Best Jumper Cables Reviews (Top 5 best rated and buying guide)

Well, jumper cables don’t require a formal introduction. But for the ones who are new to them, the jumper cables are car cables that are used to jump-start a dead car battery. Jumper cables are a set of two thick wires that deliver heavy-duty service with alligator clips at both the ends. That being said, never choose any random jumper cable to kick start your dead car battery. It is highly recommended to use the best jumper cables which are heavier and thicker as they conduct more energy in comparison to smaller ones.

Why You Need New Jumper Cables

The best jumper cables with their thick gauges can effectively manage larger batteries, copper and copper plated connectors and surge protection. They have high-quality insulation and can connect your battery to the battery of another car.

You need new jumper cables to give your battery longevity whenever they fizz out. The fully rubber enclosed and tangle free design coupled with heavy duty construction makes these new cables more solid.

But should you go for any random jumper cable? Well, definitely no! There are certain factors and qualities that you need to consider and look out for.

The expected features of a Jumper Cable

You should consider the following features while purchasing the best jumper cables:

  • Length of cables

The jumper cable should be at least 12 inches in length to reach the battery in both vehicles and prevent you from getting stuck to push the vehicle to a faraway place.

  • Gauge

Generally, the lower the gauge is, the greater is the power flowing through it and the more rapid it charges. The 4 gauge is most commonly used.

  • Clamp

Clamps should be sturdy, with teeth to prevent slipping away and rubber-coated to avoid receiving a shock.

  • Width

Thicker gauge wires are most preferred, but check out the heavy duty labels.

  • Clip material

Clamps made of solid copper will conduct electricity better than copper plated ones.

  • Insulation

Thicker wires offer better insulation and such insulations retain their pliability.

Now that you have understood the basic qualities that the best jumper cable should have, but are still confused which jumper cable to go for, we’ve got you covered!

Top 5 Best Jumper Cables for Choice

Jumper cables are indispensable for safety concerns. They are cheap and go on for a lifetime not needing replacement. To make your decision easier and to facilitate you with the best picks, we have here compiled a well-researched list. Check out!

Cartman Booster Cable 4 Gauge x 20Ft in Carry Bag

The Cartman Booster Cable is 20 feet long with a thick 4-gauge heavy duty cable. It has a width of almost 10.8 inches and is constituted of adequate CCA (Copper coated Aluminum) material. The cable is UL listed and ROHS compliant. Its T-Prene coating keeps it perfectly insulated. The handles and gripping are extremely firm and strong.

We Like

  • Great product
  • Extra miscellaneous add-on products are available with the kit
  • Gloves, steel tool brush, tidy battery cables, and a bag are provided
  • Powerful rugged clamps grip terminals
  • 20-foot cable is ideal for every kind of jumper application

We Don't Like

  • Some users complained about the worn out insulating plastic

Energizer 2-Gauge 800A Jumper Battery Cables 20 Ft

Energizer professional series heavy duty jumper cable is ideal for all types of vehicles including full-size trucks, vans, and SUVs. The red and black PVC coated insulated clamps provide easy identification. Its tangle free cables stay flexible even at a temperature of -40 degrees Centigrade. The cables are made up of industrial grade copper clad aluminum cables that are suitable for all weather use. The 20 feet cable enables you to easily charge a battery from the back of a vehicle. The cable is suitable for use with top and side post batteries.

We Like

  • The cable is composed of industrial grade copper and aluminum for improved working
  • The cable stays flexible at a temperature of 40 degrees
  • The clamps are PVC coated and shock resistant
  • The cable carries a battery rating of 800 Ampere

We Don't Like

  • The power capacity is lesser than the pure copper cables
  • The clamps may sometimes become twisted

20 Foot Jumper Cables with Carry Bag – 8 Gauge, 400 Amp Booster Cable Kit by Iron Forge Tools

This is a versatile jumper cable built to operate in every weather climate. It is ideal for cars, motorcycles, vans, trucks and SUVs. It comes with easy to use tangle free cables that are color coded in red and black. Carry bag is available for fast and convenient storage along with the cable. The jumper cable is 20 foot long with a thickness of 8 Gauge and battery rating of 400 Amperes. They have copper coated aluminum construction and are ETL listed. Iron Forge Tools offers a total lifetime replacement warranty and in the case of any defect, will replace it with a fresh one.

We Like

  • Solidly designed product
  • The clamps are heavy and have a tight grip
  • The product is shipped timely and extremely fast

We Don't Like

  • The jumper cable is quite long

Performance Tool W1673 20’ 4-Gauge Jumper Cable

The 20’ 4 gauge wire jumper cable from Performance Tool is booster cable with a thick cable sheathing that safeguards it from abuse and is supple. These are heavy duty for large-sized trucks and vans. It has PVC coated insulated red and black clamps for positive and negative identification. It is 20 foot in length and can hold energy potential of 500 amp that peaks up to 600 amperes.

The cable is capable of handling both warm and cold conditions. It is heavy duty booster cable and is insulated by a PVC coating that gives it flexibility. Its copper jaw clamps are strong in the grip for higher performance. Its red and black clamps can be easily recognized from its negative and positive cables.

We Like

  • Cent per cent copper cable
  • Withstands all weather
  • Heavy duty and safe copper jaw clamps
  • Rubber coated cables that are tangle free
  • Rubber coating extends the life span of jumper cables

We Don't Like

  • This type of jumper cable is slightly heavier compared to other cables
  • It occupies greater space than others

ABN 2 Gauge 600 Amp 25 ft Jumper Cables

The ABN 25’ jumper cables comprise of 25 ft high tension rubber coated cables that provide a safe connection. The clamps are color coded for convenience. The parrot clamps booster cables charge up your RV, tractor or semi. Made by the brand Auto Body Now, the tangle-free jumper cables are sturdy and ensure that the heavy-duty vehicles are in a running condition quickly. The cable has serrated jaws for better conductivity and non-slippery rubber coating for tough grip and shock resistance.

Its lengthy 25-foot cables provide enough space for linking one vehicle to another. They are utilized in adjacent situations or for the long front to behind jumps. The cables are color coded in red and black for easy recognition.

We Like

  • Completely protected heavy duty clamps
  • Heavy gauge that can handle big batteries
  • Tangle-free and sturdy cables
  • The 600 amps parrot clamps are very reliable

We Don't Like

  • Requires trunk space to move them
  • Copper-laden aluminum wire and not pure copper cable

Buying Guide for Best Jumper Cables

When you are out to purchase jumper cables consider the cable’s gauge. The lesser the gauge number, the quicker will be its charge and the greater its power transmission. Select a sturdy clamp having teeth that don’t skid off the battery terminals. A reasonable jumper cable length would be 12 feet, but the longer the better if your vehicle is badly stuck up.

Weighing the above factors we have compiled the buying guide of the 5 best jumper cables.

The following aspects are also taken into account:

Purpose Usage

The jumper cables should be strong enough to jump start any dead battery. The ABN 2 gauge, 600 Amp 25 ft jumper cables can charge up your tractor, RV or Semi. The tangle free cables are strong enough to keep the heavy duty vehicles in a running condition speedily. The Performance Tool W1673 4 gauge cable with its 500 Ampere battery is heavy duty and best suited for large-sized trucks, SUV or vans.

The Energizer cables are commercial heavy duty jumper cables that can be used for all types of vehicles and large-size trucks and vans. It easily charges your battery from the vehicle’s rear. The Iron Forge Tools jumper cable is aptly suited to jump start your car or vehicle and can boost the batteries of motorcycles, vans or trucks. The Cartman 4 Gauge, 20 ft cables are additional heavy duty cables and the sturdiest consumer grade present. Its length of 20 ft makes it convenient to kick start vehicles in various relative positions.


The 4 Gauge, 20 ft cables by the Brand Cartman is highly popular and top rated. It's T-Prene coating grants it flexibility for all weather conditions and convenient storage. These premium heavy-duty cables are the most potent consumer grade cable available. The 2 Gauge battery boosters from Energizer with the highest cable capacity of 800 Amperes makes it extremely heavy-duty and versatile enough to charge all types of batteries in any situation.

The 400 Ampere, 20 ft jumper cables from Iron Forge are designed to operate in every weather condition. This brand offers a complete lifetime replacement warranty and is the best in terms of cost to quality ratio. The W1673 4 Gauge jumper cable from Performance Tool comes with a high-duty 500 Ampere battery and is 100% copper cable that makes it the perfect heavy duty auto cable. The 600 Amp commercial grade 25 ft jumper cables from the brand Auto Body Now are capable of handling big batteries and its heavy-duty capacity can jump start large semi-trucks.


The Iron Forge 400 Amp jumper cables are all-weather utility booster cables. They are 20 ft long and it’s no tangle cables contain copper-laden aluminum cable build for lightweight use. These have heavy duty power bearing capacity. The 20 ft 4 Gauge jumper cables from Cartman contains a T-Prene coating for adaptability to all weather conditions and its maximum heavy duty cables make it the sturdiest consumer grade cable. Its clamps are marked with triple-polarity that can house top post as well as adjacent post batteries.

The 2 Gauge, 800 Amp Booster cable from Energizer are the commercial heavy duty versions that are suitable for all vehicle types. It is a convenient alternative for jump starting a vehicle. It is built from industrial grade copper and aluminum for better functionality. The 600 Amp commercial grade 25 ft jumper cables from ABN can sufficient connect one vehicle with another. Its heavy gauge can support large batteries. The W1673 4 Gauge cables from Performance Tools has a battery capacity of 500 Amperes and can peak up to 600 Amperes that makes it a heavy duty to power large-sized batteries.


The Cartman no tangle booster cables are resilient and built from lightweight copper coated aluminum. Its T-Prene coating makes it flexible even at -40 degrees F and can withstand motor lubricants, moisture, and chemicals. The Iron Forge 400 Amp jumper cables can withstand any weather condition and are built from copper coated aluminum for lightweight applications.

The Energizer jumper cables are a heavy duty which lends it versatility. Its 2 Gauge clamp imparts it a greater current flow high enough to jump start the car. Its cables are heavily insulated cables decreases the heat produced in the cables during the kickstart process. The ABN 25 ft jumper cables have strong molded wire copper cables and a non-slippery rubber coating for firm grip and shock-resistance. These are tangle free 600 Amp sturdy cables.

The W1673 Performance Tool cable has a thick cable sheathing that secures it from hazards. It can hold 500 Amp of energy.

Ease of Use

The ABN jumper cables being 25 ft long can be easily connected from one vehicle to another. They can easily perform extended front to back jumps. The W1673 Performance Tool cable with its 20 ft length can easily reach both the batteries and are perfect for all jumper applications. The 20 foot Iron Forge cables can be adjusted to any vehicle location. The 2 Gauge Energizer cable is a very convenient alternative for jump starting your vehicle as its current flow is great to start any car and its long cable of 20 feet allows cable connection even from the rear portion of a car.

The 20 ft Cartman cable makes it extremely convenient to jump start vehicles in different relative positions. The ergonomically designed, simple to operate clamps are marked with triple polarity comprising color coding and UL indent imprinted which can hold both top-post and adjacent post batteries.


The jumper cables are handy tools to jump start your vehicles but while purchasing them you also have to pay attention to their gauge and width as the lower its gauge number, the quicker it will charge and the greater its power transmission. Its clamp type with jaws that holds the battery terminals compactly is a vital factor to consider. The rubber coated handles ensure its shock-resistance. Besides, the length of the jumper cables is also important. Though a 12 ft length is good enough but 20 feet plus length is ideal for connecting the batteries of both the vehicles in any awkward position they might be. Besides, wire thickness or gauge is also vital as lesser the gauge, higher the power that flows and the quicker it charges. 4 gauge would probably be your preference if you don’t want to jump start a semi-truck.

Based on these parameters, the best jumper cables among the lot are the ABN high-tension 25 ft cables from the point of convenience. The 2 gauge Energizer cable stands out as the fastest charging jumper cable with maximum energy flow. The Cartman cables are distinct as the most heavy duty cable with sturdiest consumer grade.

Best Jumper Cables Reviews (Top 5 best rated and buying guide)
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