Best Digital Multimeter Reviews

A Digital Multimeter is a instrument used to measure no less than two electrical qualities fundamentally voltage (volts), current (amps) and resistance (ohms). The best digital multimeter is a standard expository gadget for experts in dealing with electrical/electronic works.

The Advantages Of Using Digital millimeter

There are various advantages of using this equipment. To name a few of them:

  • They are more accurate than analog
  • Error regarding reading and interpolation is reduced
  • It helps to eliminate parallax error
  • As the display is digital it is free from failures relating to shock and wear
  • It can be read easily
  • Adjustment of zero is not required
  • It is more economical in respect to size and power requirement

Types Of Multimeters You Should Be Aware Of

There are mainly three types of digital multimeters: Fluke, Clamp, and Autoranging. The Fluke type is designed with different associated functions. It is best suited to test the resistance and voltage. They have certain advanced features to measure temperature, humidity, pressure and frequency. The Clamp type is suitable to measure amps and volt both. Its settings can be modified according to needs. The Autoranging type is the easiest to work with. It is also expensive of all the three types. Fewer adjustments have to be made by turning the knob as it has the capability to adjust itself according to need.

Digital multimeter is required by any electrical or electronics engineer to work properly. There are various multimeters available in the market. It sometimes becomes difficult to select one. We have below stated about 5 of such types along with their pros and cons. This will help you to select the one that best suits your necessity.

Top 5 Best Digital Multimeter Reviews for comparison

Fluke 115 Compact True-RMS Digital Multimeter

This Fluke type Multimeter has some unique features. It provides a true measurement for non-linear loads. It is optimal to use in the poorly lit area as it has a LED display. It can be used to measure continuity, do diode testing, frequency and capacity measurement. It is rated according to CAT III 600 V. The multimeter can measure up to 20A.


  • Operative method is simple
  • Compact design
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used both for electrical and electronic testing


  • It does not have inbuilt thermometer to take temperature reading


INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter

This Auto-Ranging Multimeter can be used in case of electrical problems in automobiles or household. It is safe to use and gives an accurate reading. As it is auto ranging, there is no need to select the range as it is selected automatically. The LED display has color codes which make it more suitable to use. It comes with holders; test leads and stands so that it can be used by not using your hand. The corners have rubberized padding so that if it drops then it does not get cracked. It has a single setting for both AC and DC voltages.


  • UL Certified Product
  • Auto-ranging scales
  • Digital display is large
  • Resistance setting is same for AC and DC


  • The continuity test is not fast
  • Does not have a battery door, so it had to be completely unscrewed to replace a battery

Etekcity MSR-R500 Digital Multimeter

This Digital Multimeter is best suited for daily use. It can be utilized in automobiles, all appliances of electricity, fuses and any types of electrical outlets. The larger digital display makes it easier to read and work with. It has hands free option and has a protective covering which saves the device if it is dropped. The data hold feature gives you the opportunity to record the reading as it is displayed for quite some time in the LED display. It is protected against any overload while working in any range. The overload features take care of safety and it samples 2/3 readings per second.


  • Low price
  • Data hold feature
  • Overload protection


  • Voltage reading in inaccurate
  • Poorly built

Crenova MS8233D Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter

This is a multifunction digital multimeter. The design is according to IEC61010-1 and CAT 11 600 V. It can be used in various operational fields as in the laboratory, factories, and other social places. It can be used to test distribution boxes, circuit breakers, and fixed motors. It is protected against overload and can be used in both AC and DC. The unique feature of this appliance is auto power off. If the appliance is idle for 15 minutes the meter turns off automatically by its own. It can again be made functional by pressing any key or turning the rotor switch. This multimeter does not require a battery to be operational.


  • Does not require a battery
  • Maximum value hold
  • Auto power off


  • It can’t test remaining charge

Mastech MS8268 MS8261 Series Digital Multimeter

It is an auto and manual range digital multimeter. It is recently released in the market with sound and light alert. The meter is powered by three AAA batteries. The auto and manual function is good for all ranges. The sound alert makes one cautious when wrong jacks are used for testing. It has auto power off which can be disabled if wished. The LED display is big and blue in color. It is backed by a 1 year manufactures warranty.


  • Has both auto and manual mode
  • Sound and light alert
  • Auto power off


  • Not suitable for very high accuracy

Quick buying guide to choose Best digital Multimeter

When you opt to buy the best digital multimeter, there are various things that need to be considered. There are many things that should be considered like make, brand, usage facility, analog or digital, and the safety measures. These considerations will lead you to the best digital multimeter that best suits your purpose.

Above we have summarized 5 of the best multimeters available in the market. Let us now analyze them accordingly so that we can reach at the best one to buy.

Purpose Usage

The Fluke 115 can be used to measure continuity, diode testing and other related electrical and electronics testing. The Mastech –MS8268 has both manual and auto mode and has the feature of auto power off. The Innova 3320 has auto-ranging scale and can be used for both AC and DC. Crenova MS8233D can be used for testing distribution boxes and circuit breakers and does not require a battery to be operational. So, they are as we can see entirely different as in this respect.


The brand definitely carries value. The Fluke 115and Innova 3320 definitely stands out according to the brand. Buying a branded product helps in various aspects. The warranty given by branded companies are fully maintained and you can be certain that these companies will give you the best after sales service. The best digital multimeter that you wish to purchase must be of a reputed brand. It makes you experience with the appliance a pleasant one.


The features that one should look at while purchasing a multimeter are accuracy, calibration, functionality and build in features. If we compare the above products according to these features, then we will see that Mastech MS8268 is not at all a good choice as it lacks in accuracy. Fluke 115 is a stand out comparing these features. These features make you understand the stand out among them. Crenova MS8233D, on the other hand, has the data hold feature which is also important to work with. So we can see that the products have a mix and match of all the features. Now it is up to you to decide which one you wish to buy according to your preference.


The quality of all the above products is also varied. They have different quality aspects. The Fluke 115 is again a standout product . The quality of the leads, the display, the protective covering is all made from a quality product. One should look into quality as it affects the endurance and long run of the appliance. The appliance that is made from quality products are bound to run for a longer period and give you an accurate result.

Easy to Use

The hand's free models are more convenient to use than the hand held ones. Looking into this feature Fluke 115, is again a standout. But there is certain other feature also that makes a digital meter easy to work with. It is the data hold mode. Crenova MS8233D surpasses all in this feature. So, we see that the models above differ in easy to use also. Mastech MS8268 has the auto power off which makes it difficult to use as it should be turned on again after an idle period of 15 minutes.


The digital meters are used to make life easier and to have the accurate result. Accuracy is the key word as it deals with electricity and electronics. The feature of accuracy is linked with quality and brand. So it is obvious that appliances which are made of quality products and are branded are more accurate.

The models that we discussed above are varied according to the features. So, you need to make a decision to choose the best one among them. The Fluke 115is the best among all those discussed. It has the brand as well as the quality along with it. The appliance can be used for a longer time and gives you accurate result lifelong. The Fluke 115 Digital Multimeter should be brought without any hesitation. The nature, price, and efficiency of this appliance surpass all and is the best digital multimeter that one can purchase. The appliance with compact design, ease to use and the warranty of a branded company is the chosen one. So, if you wish to have the best have Fluke 115 and have peace of mind. When at work with this appliance you will be the master working with electrical or with electronics.

Best Digital Multimeter Reviews
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