volt Replacement Cordless Battery

Homelite 24-Volt is a rechargeable battery with almost nil maintenance required. Simply charge and it's ready to go. It works with the cordless Homelite electric mower model UT13126. This Homelite 24-volt battery has a very good backup and can be recharged for a longer time.

Homelite 24volt battery works with the cordless Homelite electric mower model UT13126. This battery is quite good in performance. The 24V battery charger for Homelite cordless lawn mower can charge two Homelite 29066 12V lead acid batteries in series. Also, it can charge other lead acid batteries altogether. It requires only 17 hours to get fully charged.


  • Accurate
  • Durable
  • Easy Installation
  • Light Weight


  • Too heavy
  • Requires maintenance

Beiter DC Power 6FMS34 12V 34ah

Beiter DC power Battery is a rechargeable sealed acid battery of U1 size. This battery is designed with 4-season power for your lawn mower utility. With AGM technology, Beiter DC power has very high-performance plates to gain extra power output for common power backup system applications. It requires safety valve installation and provides high quality and high reliability.

Exceptional deep discharge capability and recovery performance, low self-discharge characteristics, and very flexible for multiple install positions.


  • Easy to install
  • Deep discharge recovery performance
  • High reliability


  • Costly

Buying Guide for Lawn Mower Batteries

When you are looking to buy best lawn mower batteries for an environmental friendly lawnmower, it is necessary to look for the following parameters:

Purpose Usage

Analyze your need of having lawn mower battery and look closely as to what type of battery would meet your requirements. The chosen lawn mower battery should be of high quality and maintenance free. You need to calculate the correct voltage and ampere rating for your application and select the sufficient number of good quality lawn mower batteries.


Brand of the chosen lawn mower battery also plays a vital role in determining which battery you should go for. Although all the brands are good, Beiter is a bit newcomer. Greenworks and home-lite are the trustworthy names and thus going for them is the best option.


Look for various features of the battery before settling on one. Lawn mowers batteries come with a number of features. Such as backup of the battery, how many times it can be recharged, run time, voltages, design and power etc.


Check for the quality of the battery by analyzing the shelf life of the battery. The self-discharge rate of the batteries is very low say just 3.3% for each month. The batteries can be stored for one year after recharging fully. However, it is recommended to charge the batteries every 6 months. The life of the batteries can be prolonged by properly storing and with proper maintenance.

Easy to Use

While buying a lawn mower battery, it is important to look for the ease of use. If you have to put a lot of labor in working with any particular battery, it will complete waste to opt for a battery-powered lawn mower. So it’s significantly required to choose the battery which is performing best without much of inconvenience.


Lawnmowers are here in the market for a long but these battery-powered lawn mowers are quite worth using. Although many homeowners may not actually enjoy performing their own lawn maintenance, purchasing a battery powered lawnmower and mowing easily their own can save their money plus it’s extremely easy to work with. By replacing your old fashioned lawnmower to battery powered lawn mower which only needs a good battery, you can actually make a big difference in your lawn moving style.

There are different powerful batteries in the market which claims to provide the best lawnmower batteries, while you can choose from the above-rated batteries. Although above 4 batteries are top rated, one which got the best performance review is Beiter DC Power 6FMS34 12V 34ah battery. It has come up with the outstanding ratings in the market due to its high performance and quality.

Moreover, battery powered lawnmowers are not ideal for all lawn sizes and types, they are more environmentally friendly and comparatively much quieter than any other lawnmower models. It is advised to all the customers that they should consider battery powered lawnmower with best of the lawn mower batteries. Furthermore, there is no petrol or gas related issue in a battery powered lawn mower, so it can be stored virtually anywhere, resulting into an ideal option for homeowners.

Best Lawn Mover Battery Reviews (Find Best battery for your lawn mover)
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