3 useful things can be made with 9v battery

You must be familiar with a 9V battery and used it many times. It is a common thing that helps in running many small sized battery operated objects. It can be the toys your kids have or some mechanical instruments that need 9V to make them work.

It is a small sized battery that can help in a wide range of tasks. Due to its small size and compact structure, it can be carried along easily anywhere when used in portable instruments and gadgets.

Most common uses of 9V batteries include its usage in smoke alarms, walkie talkies, radio controls, flashlights etc.

But these are the uses when you have a battery inside a gadget that has the place to insert the battery and run the instruments.

There could be other uses of these little batteries and you can make even more useful things through these batteries.

Let’s have a look into three useful DIY projects that you can follow to create some useful gadgets at home.

1-Making a portable, 9V flashlight

You can make your own 9V flashlight if you have two 9V batteries and some other things that are required.

  • Single small size LED bulb
  • 1 K Ohm resistor
  • Sticking solution
  • Soldering gun
  • Wire

All that you have to do is to take the 9V battery and carefully remove the outer cover using a plier. Separate the small stacked cells and remove the terminal plate. Make sure to remove the connectors carefully and remove the covers to make the terminals clean and clear.

  • Next, take the small LED bulb and stick it on the underside of the plate having the two terminals and place the bulb in the middle of the two terminals
  • Use a soldering gun to attach a 1 K ohm resistor with the positive terminal which is the broader one and attach the other end to the bulb
  • Attach the negative terminal using a small wire and soldering gun. The circuit will be complete and the bulb is ready to use
  • Connect the prepared light with another 9V battery and use it as a flashlight when you need a small portable pocket-sized flashlight

2-Make a 9V battery connector

Making a 9V battery connector has never been so easy with this simple little trick. You can make the connector if you have a spare, used 9V battery.

  • A spare battery
  • A wire
  • Sticking solution
  • Soldering gun

Remove the external cover using a plier very carefully. Make sure to conserve the upper terminal part and the small plastic piece placed in the lower end of the battery as we’ll be using it as well.

After removing the terminal part, connect the two terminals, one which is negative one with the black wire and the other positive terminal with the red wire. Remember, the broader terminal is positive and smaller one is negative.

To attach them wire properly, make sure to remove the plastic cover at the end and attach them using the solution. After they are fixed, attach the bare wire terminals using the soldering gun, so that the connection is stable.

Cover the connection using the other plastic flap from that we already have from the battery.

The connector is ready and can be used to connect any 9V small appliance we need to connect with the battery. You have to connect the correct wires and attach the connector to another 9V battery and that is all.

3-Make a small portable fan

Using the same procedure as we have mentioned in the process of making a 9V battery connector, we can also make a small portable fan.

You just have to prepare the 9V battery connector and attach the connector wires with a small-sized motor with the correct terminals.

Attach the motor on the rear side of a 9V battery with the help of the sticking solution. On the other side, you can connect the connector with the battery terminals on which the motor is attached. And your fan is ready to give you a cool breeze wherever you are.

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