Battery Tender 022-0157-1

Battery Tender 022-0157-1 is handy little device, that make sure your vehicle doesn’t overcharge, while maintaining the battery charge over a period of time. This device doesn’t need removing once your vehicle is charged. Further, the product also ensures that the batteries remain fully charged and keep them away from damage.

Using a battery tender is the way to accomplish this and this is what this product is all about. These are much more sophisticated than normal chargers since they use state of the art technology.

The Benefits of having this Battery Tender

  • It is compact in size but in a heavy duty case, while is also waterproof. This makes it a very durable and reliable option. Compactness and durability are two of the most wanted features you may need to have in your battery tender. And this one has it all
  • It uses a 4 stage charging system which makes sure all batteries are fully charged before will maintain the charge in an appropriate way so that your battery will be functional and ready to go whenever you need to use it
  • It is vibration resistant and you will not have to worry about any interruptions in charge supply while it has been connected
  • Features a 72 hour safety timer to prevent reverse polarity and short circuiting. It will help you avoid any hazards that might harm your battery
  • Uses a steel casing to make sure it’s safe from all external elements
  • Ships with 2 year warranty to ensure quality results every time you use it
  • If your devices tend to sit around for a long while without getting used, and if you want to protect those expensive batteries, then this battery tender is all you need
  • Uses microprocessors to control power electronic circuit, which enables it to perform a number of advanced charging functions, much beyond the ability of normal chargers
  • Amazingly reliable, just plug it in and it will handle all the rest. There is no need of any other hassle

How to Use it

  • Set up power cords of AC and DC for the Battery Tender, to make sure they don’t get caught in any mobile part of the vehicle
  • Verify whether your vehicle has a negative or positive ground system. Negative has the negative post for the battery connected to your vehicle and for positive, it’s the positive post connected to your vehicle
  • If it’s a negative ground system, connect the positive clip to the positive battery post and the negative clip to the vehicle’s chassis. The chassis should be connected to the engine block or another thick metal part of the frame. Lighter parts should be avoided
  • If it’s a positive ground system, connect the negative clip to negative battery post and positive clip to the vehicle’s chassis
  • Plug the AC power to some electrical outlet
  • Set the charging mode; bulk mode is battery is between 0 and 75%, absorption mode if 75% to 100% or storage maintenance mode if fully charged
  • Learn what the lights on the Battery Tender mean. Steady red light means the battery is currently charging. Steady green light, indicates the battery has been charged full and a flashing green light means that the battery is above 80% charged

Make sure to follow the specific way. It will guarantee the function of battery tender. Setting it up in your own way may grant you success, but it is better to keep away from all doubts and worries by following the best procedure. This procedure is set up by the company itself so it is the most reliable.


Battery Tender 022-0157-1 will prove to be useful to you, no matter what vehicle you own. Maybe you own a bike, or a boat, which sit unused for a long time? Battery tenders preserve the life of these batteries. These are beneficial to those who operate chargeable devices, appliances or any other type of equipment. This is the new modern way to charge our stuff which gives us the full confidence of safety, preservation and security.

Battery Tender 022-0157-1
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