38 Benefits of Solar Energy in our Life

A Renewable and Sustainable Alternative Energy for a brighter future

As technology supersedes the mundane tasks that we humans undergo every single day, everything is accessible with a touch of a button, single swipe on your device or even by simple voice commands. We are indeed in the era of the future where everything is made very convenient for us. With all the genius minds, the power of the internet, high technology machinery and equipment, there is no more excuse to not excel.

Electricity, energy, and power have been utilized in massive amounts in both commercial and industrial facilities. With the exhaustion of fuel sources, electricity is slowly cascading to the brink of scarcity. Why should we all be concerned? How will you be able to enjoy that long, luxurious bubble bath to destress from work without electricity? How would you be able to savor that hot, creamy gourmet coffee that you just learned how to make? You’d still want to impress your friends with your newly acquired skills.

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Since everyone takes comfort in the benefits that electricity give, all of us should be concerned with the negative impact it can bring. Our home is full of wonderful tools powered by fossil fuels. Your baking tools need electricity to help you make those scrumptious meals. Even our kids enjoy the luxury of having available power when they watch their favorite cartoons or play video games. The entire world does. That means every single one of us.

Solar energy as a power source is increasingly becoming popular due to the advantages it can bring to the entire mankind. How can we benefit from the powerful rays of the sun? There are five dimensions in which solar power offers a plethora of advantages-environment, health, household, economic and financial benefits.

benefits of solar energy

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  1. Solar energy reduces air pollution

In the society’s effort to provide the world with convenience, it has neglected to see the devastating effects fossil fuels can bring. Pollution in all forms was reported to be aggravated with the mass production of these fuels.The electricity that is generated from fossil fuels like coals and natural gas, generates harmful by-products that are destroying our atmosphere and ozone layer.

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A myriad of harmful gases is being released into the very air that we breathe every time electricity is generated, these includes the following:

  • Carbon dioxide
  • Methane
  • Greenhouse gases

In an average household using 7.092 kilowatts of electricity annual, there is about 5253 pounds of coal consumed a year. That is just for one household. What about that café next to your neighborhood that has been baking goodies 8-10 hours in a day? Mother Earth has the ability to heal herself, but not in devastating amounts of toxic fumes like this.

Solar energy in itself does not cause any pollution at all. With the use of solar cells, panels and system, this alternative source of energy can cut back deadly pollutants by 85 to 90 percent. Though the initial setup of solar systems will generate few emissions, it is still significantly lower than the traditional method of procuring electricity.

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Shifting to solar energy in your homes will greatly contribute to the effort in making our atmosphere breathable again. From the simple light in your study, your automatic garage door, that big LCD TV for family night to that simple coffee maker that whips up that aromatic essential in the morning, it all begins with a single tool at home.

  1. Solar creates clean and renewable energy from the sun

Electricity is by far the main source of energy that fuels most of the today’s equipment, tools, and machinery. Modern society is very dependent on electricity. The electricity that we regularly use in our homes, schools, commercial and business establishments are about 80- 90 percent made from fossil fuels (coal, natural gas, and oil.). According to scientists and researchers, fossil fuels may not be that available for the next generations to come.

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And we once thought that fossil fuels are in limitless amount, but no, these sources are teetering on the brink of scarcity. Can you imagine hovering through your everyday life without electricity? Of course, our ancestors were able to produce fire from making friction with two rocks or sticks.But we cannot go back to such time. Not without your oven to bake those yummy and healthy carrot banana muffins!

In the next years to come, we can be experiencing the death of fossil fuel industry, What then? Now more than ever, there is a need for an alternative, clean and renewable source of energy. Mother Nature is giving out her last line of defense, the sun’s powerful energy. We should not mess it up. The sun may very well have all the answers to this impending shortage and inevitable destruction of earth.

Solar energy is renewable and free. It is capable of producing energy 10,000 times more than the most world’s combined energy use. Apart from being a safe and clean form of energy, it will not run out. It is an infinite source of power.

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The reality of finite fuel sources going scarce may seem insignificant at first. But sooner or later, it will dry out. And when it is at the brink of its extinction, the cost of extracting these sources will become unreasonably expensive due to the high demand and low supply. If we will not switch to a clean and renewable energy source, that impending scarcity will bring with it an unrepairable damage to our environment and financial infrastructure.

  1. Decrease greenhouse gas emissions

When energy is generated from fossil fuels, greenhouse gases are emitted in large quantities. These gases trap heat in our atmosphere and is responsible for the earth’s continuously rising temperature. This phenomenon could then lead to global warming. The unstoppable warming of the earth’s environment,often referred to as the greenhouse effect, leads to catastrophic events with stronger intensities.

The generation of electricity from the sun results in fewer greenhouse gas compared to the conventional method of producing energy. With the growing concern of the rising of the earth’s temperature per year, switching to an alternative source is warranted.

Solar cells require some heavy metals to produce energy such as cadmium and mercury. It can still produce greenhouse gases but in very minute quantities. But when compared to fossil fuels, solar energy cuts back emissions by 90 percent. Even if harnessing the sun’s energy might still produce a small quantity of pollutants, it is quite insignificant to cause harm to the environment. Solar energy, by far, is considered as the world’s largest and safest alternative source of energy. It may be the biggest opportunity that we have to ensure a sustainable planet for the future.

  1. Reduce carbon footprints

Generation of solar energy from solar panels virtually causes no pollution at all. If there are no harmful gases produced, carbon footprint will drop. Carbon footprint is the sum total of the greenhouse gases that are produced at a given time. When there is a surge in greenhouse gases, carbon footprint automatically rises.

Carbon footprint, directly and indirectly, supports humanly activates. When you eat your favorite pie, when you go on a road trip with your best buds to having those luxurious spa sessions, all of these are made possible by energy generated from fossil fuels. If energy cannot be halted, what can we do to prevent the further devastation of our environment by fossil fuels?

By shifting to solar energy, the world’s demand for fossil fuels will drop. When we stop using fossil fuels to fuel your brand-new Porsche or to bake that divine mango cake, emission of greenhouse gases will greatly reduce and carbon footprint will drop. The carbon footprint of an average American household is estimated to be 5 times greater than the acceptable range. That is really alarming.

While going solar is on its way to your homes, you can do a few steps to at least lessen your carbon footprints in your household. Why not turn off the lights when not in use? You can also eat locally produced and organic food as transport of foods greatly emits carbon dioxide into the air. You will be doing your gut a huge favor as well.

  1. Produce 90 percent fewer pollutants

Since the beginning of modernization, fossil fuels have been the staple source of the world’s demand for power and energy. These power-producing materials may have given light to the world’s largest theater and powered the most advanced technology. It also gave that amazing speed to one of the world’s most luxurious automobiles, but it is gradually dimming the chance of survival of a primitive group, human beings.

When energy and electricity is generated from these sources, a jungle of harmful pollutants are released into the air, ready for us humans to breathe in. Not to mention, these pollutants also have devastating effects on animals, anything that needs clean air to survive is drastically affected by such pollution.

Harnessing the sun’s energy or what is referred to as solar power will allow us human beings to enjoy the comfort that we are used to having without compromising the future of our home. Solar energy as an alternative source can produce electricity with 90 percent less of the following harmful fumes.

Nitrogen oxide

Sulfur dioxide​

Carbon dioxide​

Volatile organic compounds

Heavy metals​


Since there is less pollution generated from harnessing the sun’s natural energy, solar energy will pave a way for a revolution of cleaner air that humans desperately need. Ingestion of these harmful substances can cause devastating effects on one’s health and well-being. Most of the air pollution in the world is caused by man’s need to generate more and more electricity.

By going solar, you will contribute largely to the survival of the next generation, or even yours. Enjoy that lovely breeze in the afternoon while strolling down the block once more. Bask in the sweet sunshine as you enjoy a summer picnic with your friends. One of the greatest benefits of solar by far is that it produces very few air contamination.

  1. Reduce water use by power plants

The manufacturing process of almost all the world’s primary source of energy requires massive amounts of water in their cooling processes. This puts a devastating dent on the competition of water sources in other areas where water is a vital source in their operations, such as agriculture and drinking systems.

Water and energy are greatly linked to one another. When there is a massive production of energy there is a high-water utilization rate that is vital to make energy available for consumption. Water is used to pump oil out to the ground, to flush the residue after the burning of fossil fuels and to remove harmful pollutants from power plants. That is in massive amounts that are unimaginable.

How much water will they still need? The exact answer to that will greatly endanger the world’s clean water supply. Water sustainability is in deep question as the production of energy from fossil fuels continues. If this scenario continues, drought will be inevitable a few years from now.

While all of the world’s sources need water for their manufacturing, the generation of solar power does not make use of a single drop of this precious liquid. There is no pollution of water sources since solar energy does not require it. Almost all solar power plants make use of drying cooling technologies to reduce water needs by a whopping 95 percent.

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  1. Reduce water scarcity

Power plants need a massive amount of water to be able to produce electricity. Electricity was reported to have the largest consumption of water. And an alarming report by scientists predicted that with the world’s increasing demand for energy, our water resources might not be enough to meet that demand. It was estimated that by the year 2040, global drought is inevitable. If nothing is done to alleviate the current situation, it is doomed to happen.

While most energy generating plants requires tons of water in the cooling down process, solar energy minimizes and cuts back water consumption by 80 percent. Solar is one of the few sources of alternative energy that can save the earth from the brink of water scarcity.

With energy and water losing their once abundant sources, it is appalling to even imagine the devastating effects we have to live with. How will you enjoy that lovely swim in the river every summer? How will you be able to fill that Olympic pool that you just renovated? Solar energy will not exhaust any natural resources that humans need to be able to thrive and live comfortably.

Every individual can help solve this impending problem shifting to solar energy. When less electricity from fossil fuels is generated due to a low demand, you are helping ease water wastage one drop at a time. It begins with a drop to fill a bucket of water, hence embarking on small steps can make a big impact to the environment.

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  1. Solar energy has low land impact

The glimmering light these fossil fuels provides us may not be that luminous after all. The continuous deterioration of our environment and resources is already wreaking havoc to our Mother Nature. Evidences of the simultaneous exploitation of our home are sprouting like mushrooms.

In order to obtain fossil fuels from the land, it needs to be mined, extracted and transported. This process destroys the integrity of the soil. With the land and ecological degradation comes dangers of oil spills and similar disasters. As fossil fuels are extracted from mines, the further degradation of the soil can cause the mine to collapse. Extensive drilling techniques are vital to obtaining these sources.

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By going solar, we can protect the integrity of our land. Solar energy is a low impact source and does not involve any process that could result in the degradation of the soil or contamination of the land in its production. As it is clean, it is free from any pollutants which can be absorbed by the soil.

Pollution is a sign that mankind has exhausted nature’s resources and went over the limits. Land pollution puts an incredible risk to the plants as they continue to barely survive in a chemically laden soil. Humans are indirectly affected by the deteriorating quality of the soil. As plants survive in this state, you may unknowingly consume chemically laden produce whenever you eat your favorite caesar salad with roasted chicken.


While Mother Earth is still hanging on the brink of her death, we can help her by shifting to a clean alternative source of energy. After all, solar energy is free, why not take advantage of it?

  1. Helps in global warming and climate change

As the greenhouse gases prevent dangerous toxins and gases from escaping the earth’s atmosphere, the temperature of the earth slowly rises. As more and more fossil fuels are burned each day, the increase becomes faster and significantly higher. You might be feeling it every summer season when it gets hotter than the usual and your favorite ice cream melts faster than you can consume it.

This phenomenon is referred to as global warming. When the earth’s ozone layer is destroyed, the large ice caps melts drastically, sea level rises, making way for more devastating floods. The effects of global warming in our time today cannot be denied. Man’s need for fossil fuels resulted in a more catastrophic chain of events, as the earth enters the funnel of climate change. Global warming is causing the climate pattern to change for the worse.

If we start to harness the sun’s natural energy as our source of electricity on a large scale, fossil fuels will no longer be needed by the society. When there are no emissions, the heat from the surface can easily escape to the atmosphere, prevents the globe from warming up and it will be able to reduce or delay climate change.

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Even if climate change is at its unstoppable peak, with the community’s combined effort to use solar energy instead of coal and gas to power up their homes, there is still a glimmer of hope for earth.


  1. Job creation

Aside from solar energy’s positive impact on the environment, it can also help the local economy to thrive and flourish. Gone are the days when solar systems just catered to a specific target group.With today’s advanced technology to harness the sun’s power, solar energy can reach more homes and establishments than before. If you want to experience the plethora of benefits solar offers, then it is for you.

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As more people are shifting to this green source of fuel, there is an increased demand to set up solar panels and solar systems in establishments and residential places. In the sales and installation aspects of the solar industry, it is growing at a fast rate. To keep up with the demand, solar companies have been employing more individuals to help with the operation. In areas where unemployment rates are very high, green job creation dramatically helps ease the area’s economic turmoil.

In a recent report, the green job growth has exceeded those of companies generating fuel from coals and natural gas. But what would it mean for the employment rate of those companies and how can it affect the economy once the demand for fossil fuels diminishes? It is a great deal if a certain form of energy requires more manpower than the other forms. Solar energy, on the other hand, creates more jobs compared to coal and gas.

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Workers may also decide to shift to a greener job. Since they have the primary exposure to these toxins and fumes, it is high time to consider a cleaner job too!

  1. Energy Independence

With the emerging modern gadgets, from android phones, tablets to sophisticated toys like the child coding playset and kid connecting Wifi toys, we are all dependent on energy. Even youths of today can no longer function without their mobile phones and tablets. In this futuristic era that we are living in, fossil fuels have been the king of the fuels. And this comes with a hefty price tag- pollution and contaminants.

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Nonetheless, we cannot function without electricity. We become immobilized if there is no source of energy to fuel our kitchens, our laptops, and our mobile phones. Yet we cannot go back to the stone ages and make fire like how our ancestors did. But we want to rid the air that nourishes our lungs, from toxic fumes.

Of course, with everything being upgraded, harnessing the sun’s energy is made easier with solar panels and solar systems. This clean and green source of fuel will finally rid our society’s dependence on coals and gas for electricity.

Solar energy paves the way for energy independence. When your local community can create their own power, you will no longer be needing electricity from traditional generators, distributors and retailers. Having more control on the energy that you use and knowing that it comes from a clean source is just one of the benefits of installing solar in your homes and establishments.


  1. Sustainable energy economy

The rising demand for fuel in the market resulted in a drastic increase in the prices of these commodities in the market. With the continuous increase of the fuel prices, the world’s economy is on the brink of exhausting their allocation for energy. With the surge in demand and resources are low, several years from now, fossil fuels might cost five to ten times its regular price!

Solar energy can provide each community with a sustainable source of energy.The sun’s natural energy will not run out and it will not cause any plummeting charges and fees. Once the demand for coal, diesel, and gas subsides, their prices will stabilize.

This natural alternative energy will be economical in the long run. You might need to shell out a few dollars in installing solar systems and solar panels to your homes, establishments, and community. But after the initial investment has been recovered, the energy is free for life.

Solar energy will last for decades. As long as there is still the sun that rises up every morning, solar energy will continue to be free. You will no longer be dependent on utilities for electricity.

  1. Solar energy improves local economy

Going solar has major benefits that can make the local economy flourish and thrive, especially in cases of a power blackout. The increase in the green job growth will send more individuals home every month with a paycheck that can support their family’s needs. The unemployment rate will ease as more local jobs are available.

Unlike coal and gas, solar energies are more stable and less prone to large-scale failures. Natural disasters like typhoons and cyclones which could wreak havoc to traditional electricity and cut off the power, solar energy is fool proof. With a secure backup in cases of calamities, there will be a less negative impact, if none, to the local economy.

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Your local bakery powered by solar will be up and running the next day after that strong wind blew the power source out, whereas other shops are out of service. Solar panels can be used in a variety of ways, from the street lights, CCTV cameras, solar panels at homes and much more. The manufacturing and installation of these products will generate more job opportunities for the local community. When more people have stable jobs, the economy is at its peak.

  1. Commercial solar power benefits

How can your business benefit from solar power? No matter how well you plan out your business finances, the surge in prices is of electricity can exhaust your budget allocation for energy.

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Solar power can reduce the total operating cost of a business. Commercial establishments are huge consumer of power. From the electricity required to power up that large machinery and tools to the lights left opened for more than 9 hours every single day, these can cause utility bills to plummet to a staggering amount. With solar energy, the cost of operations will dramatically decrease and since it is stable, you can predict your total energy cost by the end of each month.

This will also apply for the years to come. The cost of the sun’s energy will not change.Your business will have a lock in energy cost for several years.Since going green is the revolution nowadays, switching to solar will reduce your carbon footprint. Going green is good for your business, This will send a message to your employees and consumers that you care about the environment and you care about their future. This will also create positive public relations and you will gain more loyal customers and clients.

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  1. Industrial development

Energy is regarded as the key factor for industrial development. A sustainable industry and energy are greatly connected to one another. The bigger the size of the industry is, the more energy is required to fuel it. While these industries make use of energy that is locally available, the rising demand for it in the market results to a shortage in local supply.

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When there isn’t enough locally available energy to support the industries’ operations, the transportation of fuels will increase the company’s operation costs. Transporting fuels may no longer be necessary once these industries shift to solar power. With solar power made available to almost all the sectors, a low cost and locally available fuel will result to a sustainable industry.

Industrial plants are the leading contributor of pollution emitted into our environment. By going solar, aside from cutting their operational costs, they are contributing to the preservation of Mother Earth as well. Low cost and locally available energy for industries and lesser carbon emissions, there isn’t any more reason why you shouldn’t go green.

  1. Reduce energy import

When electricity is transported, a lot of risks and accidents are involved, such as spillage. The spillage of this commodity on the ground results in the destruction of the integrity of the soil. This can result in erosion in the event of strong rains. As the toxic by-products seep its way through the core of the ground, it can find its way into several water systems or bodies of water, resulting in pollution.

The use of solar energy as an alternative fuel reduces the need to have energy transported. Solar energy is easy to obtain locally, it does not entail high costs associated with transporting fossil fuels.

In a developing world where 96 percent of the globe’s energy sources are supplied by fossil fuels, there is a massive importation of energy that is transpiring throughout the globe. Solar energy makes it possible for a country to be self-reliant and to have sustainable energy available within its region.

When a country is able to produce its own source of fuel, the entire economy benefits. Unnecessary expenses of transporting energy sources will completely be gone and the budget can be allocated to more important programs and projects of the government.

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Solar energy can reshape the way developing countries progress. Even modernized equipment, machines, and industries can be powered by this primitive and natural source of energy.

  1. Reduce urban migration

Lack of electricity and available jobs are the two most common factors why a lot of rural folks migrate to large cities. As these rural folks penetrate the cities one family at a time, the once abundant city becomes saturated and densely populated.

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A highly populated city has several ill effects on its residents. From frustrations to emotional stress, this can affect their relationship towards others and may hinder their productivity as well.

Since solar energy can be installed anywhere, even in remote areas,this clean energy source can curb migration. The installation and manufacturing of the solar system and panels create hundreds of new jobs locally. If the communities in the rural areas will switch to solar, it’s going to be a win-win situation. Once there is available energy in these remote areas and new jobs to support a decent way of living, there won’t be a need to migrate to the large cities.

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Provincial communities can gain huge benefits from having their homes powered with solar. Studies show that there is a direct link between the availability of light and lower birth rates.These rural folks can have their electricity and family planning all figured out at the same time!


  1. Less cardiovascular issues

The burning of fossil fuels, coal, and natural gas emits an array of toxic and harmful substances in the air. A recent survey revealed that the leading cause of stroke and heart diseases is air pollution.

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Air pollution is indeed a rising global problem. More than half of stroke incidences are attributed to inhaling toxic chemicals from burning of fossil fuels. These pollutants cause extreme damage to the heart, brain, and lungs. Even if big cities consume more fossil fuels than the provincial areas, this issue is a global one. Streams of particulate matters and carbon dioxide are carried by the wind from one region to the other.

Even if air pollution strikes those who are already immunocompromised, a healthy and fit individual can still be negatively affected by these harmful emissions if exposed regularly and for prolonged periods. Your daily commute would not be as breezy as you struggle to hold your breath every time that big delivery truck passes you by.

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Solar energy is clean and does not produce any particulate matter or pollutants. Carbon dioxide is among the deadliest emissions from fossil fuels. The process of harnessing solar energy does not emit this harmful gas.

Going green will definitely improve the air quality and can displace these harmful sources. Solar energy makes it possible for you to enjoy that cool breeze on your patio while having your morning coffee and butter croissant without having to worry about the air that you are breathing in.

  1. Lessens incidence of asthma and respiratory issues

Carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, benzene and other toxic fumes gravely hinder the normal functioning of the lungs. People who have existing respiratory conditions and asthma are more predisposed to the ill effects of the burning of fossil fuels. In cases of uncontrolled asthma, it was found out that along with second-hand smoke, pollutants emitted from power plants are major contributors to the worsening of the condition.

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Children are mostly affected by the deterioration of our ozone layer, the earth’s natural filter. Since their lungs are still developing, they don’t have yet the needed resistance to fight off these harmful fumes. In other studies, inhalation of pollutants and heavy metals can even result in cancer of the lungs in children. Children who play outdoors for a prolonged period are more vulnerable to the effects of pollution.

Pollution obstructs the lung’s airways and makes it even more susceptible to several infections. The supposed light that provides man with comfort is destroying the future generation. It is high time to switch to an alternative, clean and green source of fuel. Solar energy has the same benefits in terms of the fuel and power that coal and gas provide, less these harmful effects on the health.

Pollution free, no emissions and clean, no wonder many homes, schools commercial and industrial establishments are gradually shifting to a healthier option. Our ozone layer is teeming with pollutants, it is harboring a ton of harmful gases. Especially on the hotter days, these emissions tend to increase at an alarming rate.

Going solar will help our ozone layer slowly heal itself and rid of these waste substances. We don’t want to confine our kids within the four corners of the house when they wanted to play outside and enjoy the swing. Solar energy will make us confident again to let our kids be kids again without having to worry that they will be exposed to harmful emissions.

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  1. Lowers incidence of premature death

As industries strive to manufacture more fuel from coals and gas, the incidence of premature death increases. Causes of premature death range from heart diseases, stroke, cancer, and suicide. More than half is attributed to the rising global problem of pollution.

The air that we breathe is loaded with carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide, the water that we drink may be contaminated with heavy metals and the land that produces the fruits that we eat is corroded with lead and mercury. All of these are caused by the burning of fossil fuels.

Pollution can cause heart, lung and brain diseases But these particulate matters can seep into your bloodstream and find its way into your spleen, kidney and even reproductive system. The effects of pollution in every country is devastatingly high and grave. A number of these premature deaths accounts for the children, who are the most vulnerable group.

The green revolution is not just an option. If you want to prolong the life of Mother Earth and give the next generations the chance to live fruitfully, switching to solar energy can help in making it possible. We all need energy and electricity, but not at the expense of the more important thing in this world, life.

With the tumultuous burning of fossil fuels every day, you are slowly extracting a second off of your life expectancy. For every time you are exposed to these fumes, subtract an hour of your time on this planet.

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  1. Take charge of how you store and use energy

The increasing price of electric bills puts a huge dent in your budget. Even if you try to save energy by switching off the lights when not in use, reducing your TV viewing time and using only your hot water as needed, you still get surprised when your utility bill comes.

That is because you don’t have any control over the rising and surging price of electricity and it will continue to increase as the supply is starting to deplete. You might find yourself eventually lighting just a single room in your house to keep up with the hefty electric bills.

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You can enjoy the same benefits when you solar power your homes. This clean and free alternative source of fuel will allow gaining control of how you can store your fuel for later use. With solar installation prices made more affordable to many households, homeowners can generate their own electricity from the sun.

As disputed, one of the drawbacks of solar is that it can’t provide any fuel at nighttime. That problem is completely addressed when you store enough energy within the day and use it when the sun has already set. A battery bank powered by PV solar systems can store the energy harnessed within the day. When the sun is no longer available at night, you can use this fuel to power up your homes.

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With solar power, you gain full control of how much energy you use and when you want to use it.

  1. Improves home value

Your solar powered homes will add up to the value of your property. If you are planning to resell your house, it will be more attractive to potential buyers, especially now that the benefits of going solar are becoming increasingly popular. It could come to such a time when buyers will automatically prefer a home that is equipped with a solar system.

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Installing your homes with solar systems is like renovating your entire kitchen, Since the natural energy of the sun can decrease your utility bills, buyers will opt to purchase house that has the capacity to lower their electric bills.

There is some cost associated with installing your solar panels. But the benefits further outweigh the initial cost that you have to shell out. And remember, once you have the solar system installed, your energy is absolutely free for as long as the sun is still existing.

  1. No noise

Unlike generators that produce that loud and impractical noise, solar energy is a silent producer. With no noise produced in harnessing the sun’s natural energy, solar is ideal for schools, hospitals, and churches.

Noise pollution is sometimes regarded as an insignificant type of pollution. But did you know that it can also affect health and behavior? Unnecessary noise can elevate the blood pressure, increase stress levels and cause sleep disturbances. When your stress levels are high and there is no sufficient sleep to repair your body, you are more vulnerable to several diseases and conditions.

The big machinery that pumps oil from the ground creates an exaggerated noise and even most generators that are used at home. Solar energy will provide your homes with the sufficient fuel to power up your hot water system for that late night soak in the tub and provide fuel for your kid’s LCD TV. All the same convenience of energy without the unnecessary noise.

Especially if you have very picky neighbors who abhor the slightest noise. Solar power will not interfere with your neighbor’s ‘ohmm” session.

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  1. Little maintenance

Once you have your solar system installed in your homes, it requires little, if no maintenance at all. Since the systems of this green fuel have no moving parts, there is virtually less or no chance of damaging the solar panels and its parts.

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Your solar systems just require an annual cleaning to keep it in optimum condition. Though most homeowners who use solar never clean theirs as the wind just blows off the dust from the panels! if there is snow stuck in some parts of the panel, when the sun shines in the morning it just naturally melts way.

It doesn’t have any mechanical parts that are subject to frequent failure, compared to the heavy machinery that generates traditional electricity. If there are any performance issues it will be addressed by the warranties. That rarely happens as solar systems are reliable and can be used right away after installation.

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  1. Lowers utility and electrical bills

The cost of coal and natural gas are increasing at a fast rate, that explains the surge in your utility bills. Since these sources are not sustainable, it is going to be exhausted several years from now. And as we near the scarcity of fossil fuels, the price of electricity will dramatically rise up.

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Generating your own electricity means that you will use less of the electricity from the supplier. The more solar energy you produce, the less electricity you need from the retailers. This will translate to a significant decrease in your electric bills.

The sun can give you thousands of watts of usable and clean energy. Once you have your solar system in place, you can completely rid yourself of your utility bills. As the solar system can reduce the dependence on the electric power grid, the lower demand for electricity will result to a lower price. So even if you still need to use electricity from coal and gas, it will be cheaper.

Depending on your goal, you can actually lower your electric bill up to a 100 percent. That means huge savings annually. The cost of the solar panels and its installation will surely outweigh the savings that you will make.

  1. Sure a backup in a power outage

Traditional sources of energy are subject to faults and electric outage can happen from time to time. For some unfortunate events, the restoration of power can take several days or even weeks.

Powering your homes with some form of solar energy can save you a lot of frustration and will give you peace of mind that you have a reliable alternative source of power. Since it is renewable and stable,it is not affected by factors that can impair the functioning of the traditional source of electricity.

To make sure that your solar-powered homes can store sufficient energy during a blackout, ensure that you have some form of energy storage such as a battery backup. There is a little cost involved in getting one. But in the long run, it is cost effective and can save you from a lot of frustration once there is a need to charge your drained cellphone in the middle of an outage.

On the other hand, some homeowners may find backup batteries too bulky and some batteries can defeat the purpose of going green. There is a new development in solar technology that enables your system to store sufficient amount of sun energy that can be used in a blackout. The inverters will give consumers the confidence of having a clean and reliable energy storage for their solar powered homes.

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  1. Ensure hot water all year round

One of the conveniences of electricity is having hot water available for your bubbly soak in the tub or for your morning shower before going to work. But this habit of keeping warm water available can put a toll on your already high utility bill. Not to mention, increase your annual carbon footprints.

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With solar energy, solar powered heating systems will give that convenience of having hot water at a lower cost. This system works well with almost any type of water boiler or heating pumps. When compared to other renewable energy heating solutions, solar powered ones are more durable and entails little or no maintenance at all.

There is a little cost involved in getting your home a solar water heating system. But remember that once these solar systems are in place, the rest are free for life.

  1. Maximizes battery life

Batteries are essential for most handy tools that we use at home. But some batteries have a very short lifespan and most are made of toxic materials. From that big clock in the living area, the remote control for the TV and the air conditioning unit, to the alarm clock that wakes you up every single morning. Imagine your frustration when you can’t switch channels because your newly bought batteries just died.

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Using solar powered batteries are safer and more economical. When solar panels are exposed to the sun, they generate pure DC electricity. This is what your batteries need to feed on. Saturate your batteries on a daily basis with these electrons. Instead of buying new batteries every time it runs out, a solar powered battery will save you money. You can use your solar battery charging system to give life to it once again.

To keep your batteries functioning longer, do not discharge it completely and wait for it to sit. This process causes deterioration of the battery’s performance.

  1. Portable solar power

Portable devices are very convenient, especially for the person who is always on the go. Even if you are in your own home, carrying these devices will make your tasks easier for you. Most especially if you live in a mansion like house.

Solar energy can be harnessed, moved from one location to the other and stored in these portable devices. When you are out to run errands and your battery needs charging, you can bring this supply of solar electricity with you and charge your phone in your car. If you need to send an urgent email and you forgot to charge your laptop but there is no socket available, this portable device will save you from frustration.

Going green has never been this convenient. Portable solar power will save you from emergency situations where there is no accessible electricity. Plus you are taking a huge step towards the preservation of earth’s resources.


  1. Cheaper than coal and natural gas

Solar energy nowadays is regarded as the cheapest alternative and renewable source of energy. The prices of solar systems, panels and its installation have been dropping each year, making the clean and green fuel more affordable by people from all walks of life.

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As compared to fossil fuels, solar energy lasts for a lifetime. The increasing prices of coal and gas is a big dilemma in the global market. With the world’s demand for energy increasing by the minute and resources getting lower, prices of these commodities are very unpredictable. Expect coal and fuel prices to skyrocket in the near future.

Solar energy, on the other hand, is virtually free. Since the sun can provide thousand of watts of energy, this source will not go scarce and prices will not increase. Solar energy cost is very predictable.

Several countries are already taking steps in manufacturing their own fuel from the sun. Once they increase generation by two folds, the price of installation and the system can drop to about 20 percent. As fossil fuels are nearing its extinction, governments of developing countries are switching to a more sustainable form of fuel.

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  1. Save thousands of dollars

A house fully powered with solar no longer needs to spend or get electricity from manufacturers and retailers. After installation, they get to enjoy their limitless energy supply at a very low cost and eventually free.

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You can cut out big costs from your utility bills and eventually there will be no need for any. You can enjoy turning on your air conditioner the entire day in the hot summer months without having to worry about the budget. Money allocated for electric bills can be used for more projects for your home.

The addition of solar panels to your homes can make you save as much as 100 dollars each month. That’s 1200 dollar in a year and 2400 in two years! By taking advantage of the sun’s free energy you get to save these. Of course, there is the installation and the panels to purchase, but that is just a very small fraction of the cost as compared to the amount that you can save, plus all the other benefits you can get by going solar.

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  1. Government incentive on renewable energy

A solar power rebate allows you to enjoy the incentives that come along with our solar system installation, these financial incentives are usually given in a form of small-scale technology certificate, or an STC. This certificate carries a certain monetary value.

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Governments of several countries are acknowledging the benefits of solar as an alternative energy. To encourage their people to switch to green, incentives are issued when you purchase your solar system.

The monetary value of the STC will largely depend on the size of the solar system that you bought and the location on where it is going to be installed.

Apart from the energy renewable incentives, depending on the location, homeowners can enjoy tax incentives as well. Around 30 percent of your total solar system cost can be deducted from your federal tax.

You can take full advantage of all the taxes and rebates that you can get just by installing solar systems in your home. That’s another encouraging reason to solar power your homes.

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  1. High return on investment

What return on investment can you get with your solar system? Consider your solar as a financial product which can get you annual returns, which can range anywhere from 10 to 30 percent.

There are several factors which can determine how much return you can obtain with your solar purchase. From your saving on your utility bill, federal tax incentive, renewable energy rebates and the increase in your home value.

The technology of your panels will also contribute to how much you will get in return. The more efficient your solar system is, the more ROI will be generated in the future. The property characteristic of your homes, such as the position of the roof and the climate in your location can affect the productivity of your solar.

For businesses, this renewable source of fuel can bring lots of savings on their operational cost. Business establishments usually install bigger solar systems in their premises. The bigger the solar system is, the more STC you will be granted.

Think about purchasing a solar system as an investment. After shelling out a specific amount of money for the setup to harness the sun’s energy, you will surely be reaping monetary benefits in no time.

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  1. Predictable energy cost

Due to the scarcity of fossil fuels, the price of this fuel is very unpredictable. Unpredictably getting higher as there are not enough resources to meet the world’s huge demand for electricity.

The world’s oil reserve may only last for 30 years. As we travel near this time frame, expect surges in your electric bill. When utility rates are at their highest, solar energy will save you from rising fees and unstable supply of fuel.

With a simple calculation, you can determine your monthly solar consumption. Your budget need not be compromised. As compared to traditional electricity, your allocated budget for your utilities usually gets exhausted, then you have to redo your budgeting again. Solar will help you stick to your planned monthly expenses.

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  1. Guaranteed income from solar panels

How can you obtain income from your solar system? Sell your excess energy.Upon approval, you can connect your PV solar system to the electric grid. Once you are in, you have the liberty of selling your excesses energy to the retailers.

That is like making energy companies pay you back! The more excess energy you harness,the more chances of increasing the income.

In some countries, they have a feed-in tariff scheme, where the government will pay homeowners for every unit solar energy generated. That is how big solar energy is right now. The government aims to make switching to solar more benefit by putting up incentive programs for those who are going solar.


  1. No fuel cost

Going on a roadtrip adventure with your friends is a fun experience. You get to go to places without any itinerary,you meet new people along the way, you snack on almost anything that is available in your car and just go to any place where your hearts take you.

It is indeed a pleasurable experience, but not until you realized that your full tank is almost consumed and you need to replenish your magic carpet. Prices of oil is sky high that you and your friends decided to cut the trip short.

The unpredictable cost of fuel will certainly make you broke. With solar powered cars, you need not worry where to get that additional money to tank up your engine.The sun’s energy will give speed and function to your cars.

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Since solar powered cars are not associated with any coals, fuels and gas, it is not affected by the surging rates of fuel in the market.

  1. No emissions

Void of any coal and gas, your solar powered cars virtually has no emissions. If there are any, it is in very minute amounts that won’t even cause the slightest damage to the environment and to other’s health.

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Now you can keep that top up and just enjoy the cool breeze of the city. If solar powered transportation have dominated the streets, you don’t even have to worry if you’ve been caught in extreme traffic and you left your handkerchief at home. It is very friendly to pedestrians especially to those who just walk to work and school.

  1. Driving comfort

Conventional cars usually have a noisy engine especially when it is not properly maintained. Since solar is a silent producer of energy, solar powered transportation does not produce any noisy mechanical sounds at all.

Its electric motors are generally smaller compared to the gas fueled engines. You will experience more ease in driving as these vehicles are lighter.There is also less maintenance involved in keeping this sleek ride performing well. Compared to traditional cars that need oil change every now and then, solar powered vehicles just need lubrication in its wheel and plastic parts.


For some group, solar energy might not be that eco-friendly. There are several arguments that makes one think if it is worth it to switch to solar.

Metals like cadmium and lead are needed to manufacture solar panels and the entire solar system. These two metals might contribute to the already high level of metal poisoning in our environment

  • The cost of installing a solar system is expensive
  • Solar energy is not available at night
  • Energy storage is expensive
  • Exotic materials

Solar energy is still one of the safest and best alternatives for fossil fuels despite these controversies.

It is a fact that solar systems can contain some pollutants and can emit harmful gases. There is virtually no alternative energy that can provide a 100 percent pollution free process. The emissions and pollutants in solar systems are at a very small fraction as compared to the traditional sources of energy. Solar energy cuts back emissions by 80-90 percent and reduces pollutants by 90 percent. That is still a huge advantage.

There is a cost involved when solar powering your homes. With the advanced technology and increasing awareness of the world to find a clean source of energy, costs of solar systems have dramatically decreased. It is now made accessible to more people.

Solar energy is an intermittent source of fuel. That is why most solar powered homes and establishments have backups and storage facilities where they can harness and save sufficient energy during the day. This saved fuel can be utilized when the sun is already gone.

Batteries may cost a little bit more, but the cost of purchasing storage facilities are made more affordable today. Plus, the government has incentive programs for those who are switching to solar and it is in monetary value. You will soon reap the investments that you made.


Certain solar cells have materials that are rare and expensive. Solar systems are durable and can last for 25-30 years, so you need not worry about finding spare parts in case yours malfunctioned, By that time, these exotic materials might be readily available in the market.


With the world’s energy resources at the brink of scarcity, switching to a sustainable energy source will bring more benefits to homeowners, the community, and even the entire globe. Electricity has been a major player in our lives. However, this luminous source of light has been dimming mankind’s future. Teeming with toxic fumes, emissions that contributes to an array of grave illnesses and even death, fossil fuels have been cutting off the ropes of our survival. And putting a big hole in our bank account with the unreasonable prices of electricity.

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Several years from now, fossil fuels will be extinct, if we do not switch to cleaner and renewable source of energy, we and Mother earth are going to travel that same path of extinction.

What benefits do you get from your solar powered homes and establishments? How did it change your lives? We’d love to hear your stories! Together, we can make a change for a better future for the next generations. We can start with one step at a time by switching to solar energy.

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