12 volt battery charger for power wheels and toys

Power wheels are the modern name of the game when it comes to the children. Gone are the days when children played with the toys which used disposable cells or mechanical gears which used the potential energy gained by dragging them manually. Now is the era of playing with smaller sized vehicles which look no less than a real life automobile.

These children toys mostly use power wheels which get the power from the battery attached to it; and when we talk about a battery, the right corresponding chargers become inevitable to discuss to keep the battery do its thing! This article discusses everything you need to know about the 12 volt battery charger for power wheels – The specifications, requirements and the precautions of such batteries and their chargers.

12v battery charger

As we know that batteries are used everywhere like schools, to power up projectors when there is a shortage of electricity, they are used in hospitals for various reasons, they are used in the armed forces and the police for their communication and radio devices, there is always a demand for their chargers. Hence, batteries have become a large part of our life and at the same time, we simply cannot deny the importance and the need of the charger to be able to make the battery do its thing again and again.

12v Battery and Charger

The toys of children are also the things that use a lot of batteries. Many batteries around the house are used up by the toys if you have kids. There are toys of different sizes. So, to run them, there are batteries of different sizes.

The toys that are of a regular size use a AA size battery. While other toys might differ. There are other toys, some are bigger some are smaller. So, the batteries that are used are big or small respectively. Some big toys might just use more number of AA batteries instead of a larger one.

Power wheels use big batteries. They are one of the most favorite toys of the children, making their dream come true. Every child wants to step into a car and drive it, but their size disagrees.

So, a power wheel toy is the best choice for them, they can drive it around the lawn and be happy about it. The power wheel cars use a 12 volt and 7-amp battery. They have rechargeable batteries that can be recharged using a 12-volt battery charger for power wheels. There are no issues of changing the batteries to run the toys, because they can be reused by recharging.

Battery requirements around the house

Batteries are used all around the house in many things. They are used in toys, small sized or big ones like power wheels that require a 12-volt battery charger for power wheels. They are also used in things like mobile phones and other accessories.

Batteries around the house are present everywhere. When you think of living a life without batteries, it’s not as bright as it seems. Batteries are present in the remote controls of many things around the house. The remote controls of TVs, music players, air conditioners and other devices use batteries.

Their batteries are used small. Namely AA sized batteries. These are the most used batteries all around the house. Many of the devices use AA sized batteries. They are nickel based batteries that are perfect for small devices. They last very long since the devices that use them do not require a lot of energy.

Batteries are also used in the UPS and emergency lights. They are useful when there is an accidental shortage of electricity. Like many others, the flash lights might use AA sized batteries. There are other flashlights that might use different ones. A UPS however requires a heavy-duty battery. It helps in running the whole house so it requires a heavy-duty battery. The battery of the UPS is a rechargeable one.

Specifications of 12 volt battery Charger

You can get the 12 volt battery charger from a trusted whichever you like but you need to know about certain parameters before handling a 12v charger as it is used in almost every other power wheel or a toy running on a battery. The general specifications of the 12v charger are as follows:

  • Weight:2-3 lbs
  • Nominal Voltage:12 volts
  • Working Temperature:-20° C – 60° C


There are many precautions attached to using a charger due to certain attributes and limitations attached to them. They have been described as under:

  • Over charging:Do not overcharge with the chargers otherwise this may lead to their decreased performance
  • Current Fluctuations:Be careful about the current supply in your house. Refrain to use charger in current fluctuations
  • Unattended Plug in:Do not keep the charger plugged in all the time.

Concluding Remarks

The power wheels and the toys are the current ongoing trend and the way of the future too. They require different types of the batteries and corresponding chargers but the 12 volt battery and the charger are the most commonly used. As the requirement of these batteries and chargers are huge, there are a variety of the chargers by a huge set of vendors. Assess your needs and OEM recommendations to choose the right charger for powering up your 12 volt batteries.

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