Brightech Battery Chargers

Brightech is one of the most unique battery charger manufacturers. Brightech battery chargers come with various useful and unique features, that help people to handle various condition and circumstances that come on their way on the road.

Each of the products, comes with a unique capability to fulfill needs, like battery charging for cars or mobile devices and jumpstarting needs. You’ll have to choose the one that caters to the majority of your needs, easily and effectively.

TOP Best Brightech Battery Chargers In Reviews

Brightech – PYTHON – Car Jump Starter and Battery Charger for Electronics and Mobile Devices – 12,000 mAh Capacity

This brightech battery charger is best to be used for various mobile devices and phones. It comes in a compact design and a portable structure that can be carried along while travelling. It has a 12,000 mAh charge capacity. It has the ability to work both as a device charger as well as a car jump starter giving a boost of 400 amps.

The charger comes with LED light indicators to let you know the exact battery charge level. It has got a wide range of adapters to ensure you can charge your Apple iphone, PSP, iPads or Kindle and also HTC devices. Jumper cables are also there to help jump starting your car.

  • The charger comes with various adapters for different devices to charge easily
  • You can find a pair of jumper cables to give a quick boost to your car battery
  • It can be charged via DC adapter through your car lighter port and also through an AC adapter through wall mounted charger

Brightech – VIPER Car Jump Starter with Air Compressor

What could be better than a jump starter, battery charger and also a compressor, all in one go. This Brightech Viper jump starter and air compressor can serve you in three different ways. It can charge your devices like laptop, cell phones or tablets.

It can also jump start your car when it gets stuck due to low battery charge. In addition to these two functions, it has an ability to act as a compressor, so that you would not be troubled by flat tires while travelling.

  • It comes with a battery having a 500 amps
  • There is also a pair of jump-starter cables
  • It is a 15,000mAh battery, which has quite a sufficient power to serve for various tasks
  • The air compressor can easily work with 12V power
  • This battery charger has a life for about 1000 cycles
  • There are LED lights to indicate the charge left behind

Brightech – SPIDER – Car Jump Starter and Battery Charger for Mobile Devices with Carrying Case

This 10 ounce battery charger is an excellent power source for jump starting your car no matter which type of vehicle you have. It can charge your devices like cell phones and tablets.

It co0es fully equipped with the necessary adapter and jumper cables to let you work with the charger for any charging or jump starting task you need to handle. It also has an LED flashlight which makes it is a perfect gadget to be carried while camping outdoors.

  • The battery capacity is 8,000 mAh
  • It can last for up to 500-1000 cycles

Brightech – EnergyXtreme

The Brightech-Energy Xtreme is a convenient battery charger for charging several kinds of portable devices such as mobile phones, i-pads, tablets, smartphones and most other usb-port electronic devices. It has an eye-catching sturdy design and is built with waterproof and shock proof capabilities as well.

This is a very handy device and is extremely useful in uncertain circumstances, when there is no access to electric plugs. You can easily charge your devices while on the go and stay in touch with your friends and family.

It is a fully featured charging battery and has some distinct features such as:

  • It is a 5200mAH battery and has the ability to quickly charge your phone and other such handheld devices. It delivers 0.98 amps in more than four hours and retains its charge for a long time
  • A flashlight and laser light is a complementary feature, which do not use much of the battery charge, but are very useful when you are in difficult and rough conditions
  • Three green bars on the top corner indicate the remaining battery power
  • This is a durable battery charging device and works amazingly well to keep your devices charged and ready while travelling

Brightech – Energetic3

The Brightech energetic 3 is a high power, 8400 Ah battery charging device, and can be carried around conveniently for long travels and adventure trips. This device can charge all mobile devices such as iphones, tablets, etc and works equally good for apple as well as android devices.

It is a durable and long lasting device while its unique usability attributes make it stand out from other such charging devices. The device itself can be charged as well and takes almost two hours until it is fully charged.

Some of the most applauded features of this device are:

  • It has two-built in cables and a USB port for charging and all three ports can be used at a time, enabling you to charge three different devices at the same time
  • There are 4-small LED lights to indicate the power level of the battery itself and with the smart power detection feature, you just have to shake the device to turn on the LED lights and check the battery power
  • With a 20% power of its own, this battery charging device can charge your mobile device to up to 75%

It is a powerful and handy device which quickly charges your phone and gives you a lot of versatility to charge several different devices at the same time.

Brightech PocketEnergy2

Brightech Pocket Energy2 is a pocket size, light weight and compact portable charging battery that can charge all kinds of mobile devices. It has two separate ports for charging android and apple devices and works well to charge both devices simultaneously.

It keeps you connected to the world while you are on a long adventure trip and reduces the hassle of carrying charging cables while on the go. The device is designed carefully to protect the devices being charged and prevents the frequent damage of ports and cables.

Some of its high-end attributes include:

  • It has a lightning as well as a USB port connector which allows you to charge a large variety of devices, independent of the manufacturer and OS that they are built with
  • The over-current, and overcharging features protects your device from damage and preserves the battery life of your devices as well
  • The battery itself can be recharged using the same connectors as used for charging other devices and comes with a 3-year warranty of Brightech as well

Nonetheless, this is a very handy and useful device which gives you a peace of mind while on a long journey and helps you to stay focused without worrying about running out of battery power. It is lightweight and can be placed in a pocket easily. Also, it is very economical for the features it offers.


All these Brightech battery chargers have some special and useful features to offer and are trusted by users for a reliable performance. Among these, the best one is Brightech – VIPER Car Jump Starter with Air Compressor due to its triple action capabilities as a jump starter, charger as well as the compressor function.

Otherwise, the rest of other products also are no less than any other high quality battery charger. You can choose according to your required features and the way you need to use it.

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