Best Deep Cycle Battery Reviews (Top 5)

Deep cycle batteries are used to provide energy continuously for an extended time. The best deep cycle battery is designed to survive the deep cycle discharges repeatedly without any damages. It will withstand 100s of discharge cycles.

Deep cycle batteries are used to store electricity. A set of deep cycle batteries provides a continuous source of energy for our daily needs. They provide highly reliable and offer stable energy and are thus, employed to store DC Power from sources such as wind generators, solar panels, and micro-hydro generators.

The storage capacity of these batteries is measured in amp-hours (Ah). You can discharge these batteries up to 80% without any damage. To extend the battery life, the users are advised to consider discharging up to 50% only. They are highly suitable for photovoltaic systems.

The demand for solar systems across the world is increasing exponentially. Therefore, the demand for deep cycle batteries is also growing considerably. A lot of companies across the world is involved in the production of Deep Cycle batteries.

You need to select the right deep cycle battery that withstands vibration and durable. It should be spill proof to prevent leaks. It should have a shelf life of around 10 years. It should hold the charge for more time. The overheating temperature of the battery should be high. Price is another factor when choosing the deep cycle battery for your application. You should consider all these factors when deciding to buy and use a deep cycle battery for your application.

Popular Applications Of Deep Cycle Batteries

The high discharge rate batteries find wide usage in UPS units, security alarms, telecom equipment, wheelchairs, electric scooters, marine, snowballs, motorcycles, and medical applications.

The connection of the batteries is also important when designing an application. The parallel connection is recommended to double the capacity. The series connection of the batteries is recommended to increase voltage.

Here we have compiled a well-researched list of 5 best rated deep cycle batteries to help you pick the best one. Read on!

Top 5 Best  Deep Cycle Battery Reviews

Read on to know about the best deep cycle batteries of reputed suppliers.

Vmaxtanks - Vmaxslr 125AGM Deep Cycle Battery

VmaxtanksVmaxslr deep cycle batteryis a 12 V, 125AH SLA rechargeable battery and is widely suitable for use with smart chargers and solarpanels. The batterycomes with 8 mm hex screws in terminals and has a life span of 10 years. It is free from dangerous gases and fumes. You can consider using this battery for your design without any fear, all thanks to its high quality.

You can select the number of batteries for your application using the battery calculator. It has a weight of 75 lb. Its dimensions are 12.9” (Length), 6.8” (width) and 8.7” (height). Its maximum charging voltage and charging currents are 14.7 V and 30 A. You can make use of a microprocessor based charger, which has a charging voltage of 14.5V and charging current of 12 A, of BCI Group (code 31) for your application. You can ensure a guarantee for this product by procuring from an authorized seller.


  • The Vmaxslr 125AGM battery is ideal for use in trolling heavy vehicles
  • Custom made military grade plates are used improve the performance as well as shelf life
  • The long life makes the battery ideal for various applications


  • Improper charging techniques reduce its performance

Optima Deep Cycle Batteries

The 8052-161 D31M Blue Starting / Deep Cycle Battery is another great pick. Optima deep cycle battery is offered with stainless steel made stud posts. The 12V battery has a reserve capacity for 155 minutes. It is long durable and withstands vibration and even works in bad weather. It boasts SpiralCell design and provides a clean power for your needs. It ensures safety for your family and commercial establishments. The dual purpose battery can be used in boats and recreational vehicles as well.


  • The Optima Deep Cycle battery is ideal for use in recreational and marine applications
  • The battery employs Spiral Cell Technology to offer exceptional performance when compared to an ordinary battery
  • The battery is highly resistant to vibration and corrosion


  • Warranty provided is lesser as compared to other batteries

Casil 12V, 200 Ah Deep Cycle Battery for Solar Applications

This is another great deep cycle battery from the house of Chee Yen Industrial Co., LtdThe 12V rechargeable and sealed lead acid battery has dimensions of 20.75” (length), 8.11” (width), and 8.43” (height). It is maintenance free. You need not add any fluids for its operation. It features deep recharge recovery and long battery life. It withstands vibration and shocks and provides high performance in low and high-temperature environments.

It is suitable for applications including electric vehicles, consumer electronics, golf carts, lawn/ garden tools, motorcycles, medical mobility, engine starters, toys, hunting, emergency lighting, access control devices, solar, and security etc. It can be utilized in indoor and enclosed environments. It boasts Absorbent Glass Mat Technology to offer superior performance with zero maintenance.


  • The AGM technology makes the battery ideal for indoor and enclosed applications
  • The zero maintenance battery offers excellent performance in applications like electric vehicles and golf carts


  • No cons as such

Might Max Brand Deep Cycle Battery – 12V, 100 Ah

The 12 V, 100 Ah deep cycle ML100-12 SLA is a sealed lead acid battery. This zero maintenance best deep cycle battery has dimensions of 12.17” (length), 6.61” (width) and 8.3” (height). The battery is highly reliable and offers consistent performance. The battery withstands shock and vibration and can be mounted in any position with ease.

The spill proof deep cycle battery is designed for higher discharge rates and wide operating temperature applications. The factory activated battery comes with all necessary mounting accessories so that you use it readily. The calcium-alloy grid, heavy duty battery offers clean power for applications in cyclic and float applications. It is a genuine battery for applications like portable tools, power sports, toys, solar, medical mobility, and access control devices etc.


  • The Might Max Brand battery is rock solid and reliable
  • It is a sealed unit


  • Might not be too durable

12V, 100 Ah, Universal Deep Cycle AGM Battery (UB121000)

The SLA/ AGM deep cycle battery is maintenance free. The rechargeable battery is suitable for mounting with ease in any position. It withstands vibration and shock. It has a weight of 63.93 lbs. Its dimensions are 12.17 inches (length), 6.61 inches (width), and 9.16 inches (height). The Universal Power Group brand deep cycle battery is reliable and safe for your applications. It offers clean power for your applications.

The solar wind AGM Deep cycle SLA battery can be purchased from online stores for immediate use. You can make use of the battery calculator to choose the number of batteries required for your application. You need to design the application using this battery for a deep cycle discharge of 50% for prolonged battery life. It comes with excellent customer care and saves time and money through offering consistent clean power.


  • The battery has a lower self-discharge and offers long life
  • Its terminals are corrosion free
  • Value for money


  • Below average in performance

Analysis to choose best Deep Cycle Battery

When you are looking to buy deep cycle batteries for your applications in solar, power sports, toys etc, it is necessary to look for the following parameters:

Purpose Usage

Analyze your need of having deep cycle battery and look closely as to what type of battery would meet your requirements. The chosen deep cycle battery should be of high quality and maintenance free. You need to calculate the correct voltage and ampere rating for your application and select the sufficient number of good quality deep cycle batteries. The required wattage for your application can be computed using the formula P=V*I where V and I are the Voltage and Current.


Brand of the chosen deep cycle battery also plays a vital role in determining which battery you should go for. Although all the brands are good, Casil is a bit newcomer. VMaxSolar and Optima are the trustworthy names and thus going for them is the best option.


Look for various features of the battery before settling on one. Solar wind deep cycle battery from the house of Mighty Max is a factory ready battery where you don’t need to do much to install it. Further, it is spillproof too. Optima Blue Top deep cycle battery, on the other hand, is capable of functioning even in bad weather. If you are looking for a durable battery, Vmaxslr battery from the house of Vmax solar has a lifespan of 8-10 years.


Check for the quality of the battery by analyzing the shelf life of the battery. The self-discharge rate of the SLA batteries is very low say just 3.3% for each month. The deep cycle batteries can be stored for one year after recharging fully. However, it is recommended to charge the batteries every 6 months. The life of the batteries can be prolonged by properly storing and with proper maintenance.

The AGM type batteries allow quick discharge of energy in a short span of time. Such batteries are suitable for use in UPS.


The deep recharge cycle batteries aka solar batteries are recommended for energy storage in solar systems. The renewable energy systems allow using the electricity whenever required. They find wide usage in emergency lamps. The deep cycle batteries are maintenance free and can be stored for longer periods in full charge condition. You need to choose the battery of reputed brand to ensure safety and durability.

The best deep cycle battery should withstand shock and vibration and environment-friendly. Vmaxtanks Vmaxslr battery from VmaxSolar is the best one for your solar applications. This battery is economical and suitable for solar energy needs and has an appreciable lifespan of 8 to 10 years. The deep cycle battery also offers best performance in high and low temperature environments. The battery is ideal for applications including motorcycles, electric vehicles, and medical mobility etc. You can also enjoy excellent after sales service.

Best Deep Cycle Battery Reviews (Top 5)
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