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How long does Life of A Car Battery Last

The battery is the heart and soul of any vehicle. That little box powers everything, from providing the initial jolt to get the engine started to keeping the radio playing your favorite tunes. Without it your car just wouldn’t work. Car batteries are rechargeable lead-acid batteries and while the life of a car battery has […]

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Heavy Duty Battery Charger

When dealing with trucks, construction equipment, fleets, and other power machinery, heavy duty battery chargers are the only ones suitable to refuel their cells. Based on the type of electrical systems and their applications, different battery systems and configurations are called for. The best way to consider these chargers is to understand how one of their several […]

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(Reserve Capacity) RC Car Battery Charger

Car batteries get old and weak, and some high-end electric RC cars do not tag along batteries to suit their design. A RC car battery charger is therefore quite essential. In fact you are going to have to seek one out sooner or later. Keep your options open; see if you are at a sales […]

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How To Use A Car Battery Charger

To learn how to use a car battery charger right you do not rush in chargers blazing. There are preliminary steps to follow to ensure maximum effectiveness. This is followed by different methods for when the battery is inside the car as opposed to when it is outside.​ Preliminary Battery Charger StepsThe area around the battery […]

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The Battery Tender USB Charger

The Battery Tender USB Charger changes the game with a convenient universal USB connection that connects to your existing battery tender, allowing you to charge any USB compatible device with ease. No more lost GoPro footage, no more dead smartphones and an end to getting lost when your GPS gives up the ghost.Whether a casual […]

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