The Battery Tender® USB Charger

The Battery Tender®USB Charger changes the game with a convenient universal USB connection that connects to your existing Battery Tender®, allowing you to charge any USB compatible device with ease.

No more lost GoPro footage, no more dead smartphones and an end to getting lost when your GPS gives up the ghost.

Whether a casual weekend rider or someone out on the asphalt daily, at some point every rider experiences the dreaded power outage as their phone or GPS system runs out of juice.

Charging electronics on a motorcycle or ATV has been an awkward, complicated affair for too long, with a mix of trickle chargers and different leads needed for a multitude of devices, as well as the added danger of overloading the battery and increasing terminal corrosion and wear.

How does it work

It uses the charge from your existing Battery Tender®, connecting via the SAE battery harness. Using the power from the Battery Tender® means that the proper voltage is maintained within your battery and the charging of your devices doesn’t result in any damaging effects which are often caused by regular trickle chargers.

Using the charger is as easy as plugging it into the SAE harness and simply attaching your device to the USB connection. Another advantage of the this USB Charger’s connection system is that your bike doesn’t have to be on for your devices to charge, so you can power up even when you’re not on the road.

What battery/voltage is used for charging

This Charger runs off of any regular 12v battery system, stepping down the voltage to the USB compliance standard of 5v at the USB output which means your devices charge at the same rate that they would at home.

What makes it special

Designed to be used with any 12v battery and with a power output of 2.1 amps, it really is a state-of-the-art portable masterstroke with a host of convenient features and the high quality construction that has become a trademark of reputed batteries and accessories.

  • It’s portable: Measuring just over 5” long and less than 2” thick, it does away with unnecessary bulk and fits snugly in your pocket.
  • It’s waterproof:With a waterproof body and rubber flaps that protect your charger and battery connectors even the heaviest rain doesn’t interfere with charging.
  • It’s versatile:It comfortably charges iPhones, iPads, iPods, GPS systems, cameras, smartphones or any device that be charged via a regular USB input.
  • It’s quick.Not only does it charge your devices at an enviable rate,it connects and disconnects easily with one quick and easy click. No extra leads. No hassle.


In short, the Battery Tender® USB Charger makes powering up on the go simple, safe, and stress-free and is an essential piece of kit for any bike or ATV rider. It is a very handy device and is a must have to lead a hassle free life. However, be careful before buying one as there are many cheap range alternatives available in the market.

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