12v Rechargeable Battery: A good choice

Batteries are the backbones of our electrically synchronized world. These batteries are the primary sources of giving life to certain electrical equipment. Be it a small kid’s toy, a mobile phone or a complex machine like a robot or a drone battery are indispensable for them to do their thing.

Without batteries, they are nothing more than worthless pieces of modified materials unless a direct power supply is used. In simple words, batteries are the mediums to store power. Now that we know the importance of the batteries, a question may arise about whether there are any types of batteries – Certainly Yes!

Batteries may be broadly divided into the Rechargeable and Disposable batteries. As the names suggest, Rechargeable batteries can be charged again and again with the help of an adapter or a charger. Whereas, the disposable batteries are for one time use only – You can use these batteries until their cells are charged, but once their power exhausts, they no more remain useful to you.

To answer the question regarding which type of battery is more advisable might be tricky. It truly depends on your usage and demands. As the prices certainly vary for the rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries, a simple advice could be to go for a rechargeable battery if you plan to use it for a longer term.

Characteristics of a 12v rechargeable battery

Now, what is a thing called a “12v Rechargeable Battery”? What is “v” attached with this digit “12” and what does this digit represent? Does it make a difference if you use a 12v rechargeable battery or a 24v rechargeable battery because a battery is a battery after all, right?

The following words are intended to summarize these daily life confusions. As this article is not targeted for the engineers who already know enough about the batteries, we have attempted to keep it as simple as we could.

V stands for volt which is the SI unit of electromotive force. One volt (v) can be defined as the potential difference which would extract one ampere of current against one ohm resistance. Couldn’t get it right? Simply put, a volt is the measure of current it takes to provide the power to the motor to operate.

So 12v symbolizes a certain amount of current (ampere) it would take to provide the power supply. Higher the volt of a battery system, lower will be the amount of current it would take to power up the motor. Let’s suppose if 12v takes 4 ampere of current to charge itself, 24v would require 2 ampere of current to give the same result.

This battery will come along with the nominal voltage of 12v and the rated capacity will be around 7Ah. Depending on the manufacturer, the lifespan of such batteries varies a lot. Some of the batteries will work for a year, some last for 3 to 5 years and some even more.

Certainly, there are batteries that come with variable voltages and their capacity ranges from a few Ah to a few thousand Ah. Their life span may be as high as 10 to 15 years.

Pros and Cons of a 12v Rechargeable Battery

As our world is rapidly moving towards extinction, there are a handful of people who understand the importance of resources and their conservation. They try to conserve the resources and rechargeable battery, therefore, can be of a great value. Following words will put light on pros and cons of using a 12v rechargeable battery.


There are certain benefits of using these batteries.These include:

Saving money

There are people who think that the rechargeable batteries are costly and they have to pay more for it. Well, once you buy such battery, you can use it time and time again and may use it for even hundred or thousand times.

On the other hand, the batteries that are not rechargeable may initially cost you less but once they are used completely, you will have to buy a new one.

Conserving the resource

The conserving of resource is done if you use these batteries. It is because the rechargeable batteries can be used again and again. Therefore, the need of new batteries will be less.

Thus, the manufacturers will have to make fewer batteries. The matter of fact is that these batteries take about 23 times less non-renewable natural resource as compared to the disposable batteries.

Protecting the environment

Most of us use the batteries and then dispose them. We do not realize the environmental hazard caused by these batteries. The heavy metals, reactive materials, and various chemicals combine together when we dispose them improperly.

This contributes to global warming. When you use rechargeable batteries, the impact on global warming, air pollution, air acidification and water pollution is decreased to a valuable extent.


The performance of rechargeable batteries is also great. Most of them last longer on a single charged as compared to the disposable ones.

Particularly, when it comes to high-drain devices, these batteries are preferred.


With benefits, come the drawbacks as well. Such batteries have certain disadvantages as well. These are:


When you are using such batteries, you need to recharge them once you drain them completely.

This will take time and some energy as well. On the other hand, the disposable counterparts are just like plug and play


Most of us are not aware of this fact of rechargeable batteries. Particularly, when you store these batteries for a longer time span or even before the first use, you might have to charge them again.

Charge a battery to its maximum and leave it for a lengthy time span, you will notice the mentioned fact on your own

Having an idea of benefits and disadvantages of using a 12v rechargeable battery, analyze what better suits your needs. Keep an eye at what you are going to do with the batteries before choosing one for your use.

Applications of a 12v Rechargeable Battery

Whether a motor would require a 12v battery or some other volt battery would strictly be determined by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

Typical applications may include Home Security Systems and Alarms, Simple Domestic Appliances, Emergency Lights, Medical Devices like a Hearing Aid, Electrical Motor Bikes, Fish Finders, Electrical Wheelchairs and many other applications.

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