Best Battery Operated Fans with Reviews (Top 5 for choice)

There are several accessories that elude most people’s opinion which can easily bring them more comfort to work in places like in front of a computer or maybe in the study on a hot summer afternoon. Among these, one quintessential item is a portable fan. Laptops in general tend to get heated up easily and most people face the inconvenience of feeling stifling hot and sweaty when typing directly without the use of an external keyboard. Be it while typing out an excel spreadsheet or gaming across the net, small portable fans have manifold reasons in spite of being pretty inexpensive. And that’s when best battery operated fans come into the picture.

Portable fans traditionally generate the image of a noisy, black block of cage and blades powered by a USB cable or adapter. Indeed there are many old fans on the market which shall fail to cater to the demands of today. Forget the old, bring in the new! Battery operated fans are the new deal. With their sleek design, extra mobility, reduced noise, these are guaranteed to create the ideal workplace environment, as also perfect to carry with you on picnics or camping trips.

Important questions which will help you settle on the best battery operated fans


Will it fit in my study or computer table? Or maybe in my backpack when I go hiking?


Will it blow my hair back? How fast will it dry me off after the baseball game?


Does it have high and low changing options? To what limits can I customize the speed?


Can I charge it with any USB power cord? Will it work through the same if I run out of batteries?


Surely one fall from the table won’t break or damage it? How long anyway before I need to find a new one?


Can I carry it around? Do these fans come with a handle or contractible mechanism?

Child Safe

Can I leave my kids in front of it and take a phone call without having to find them with any fewer fingers?


How many batteries do I need to buy? How soon can they be charged?


How long will it work on a single set of batteries or one round of full charge?

Searched them up? Overwhelmed by the array of models? Check out the following best battery operated fans.

Top 5 Best Battery Operated Fans Reviews


One of the most popular fan makers on the market, O2COOL’s fans come in a multitude of sizes, several power sources to pick from and high quality blades for the best cooling experience. The O2COOL 10 inch portable fan also follows through a very good, sturdy build and a clever, sleek design that helps to push more air without too much of a powerful motor. It requires 6 D-cell batteries which are sadly not included in the kit, but are enough to provide power to keep running at least a full day.

As an added feature the model works on an AC adapter, included in the pack. It has a built in handle and is extremely lightweight for its power at a meager 2.3 pounds which helps you move around and even carry the fan easily even within a small backpack. With two speed modes to adjust to your liking and a very reliable, patented and long-lasting blade, this is as good as it gets for the price.


  • Very powerful
  • Quite affordable
  • Stalwart construction


  • Batteries not included


Bluboon presents a great clip on portable battery operated fan with a wide range of cover thanks to its angle adjustable 360 degree horizontal and vertical rotation without dead ends. Its sleek look, unique clip-on design and solid, brawny structure this bluboon fan ticks off many of your requirement boxes for the best battery operated fan. The speed can be amply adjusted and provides great cooling with its sturdy blades.

The fan can run easily up to six hours on a fully charged 18650 battery and can be also used and charged via a USB cable. The clip on is strong and attaches pretty much anywhere within its size and fan weight (10.4 ounces) be it furniture or the window sill. Unlike some fans, bluboon kept your electricity bill in mind as the fan has low power consumption in spite of providing a great breeze. The fan comes with a carrier handle which makes carrying it around no deft problem.


  • Environment friendly
  • Long battery life
  • Low power consumption


  • Only one speed mode while charging


Skygenius offers a stunning battery operated fan sure to lure computer users tired of having to take a break from time to time from getting all hot and sultry. It’s compact and unique design adds a bonus due to a small clip at the bottom. Maybe not the sturdiest structure, but still it sports a max wind speed of 75 ft/second. The model weighs just 273 grams and generates very little noise.

The fan’s vigorous, trouble-free to use, petite and works with a USB cable as well as 18650 batteries, thankfully included in the kit. At full charge the fan works well upto six hours. The USB cable, when connected, can also charge the batteries. The fan speed can be regulated within an ample range and the fan itself covers a wide range with its 360 degree vertical and horizontal rotation.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • High fan speeds
  • Wide range of speed


  • Construction is poorer than contemporary fans


This is one of the most innovative, multipurpose and practical fan with its exclusive handheld as well as foldable design which permits you to use it both like a handheld fan or a desktop fan. It also comes with a clip on feature, suited best to use as an umbrella hanging when you walk out on a hot summer noon. It uses the typical 18650 2000 mA replaceable battery included in the set which enables it to keep cooling you for upto 6-8 hours. The micro USB charging cable conveniently helps you use it with computer or mobile phone.

The structure is solidly made of high quality ABS and is pressure resilient, weighing a regular 8 ounces. Power consumption is managed efficiently without hampering wind strength. The fan is adjustable to any and all angles and the handgrip is 180 degree foldable. Indeed its manifold use makes it one of the most sought after and also among the best battery operated fans out there.


  • Multipurpose design
  • Brushless motor increases durability


  • No cons as such


Honeywell is known for its assortment of fans including portable, small battery operated ones. The HTF090B Turbo is yet another great specimen of this genre. Noted for being one of the smallest fans available, the Turbo is trimly structured, feathery light at a shocking 0.6 ounces, easy to use or carry and resiliently constructed. The fan is also provided with a carrying handle to accompany you wherever you need.

It’s powered by 4 AA batteries (unfortunately not included in the package) or can be connected via a USB cable (provided in the set). Its tiny size makes it a favorite for youths spending prolonged hours at a gaming console or pc. The only downside is that the fan speed is not adjustable even though by no means insufficient, but at its cheap value you’ll have a hard time finding a better deal.


  • Extremely compact and light
  • Totally affordable
  • Carrying handle enhances portability


  • Fan speed not adjustable
  • Batteries not included in the kit

Quick Guide for Buying best one

Before you decide on any best battery operated fan, here are a few factors that you should pay stress upon:

The purpose of usage

It is essential that you have a proper look on the purpose of your usage. If you want to have an adjustable fan speed, Honeywell turbo might not be the right fit. However, if you want a compact and lightweight fan to carry along wherever you go, both Honeywell and Skygenius are perfect. If you want a battery operated fan with durable battery, Bluboon is the way to go.


There are various people who pay a special emphasis on the brands of the battery operated fans. If you too are one of those, it is highly recommended to go for Version Tech multipurpose fan. Bluboon, Skygenius and Honeywell are also the top picks.


You should also pay a close look on the kind of features that you expect to have. Dual check the speed, battery life, portability, weight and other essential features before you buy a battery operated fan.


Quality of the battery operated fan is another essential criterion that you should pay attention on. Version tech multipurpose fan is known for its quality and is lightweight, silent and foldable.


Still can’t make up your mind? Hell-bent on finding out the best battery operated fan? First try to understand this that at the end of the day the best is which suits you the most. How, where and for how long you use the fan at a go entails how much a product shall be to your penchant. The best of the five described here are undoubtedly the O2COOL 10 inch portable fan and the Version Tech multipurpose portable fan.

If you’re a traveler, and often have to venture out into parts known and unknown, no matter how the weather, the latter is the one for you. If your job necessitates you to stay at home and for prolonged hours in front the computer, the former is more idyllically suited for you.

Best Battery Operated Fans with Reviews (Top 5 for choice)
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