Best Battery Operated/Powered Lights Reviews

Battery powered light fittings dominate everywhere simply because as cordless lighting is most convenient in different situations. The possibilities of using battery powered lights are endless. They are available in all shapes and sizes to fulfill every need and illuminate trouble areas of your home while making daily life convenient while being easy on your wallet.

The advancement of highly effective LED chips has enabled LED battery powered lights to emerge as practical DIY alternatives. Most of the top quality cordless lights comprise useful features like motion sensing, auto-off timers, auto dusk-to-dawn functioning and extended battery life. Running electrical wires outdoor over long distances is both tough and costly, and so employing battery-powered lights to light up landscapes, patios or sheds is a better option. Illuminate your plants and exterior areas while securing walkways by installing outdoor battery operated lights.

A dimly illuminated spot can spell catastrophe, particularly in power outages. Garage access ways, deck steps, tool sheds, staircases and front porches are areas where slight illumination can help a lot to keep you safe. House emergency lights accompanied by photocells and motion sensors present a cost-effective solution for staying away from a potentially hazardous situation.

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Types of Battery Operated Lights

Battery operated lights

These offer the finest solution where you desire graceful accent illumination for your cabinet shelf or display case but don’t possess a power outlet close by. These lights are simple to set up and bright up your collection.

Battery powered candles

Candle lights trap the beauty of wax candles in a flameless, permanent battery candle. Flameless LED battery candles arrive in all common shapes, sizes and aromas. Tea lights contain a flame shaped LED bulb which flickers gently to copy the effect of an actual candle.

Battery powered wall sconces

These are present in the stores currently in different assortments of size and style. They are ideal for doorways, porches & outdoors over your house and garden. Decorative wall sconces add to the attractiveness and sophistication of your homes.

Battery operated table lamps

Battery operated table lamps are available in various materials like silk, glass, and paper or metal. Lampshades and bases were frequently sold individually, but they should appear to be made for each other. Contemporary world homes have a specific requirement of quality lighting not only in their houses but also outside the home and the surrounding lawns.

Battery operated outdoor lights

These lights add to your home security or simply light up the surroundings even when there is no electricity.

Battery operated string lights

These are the ideal alternative for illuminating your yard, patio or any other occasion when an outlet is scarce. These are basically used for decoration purposes. As the string lights utilize LEDs instead of conventional incandescent bulbs, a pack of AA batteries will keep on 9 times longer.

Best Battery Operated/Powered Candles/ Battery Operated Tea Lights Reviews

The battery operated candles provide creative lighting which flickers like a real flame and furnishes a real candle effect. Romantic, warm and classic they are the finest gift for mother’s day or parties and events and can be utilized indoors or outside as birthday candle, party candle, Christmas candle, votive candle, wedding candle and decorative candle. The candles being free of flame, smoke and worries allow you to enjoy the ambiance of candlelight.

Top 5 best battery operated lights!

Home Impressions Flameless Battery Operated Candle Light With timer

This finest candle light from the House Impressions is a battery operated light with a timer. The light consists of a plastic candle which runs on 2XC batteries. Batteries are replaceable, however, are not included in the package. Candles are easy to clean and form the right pick to be used during Christmas and other special occasions.

These battery operated lights with timer further rules out the hassle of illuminating them every day manually. You can set the timer and candles would be illuminated automatically every day at the time set by you! Isn’t this amazing?


  • Carry a realistic glow and little flicker which looks like real candle
  • The timer is extremely handy and the battery does not drain out fast
  • No more trouble with tidying candle drips or concerned about going to sleep
  • The candles are perfectly safe and do not pose any fire hazard
  • The candles are nicely packaged and simple to use


  • Made up of plastic which would make them look fake from close

Battery Powered LED Tea Light Candles

These battery-powered LED tea light candles are just the right match to be used during parties and events. These LED tea light candles flicker providing an impression of real flame and create a warm ambiance imparting it a romantic touch. These candles are safe to use, they are flame free and smoke-free and are just perfect for candle light dinners as well where you need to worry about illuminating them manually.

Lights are easy to handle and can be switched on and off just with a simple switch. With a light time of 100+ hours, candles are sure to stay longer with us and LED lights can be easily replaced via tab located at the bottom. Unlike other products, candles do not look fake but look like real wax.


  • Long lifespan of 120 hours
  • Creates a perfectly romantic and warm ambiance giving an impression as if a real candle is illuminated
  • No wax spills and burnt wicks


  • Light is not as bright

Battery Operated Festival Delights Candles

This set of 6 flameless flickering candles is sure to lighten up your moods along with the place with their special effects. Giving an impression of a real wax candle, these battery operated candles are flexible and can be easily adjusted to any votive holder. Candles come equipped with 12 battery cells CR2032 along with one year warranty. Festival Delights battery operated candles form a perfect décor item to be flaunted during get-togethers, birthday parties, romantic dates and the like.


  • Works easily with any votive holder
  • Warm and soft light with realistic flicker
  • Bright lights with timer


  • Size might be disappointing for some

Divine LED Flameless Battery Powered Tea Light Candles

If you are fed up of dealing with burned wicks and cleaning candle spills, this battery operated tea light candle is for you! These fake candles are battery operated with a realistic flicker which gives them a look of a real wax candle. These are battery operated and are 100% environment-friendly with zero carbon emission, unlike real candles.

Tea light candles come with installed batteries with a light time of 100+ hours. Batteries can be easily replaced via tab from the bottom. These lights are suitable for most of the votive holders with a votive of 2 X 2 inches.


  • Can be used for a range of applications
  • They look beautiful as floating candles
  • They are wireless and can be carried anywhere
  • Looks real


  • These do not flicker much

LED Lytes Flameless Candles

Looking for a battery operated candle which could look like a real wax candle? Your prayers are answered in the form of LED Lytes flameless candles which operate on 3 AAA batteries and come with a two-year guarantee from the manufacturer! The package consists of two candles and amber yellow flame.

The candles flicker like real candles but without any wax spills and burnt wick! It is just a hassle-free alternative to creating a perfect ambiance.


  • Flickers like real candles
  • Can be used for a range of indoor and outdoor events
  • Safer than candles


  • They consume battery quickly

Buying Guide For Battery Operated/Powered Candles/ Battery Operated Tea Lights

Battery operated candles are convenient, safe and attractive over the years. Battery powered candles and tea lights seize the beauty of wax candles in a flameless, permanent battery candle. Desire the romance and mood of candles in your homes and exterior minus the hassle and smoke? Battery operated candles seem like flame lighting candles, instead, they use battery powered LED lights which slowly flicker, resembling an actual wick-burning candle. Tea lights possess a flame fashioned LED bulb flickering softly to copy the effect of an actual candle.

LED battery powered tea lights are excellent for outside gatherings due to non-exposed flame and can last nearly 100 hours with a CR2032 lithium battery. They carry an on-off switch at the bottom and are employed for weddings, holiday celebrations, party planners and interior designers.

Purpose Usage

The Festival Delights LED tealights are excellent for weddings and table-top decorations and form the finest gift for Christmas. The votive measuring 2 by 2 inches are a perfect fit for many votive holders. You can also enjoy the mild glow and relaxing ambiance of flickering pillar candles with subtle perfumes wherever you desire. These battery powered candles possess a flame-type flickering LED light. Flameless LED tea light candles are perfect if you are looking to add a dash of zing in your décor and can be perfectly even used as floating lights. They genuinely emulate actual candlelight. As these flame free battery operated wax candles are without flame or soot, they make the perfect alternative for wall hurricane wrappers, sconces, and different specialty candle sockets.


The LED Lytes battery candles resemble fire burning candles but utilize battery-operated LED lights which flicker slowly, imitating a genuine wick-burning candle. Their extensive range includes flameless candles, from pillars to votives and tea light candles. You can pick your favorite designs, colors, and aromas from the wide assortment. The brand Home Impressions sports a realistic appearance with a level top non-drip design which enables the LED bulb placed inside the wax to emit a warm candle luminescence.


The battery operated candles consist of vanilla scented real wax candle which is 8 inches tall and 3 inches wide. It incorporates an auto on/off timer with the candle automatically turning on daily and switching off after 5 hours. The LED bulb functions for 100,000 hours and the 3 AAA batteries offer over 100 hours of illumination and life of 300 hours. The real wax pillar candle has a realistic LED flame without any soot to tidy up and no wax drip or fire hazard. These battery operated candles can even be lit by a remote control. Wind-proof LED Tealights operate efficiently where fire burning candles falter. The tealights measure 1.5 inches tall with 1.5-inch diameter and are cool to touch.


The Home Impressions battery operated candle is a superb buy for its price. It appears decent from far as it is ultimately plastic. The candle utilizes C batteries enabling it to last many months with a timer As which get exhausted within one or two weeks. They are a great deal and available on Amazon. It looks quite realistic upon lighting, particularly when it is 6 inches away or further. The flickering of illumination output is quite realistic and the distortion in the light silhouette which transmits from the candle side adds to the effect. The plastic hard material of the candle doesn’t melt in outside heat.

Easy to Use

The Flameless battery operated candles will save you the hassles of cleaning candle drips or bother about going to sleep without blowing out the candles. They are perfectly safe without any danger of fire. And you don’t have to worry about dripping wax, smoke or scent. The LED Lytes battery-powered LED tea light candles are totally eco-friendly, they carry 0 carbon emission and prolonged battery life. The candles are available with pre-installed batteries which can be turned on by a simple switch.

Best Battery Operated Wall Sconces/Lights Reviews

The wall sconces are battery operated without any wiring and batteries are set up to operate them. They are a great buy, keeping in mind an array of features they provide. Let’s have a look on top 5 battery operated wall sconces.

Top 5 best battery operated wall sconces/lights

Singstek LED Motion Sensor Activated Sconce Wall Light

The Singstek motion sensor lights switch on when motion is sensed and switches off automatically after thirty seconds. There are 3 modes – high, low light and off. The light is patented, of high quality and with long operating life. It is suitable for balcony, corridor or garage.


  • The light is superb in the absence of a handy point for a nightlight
  • The bottom is quite flat to allow it to stand by the side of the stair or adjacent to a baseboard
  • Attaches to any wall or furniture with double-sided adhesive or mounting screws
  • The new white LED technology is power saving
  • Outstanding long life and is environment-friendly


  • The switches for the settings are within the cover below the battery bays

Mr. Beams Battery Operated Motion Sensing LED Lights

These wireless battery operated motion wall sconce lights are battery operated and are wireless. The lights come with an inbuilt light sensor which shuts off automatically every 20 or 60 seconds and helps in saving battery life.

These wall sconce lights are energy efficient and a single set of batteries will light 5000 LED activations. The lights are effective enough to provide a light coverage of more than 100 square feet per fixture. Motion can be detected within a range of 12 feet.


  • Weatherproof and energy efficient
  • Equipped with motion sensor
  • UV resistant housing
  • Ideal for lighting stairways, steps, bedrooms, closets, and likes


  • Light might be too dim for a few

Z-Edge LED Wall Sconce Light With Motion Sensor

Looking for a motion sensing wall sconce lights? Z-Edge wall sconces night light is the perfect fit! Operated with a set of 4 AA batteries, the lights can lighten up your place for around 1000 cycles. Based on new white LED technology, these highly power saving LEDs flaunt a long life and emit more natural light without any eye damage. The sconce lights can detect motion up to 5 meters. The lights are capable of turning on and off if no motion is detected in 15 seconds. Lights do not come with pre-installed batteries.


  • Motion detection up to 5 meter
  • Long time warranty
  • Based on new white LED technology
  • Wireless and battery operated


  • Sensor might take a bit time to respond to

It’s Exciting Lighting Wall Sconce Lights

This wall sconce light for both indoor and outdoor purposes from It’s Exciting Lighting is a perfect sconce wall light that you can easily hang on with no much ado. The sconce light comes with a timer that switches off automatically after 4 hours and comes with 24-hour memory to save energy. The light flaunts a faux burlwood textured acrylic shade which imparts a good decorating touch to the light. These battery operated lights are powered by 5 LED bulbs with a lifespan of 25,000 hours. The bulbs can emit power up to 150 hours when powered by 6 AA batteries.


  • Easy to hang and install
  • Comes with an automatic timer
  • Textured acrylic shade for decoration purposes


  • On-off switch is not satisfactory

Rite Lite LPL780C Sconce Lights by Lancer And Loader

This battery operated wireless and ultra-modern wall sconce light is sure to add stars to your home décor. With its accent lighting and easy to install features, this sconce light is widely suitable for a range of applications including, lighting your bathrooms, bedrooms, stairways, pathways, and likes. The wall lights showcase an extreme level of finesse with its chrome finish white shade and are lightened up by LEDs which are powered by 3AA batteries. The lights can be easily switched on and off or can be dimmed through push button operation. The lights do not come with batteries but are equipped with a screw and EZ-mount bracket for easy installation.


  • Chrome finish flaunts an extreme level of finesse
  • Adds stars to your home decor
  • Elegant lighting
  • Easy to install


  • Light might not be as bright

How to Buy Battery Operated Wall Sconces/Lights

Battery powered wall sconces are readily available in the market in a various range of size and style. They help by avoiding the use of excessive energy of electricity. They are ideal for doorways, porches, exteriors of your homes and around your garden. Decorative wall sconces lend beauty and sophistication to your house.

Purpose Usage

Singstek battery powered wall sconces furnish an amicable and homely appearance to your house, particularly in the rooms. Wall sconces do not require any electrician for their installation and you can do it yourself by following the instructions which save your money. Simply hang them or with glue and straps and they are ready and done. The Rite Lite wall sconce affords an elegant appearance to your house and is designed perfectly with chrome It’s exciting lighting wall sconce can be installed at restaurants due to its happy and colorful illumination. The Z-edge wall sconce adds to the glamor of your room due to its superb angle which is ideal for indoor usage.


Choose from the huge selection of wall sconces to adorn your home with rare and battery powered wall sconce to give a gracious look to your home. Focus on the affordable range of different brands to light up your home. The Rite Lite Battery Powered LED Classic Chrome Wall Sconce features LED lights which can last 100,000 hours and have a one-touch on/off button with a dimming option. It has a classic chrome finish and white cone-shaped shade. The Mr.Beams battery operated wall sconce is motion activated and is wall mountable. Other brands include Signstek 10 LED Sconce Wall Light, Z-Edge Wall Sconce and It’s Exciting Lighting Wall Sconce.


It’s Exciting Lighting battery powered burlwood style wall sconce hangs conveniently on a nail or adhesive hook and does not require any electrical work. The timer switches off automatically after four hours and an alternate 24-hour memory which switches on the light at the same moment daily. The simple to mount back plate carries 5 long lasting LED bulbs lasting up to 25,000 hours. It functions up to 150 hours on 6 AA batteries and is excellent for power outages. The sensor detects ambient light and does not switch on if the light is present in the room.


The Z-edge battery operated wall sconces are highly efficient with new white LED technology which is power saving, has extended long life, radiates light more uniformly minimizing damage to the eye, gentle on the environment and suitable for any type of location. The wall sconce has patented light, is of high quality with long operating life.

Easy to Use

Battery operated wall sconces eliminate the necessity for repairing the holes in the walls caused by the electrician while running wires across the wall and saves money. They can be easily installed by you by yourself, by following the basic instructions of the manufacturer. They function similar to plug in wall sconces and highly convenient to install. Simply hang them on the wall as a picture, or glue them to the wall with Velcro tapes or straps.

Best Battery Operated Table Lamps Reviews

Love late night reading but your partner sleeps early? Well, you need battery operated table lamps!

Top 5 Best Battery Operated Table Lamps

ZEEFO Retro Night Light

The Zeefo Retro LED Night Light has 3 modes – Auto (motion sensor on), the light won’t illuminate in daylight when it’s quite bright; on (lasting light, motion sensor deactivated); Off. Light automatically switches on when passed within a distance of 6 feet from the sensor and automatically switches off after 15-20 seconds. It is operated by 3x1.5V AAA batteries and does not require wiring. Its featherweight and portable design is perfect for everywhere home use.

The energy-efficient LEDs offer super-bright permanent lighting the daylight sensor turns on the light only when dark thereby conserving battery life. The brushed copper appearance base imparts the lamp a graceful feel with the opaque vertically cylindrical lamp saving space and delivering exquisite soft illumination.


  • Compact design enables it to be packed for any excursion
  • The warm yellow light is extremely soothing compared to the shining, headache causing LED lights making it ideal for camping trips
  • Switches on automatically


  • The batteries need to be replaced frequently if the lamp is heavily used

Ivation Motion Sensing Table Lamp

Ever wanted a motion detecting table lamp which would switch itself on and off just by detecting your movements? Well, here it is! Powered by 6 LEDs and geared up by a set of 3 AA batteries, this LED table lamp comes equipped with dual zones. You can choose to light up the entire body for soft light, can choose to light up its shade for stronger light or can make use of both zones for maximum lighting. The table lamp is power efficient and can run up to 2 days continuously on 3 AA batteries. Light modes can be easily selected manually or can be set to automatic.


  • Comes with 3 light modes
  • Powered by 6 LEDs
  • Energy efficient
  • Motion detecting


  • Short range for detecting motion

BOYON Reading Lamp for Kids

If you are always worried for your kids’ eyes while they read, this special eye care LED lamp from Boyon is what you need! The table lamp is based on advance luminous technology that emits clean and natural light with no dazzling and strobe flash. The light emitted is soft and does not harm kids’ eyes. This LED powered table lamp has touch detecting switches through which you can adjust the brightness as per your needs. The lamp is portable and foldable and thus depicts ease of access.


  • Safe for eyes and kids
  • Touch detecting switches
  • Easily adjust brightness
  • Portable and foldable


  • No cons as such

Fulcrum Wireless Table Lamp

This wireless table lamp by Fulcrum is LED powered and can be used for multitude applications. The table lamp is powered by a 60-lumen bulb and is equipped with touch top operation. The table lamp is geared up to a set of 3 AA batteries which can power the lamp up to 36 hours when used continuously. The touch top operation allows you to instantly turn the light on and off simply by touching its top.


  • Touch top operation
  • Can be used for a range of applications
  • Wireless


  • Dull light even for small areas

Fulcrum Wireless Motion Sensor Table Light

Based on LED floodlight technology, this motion detecting table lamp light from the house of Fulcrum provides ultra-bright light with wide area coverage and no glare. The table lamp is wireless and easy to install. You just need to place it on the surface you want to use it and it is done. The table lamp comes with two modes – motion sensing and always on. Motions sensing mode would switch it on and off depending on your motion whereas always on mode would keep in on every time. The lamp is powered by a set of 4 C batteries which are not pre-installed.


  • Based on LED floodlight technology
  • Clean glare-free lights
  • Dual modes


  • Not a long life

Tips To Choose Battery Operated Table Lamps Or Lamps

The battery operated table lamps are gaining in popularity as houses do not have numerous power outlets to cater to lighting requirements. Besides, it is a centerpiece of interior decoration also as it is artistic to have lamps placed on the console table at the back of the couch and that too cordless. The LED battery powered lamps are rechargeable lamps and have inbuilt diodes that alter color inside your bookshelves or around picture frames. You can use them to light up your favorite storage space.


The lamps are useful when there is a power outage as it illuminates well using only three AA batteries. It can be used as vanity light or its LED light emits bright light for reading or as a workplace light. As they are wireless, they brighten up areas that lack outlets for immediate illumination. They are also great for offices and camping purposes. Zeefo table lamp makes great bedside lamp and even add stars to your bedroom.


Zeefo table lamps are built for intelligent reading and you can adjust them to auto mode for movement sensing. They have an inter-linked light and motion sensors which trigger its LED array if it senses motion at a radius of 4 meters. The lights remain turned on for 15 seconds after the halting of motion.

Ivation battery operated table lamps are light- weight dual zone lamps. They are energy efficient and illuminates for long hours on one set of batteries. In the SHADE mode, these lamps can radiate light non-stop for 48 hours. In the BODY mode till 22 hours continuously and combined SHADE plus BODY mode till 18 hours persistently.

No wiring is needed as they can be powered by 3x1.5VAAA batteries. They are safer than the wired lamps. There are camping lamps which have wire loops for hanging while camping or to suspend from above the tent. The wire can also be retracted for a better appeal when unused.


The Fulcrum Light IT brand with 12 LED touch light available in bronze, silver, green and pearl white colors has 60-lumen bulb. It is multipurpose and has touch-top functions. It constitutes both tabletop and handheld utility. The high-performance LED doesn’t require replacement and the 3AA batteries can operate the lamp for continuous 36 hours.

The Boyon Dimmable Eye Care is an awesome desk lamp by the brand Boyon. Its radiant light emits a cascade of light to work or study. Its sparkling white light is soothing and does not result in any eye strain. The lamp offers three brightness levels to pick from so as to customize the brightness. A gentle tap on the power button at the base circulates the brightness parameters namely the first level, second level, third and brightness level. It then turns off and restarts again back to the first level. The adjustable arm of the lamp contains 2 rows of lights with each row sporting 9 bulbs. Its total 18 bulbs present a flood of light that just does not blur your eyes.

The Ivation 6-LED Battery powered Motion Sensing Desk lamp has multi-zone illumination which is lighting body only, lamp shade only or simply both. It's adaptable power options of inserting 3AA Batteries or link a DC 5 V Adapter. It is energy saving and can operate till 48 continuous hours on batteries. The light modes can be selected and manipulated manually or automatically. The shade emits 40 lumens whereas the body beams 20 lumens and when jointly turned on it emits a total of 60 lumens.

Ease of Use

The battery operated lamps are very convenient to use. You have to just touch the lamp top for instant illumination and touch again to turn it off. The motion sensing table lamps contain a switch at its base which let you conveniently toggle across the lighting zones. If you require a softer light for resting you can turn the shade only. A stronger light would need you to turn on specifically the body. If a bright light emission is required for multiple applications you can turn on both the body and the shade.


The lamp shades are modern designed and are certified frustration free. They are compact even though some of them may be lightweight and portable. The Ivation table lamp is made up of plastic with a matte finish and still looks stylish. Whereas, Zeefo table lamp flaunts a perfect combination of plastic, crystal, and metal and looks ultimately classic.

Best Battery Operated Outdoor Lights/ Camping Lantern Reviews

Out for camping and felt the need of some outdoor lights? Well, here is a well-compiled list to help you here!

Top 5 Best Rated battery operated outdoor lights

Mr. Beams Weatherproof Battery Powered Outdoor Lights

It has simple wireless installation and a LED light coverage that can span 400 square feet and is powered by 4 D-Cell batteries. The Led spotlight can be turned on and off automatically by the motion sensor. Its 300 Lumen light intensity makes it among the brightest wireless spotlights in the market including the solar models available.

Its battery conserving feature to turning off instantly after 15-20 minutes if there is no movement is an advantage. The LED light can be easily rotated for angle adjustment to make the light shine.

This is amongst the best battery lighting and the spotlight has a matte finish and emits 60 watts


  • Battery Powered
  • Can be set up anywhere with only 2 screws and has a super convenient installation
  • A terrific sensor that gets triggered by only humans and animals
  • Finely built from ABS plastics and designed to withstand rough weather
  • Weatherproof


  • Battery life dependent on the frequency of times it is switched on daily

TaoTronics Motion Sensor Outdoor Spotlight

This outdoor spotlight from the house of TaoTronics is what you need to power up your camps and outdoors. The outdoor light is capable of detecting motion and can turn itself on or off by detecting your motion up to 25 m with its 120-degree sensor. The outdoor Led lights are weatherproof and are capable of withstanding harsh climate. The lights are powered up by 4 D-cell alkaline batteries. The outdoor lights are capable of lighting up to 400 square feet of coverage with its 2 LEDs that emit 300 lumens of light.


  • Motion detecting
  • Can provide coverage of 400 square feet
  • Easy to install
  • Bright lights


  • No cons as such

Etekcity Outdoor LED Lantern

Looking for a camping lantern that would illuminate your camping site? Here you go! This is an ultra-bright camping lantern powered by 30 LED bulbs. The camping lantern can light up to 12 hours continuously on an AA battery that comes included with the lantern. The camping lantern flaunts a robust build and durability. It’s extremely lightweight design makes it easier to carry around while you are out.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry and suspend
  • Bright enough


  • Light is too strong to see anything past it

AYL Starlight Camping Lantern

AYL starlight camping lantern is a perfect lantern to rely upon during hiking, camping, outages, hurricanes and other outdoor activities and emergencies. The lantern is shockproof and is powered by long-lasting batteries. The lantern is weatherproof along with shockproof which makes it a perfect pick to be used outdoors. The battery can power 600 lumens Led bulb for 6 days straight when used continuously which makes it a powerful lantern. The lamp comes with 3 lighting mode consisting of flashing strobe, high and low. Depending on your needs and requirements of the lighting, you can adjust the power accordingly.


  • Reliable, strong and robust
  • Shockproof and weatherproof
  • 3 lighting modes


  • Priced a bit high

MalloMe Camping Lantern Flashlight

MalloMe camping lantern flashlight is an ideal lantern to be used during backpacking, hiking, fishing, and during emergencies. The lantern features an ultra-bright 360 degree 126 lumen LED which is ROHS approved. The lantern is foldable and easy to carry along. The lantern is available in 4 colors including golden brown, blue, green and black. The LED has a lifespan of 100,000 hours and is a multi-purpose essential for a range of applications.


  • Robust and reliable
  • ROHS approved
  • Foldable and easy to carry


  • No cons as such

Tips on Buying Best Battery Operated Outdoor Lights/Camping Lantern

Battery operated outdoor lights cater to a range of purposes. They are the perfect pick during hiking and outdoor activities, in camping and even come handy during emergencies. The ideal outdoor light should be resistant to harsh weather and durable enough. The lantern should also be lightweight, foldable and easy to carry along outside. Here are a few factors that you need to consider in order to make a smart purchase:


Mr. Beam 300 lumen Spotlight outdoor lights can illuminate your complete garden, driveway, patio or entrance and are the best outdoor motion sensor lights. It has a vertical coverage of 135 degrees and a horizontal rotation of 180 degrees. The outdoor solar lanterns that are ideal for camping are collapsible, easily carried and comprising of energy conserving 30 LED Bulbs compared to the spotlights. They are powered by 6AA batteries while the spotlights use 4D Alkaline batteries. TaoTronics outdoor lights are perfect to be installed outside the house. Their motion detection feature makes them perfect for a range of applications.


Outdoor battery powered spotlights are wireless installations and you can set them up anywhere without any requirement of close- by power outlets. Taotronics outdoor spotlights come with motion detection feature and can automatically switch on and off depending on the movement detected. The camping lanterns like those from AYL starlight and Etekcity portable camping lanterns are perfect for hiking, camping and likes.


The solar outdoor lights created by Tao Tronics and their TT-HSL003 Battery-operated, wireless motion light are ultra bright with 300 Lumens. With a capacity of 6 W, they are enough bright to perform spot lighting. Operates efficiently both indoors as well as outdoors and completely weatherproof. The warranty details are laid out on the manufacturer’s website. Besides, Mr. Beams spotlights also meet the purpose just perfectly.

The Solar lanterns from Etekcity equipped with 30 low generated LED bulbs built for longer lifespan emit 360 degrees of luminous light at the same time conserves energy too. It’s a lightweight lantern that can illuminate nearly 12 hours continuously. It comes with 10 years warranty which is maximum, compared to the ones given by other outdoor light manufacturers. The outdoor LED lantern brand AYL Starlight, however, offers a lifetime warranty along with a money back guarantee.


The portable outdoor lantern produced by the brand Etekcity has a 60LM lumen which is lower when compared to the outdoor lantern brand AYL Starlight whose LED bulbs radiate an output of 600 Lumen. Its 600-lumen ultra bright lighting is greater than the Mr. Beam spotlights emitting 300 lumens.

Besides, the AYL Starlight also has low, high and a flashing strobe lighting modes. You can select your favorite mode by cycling the switch button. It can be installed exactly everywhere with its hook at the bottom and its convex reflector cap emits 360 lighting which can be detached to achieve focused lighting. It also has a sturdy exterior like the outdoor spotlights with its watertight frame added by its plastic molding and rubber for greater water safeguard. It uses economical 3D batteries and easily visible in the dark with its green LED indicator.

The Etekcity outdoor LED camping Lanterns do not have the various lighting modes to be used in different environments like the AYL lantern.

Easy to Use

The outdoor spotlights are easy to install being wireless installations and can be fitted with just 2 screws. The base of the motion sensor lights that are screwed to the surface is removable which helps in easy installation. After the base gets installed one just have to rejoin both pieces and twist the knob sideways to tighten. The outdoor lantern AYL Starlight contains a hook below that can be easily set anywhere.

Best Battery Operated String lights/Battery Operated Christmas Lights Reviews

With Christmas round the corner, string lights are an essential requirement for house décor purposes. Further, string lights also meet a range of purposes from decorating your house to celebrating a special occasion. If you too are looking for some outstanding string lights, we have got the best one covered for you!

Top 4 Best Battery operated string lights

Innotech 30 LED String Lights

This battery operated string light with 30 LEDs are perfect for Christmas decoration, indoor wedding decoration, bedroom decoration and birthday parties. The string lights are powered by a battery and are very easy to use. The string light is made up of high-quality material and has low radiation with no pollution at all. They have high brightness and are power saving. The string lights can help you save 70% energy and they flaunt a lifetime which is 4 times the lifetime of an ordinary incandescent string light.


  • Power saving
  • Bright and eco-friendly
  • Long lifespan


  • Quality is not very good

GDealer String Lights

The battery powered string lights are made from top-quality wire material and have high brightness and minimal radiation. You just need to place the batteries inside and the light works brilliantly. It has an on/off switch and has a remote control.

Equipped with a timing function, the string lights have a set timer which can keep the lights on for 6 hours on and 18 hours off every day. The brightness of the lights can be easily adjusted with its 13 keys remote control. The lights come with 3 lighting modes consisting of fade, flash, and strobe. The lights are waterproof and come with 180 days money back guarantee.


  • Waterproof, durable and portable
  • Come with 3 lighting modes
  • Automatic timer
  • 180 days money back guarantee


  • Tiny bulbs in string

Dailyart LED Battery Powered String Light

This string light from the house of Dailyart is 13 feet in length and flaunts 40 non-friable globes which are made up of translucent plastic. LEDs are used as bulbs to ensure that the light is bright and eco-friendly. These string lights are powered by a battery and are geared up by a set of 3 AA batteries for charging.

These string lights come with 3 modes to choose from – flash and steady on.


  • Two modes to choose from
  • Globes are non-friable as made up of translucent plastic
  • Waterproof battery


  • Sophisticated

RTGS 2 Sets String Lights Battery Powered

RTGS string light is based on 5 feet ultra thin wire made up of silver which has 15 micro LED lights connected to it. The battery of the string lights is not only small and clear but is easy to hide as well. The lights are powered by 2 CR2032 batteries which come pre-installed with the lights and are capable of providing 24 hours of continuous power. The lights can bent, and are sturdy and robust enough to be used for decoration purposes. The lights come with 2-year warranty and come with a promise of long lasting durability.


  • Look very pretty even when they do not lighten up
  • Perfect fairy lights to decorate small places
  • Look immensely beautiful
  • It is flexible and can be stored conveniently. These lights are waterproof and also portable
  • Power and Energy saver
  • The lights are flexible and can be easily bent and do not get heated quickly and stay cool


  • Battery gets drained quite quickly

Factors to consider when buying Battery Operated String Lights

The battery operated String and Christmas lights are ideal for Christmas decoration or Valentine’s Day Party and for both indoor home bedroom or Birthday party. These can be also be used at commercial places and are ideal for use in restaurants or small business. They are waterproof and can enhance any home décor.


The string lights have a wide application and can be used to glitter indoor homes as well as commercial enterprises. You can decorate them for your Wedding or Christmas party. You can place Innotech string lights on your table as a showpiece or hang them on the ceiling or on your mailbox outside where normally your extension cord can’t reach. They appear great as garden decorators.

The Globe string light contain starry fairy light that spruces up garden or wedding décor. They are 13 feet strands composed of copper wire. They are micro drops of light placed on the lightweight wire and are terrific for floral designs. They have a lifespan of 150 hours with a single set of 3 AA batteries.

The Gdealer string lights are best suited for special parties and weddings and have weatherproof seals. They are outdoor lights to deck up a restaurant, outdoor installations. They appear stunning as outliners for building or hanging on patios.


The RTGS battery operated string lights are 5 ft long and have 15 LED Bulb arrangements l. The silver wire made string has a small and cute battery box. They are powered by 2 batteries and. The lights are flexible and can be easily bent. These lights offer blinking and various lighting patterns.

The 13 feet Globe string lights comprise of 40 non-friable globes which are built from translucent plastic compared to the glass globes. The globes are placed at a 4-inch distance and every globe has a diameter of 0.7 inches. The switching modes vary from Steady to Flash in the LED bulbs compared to the conventional incandescent bulb.


The GDealer starry string lights come along with a timer. Their 33 ft long string light with 15 keys remote control is just the right fit. It is battery operated along with a remote control for outdoor or indoor décor. These are displayed in warm white color.

The Brand RTGS Products offer the authentic product. The two sets containing 15 white lights silver wire are perfect for lawn and garden decorations.


The string lights from GDealer are waterproof and are made from top quality copper wire. The 3 modes string lights have a timing set up with a set timer that keeps the lights 6hours on and 18 hours off daily. It has low radiation and no pollution. It is safe and eco-friendly. LED is 70% energy saver and four times the longevity of incandescent string lights. RTGS 2 sets 15 warm white string lights are made up of silver wire and look beautiful even when they are not on. They can be easily bent and look flawless. Globe string 13 feet light with 40 translucent globes are made up of plastic to avoid breakage.


The LED battery generated lights are built from high-performance LED chips. These cordless lights come with useful features like motion sensing, lumen capacity, automatic switch modes and extended battery life. They appear in various forms like solar lanterns, motor sensing floodlights, string lights, outdoor lights or the battery generated tea lights that have transformed the candle industry.

They have become popular because of their easy installation and can be stuck anywhere and due to its battery powered LED bulbs, they have served the purpose of clamp-on lights and have lit up kitchen countertops, garages, workbench as well as occasions like birthdays, Christmas and weddings.

For outdoor lighting, the motor sensing Spotlights stand out due to their weather-proof and motion sensing features. The string lights are excellent decorative lights for all occasions and the flameless candles deliver both safety and comforting illumination inside the room. These lights have eliminated the need for an extension cord and are extremely handy, portable and can be used as camping lanterns also.

To sum up, every type of light has its own pros and cons. While battery powered lights promise you portability and durability, string lights have their own uses and no light can beat them for decoration purposes. Outdoor lights are a must for outdoor purposes and wall sconce lights form a great option for lighting up staircases, pathways, bathrooms and the likes. Table lamps are a must if you are an avid night reader or if you are concerned about your kids’ eyes. Depending on your utility, each light has its own significance.

Best Battery Operated/Powered Lights Reviews
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